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Message from Babaji: What's Coming In 2023?

Message from Babaji: What's Coming In 2023?

More and more people are forced to look behind the curtain in 2023, as all collateral breaks away or due to the luminous energetic conditions.

What is now on the horizon is that more and more people are turning from the outside to the inside. The never-ending crises, wars, betrayal and deception, deceit, lies and falsehood can no longer endure people and they no longer want to accept it. This arouses the need to give less and less weight to external appearances and to shift attention inwards. In 2023, the path of knowledge of pain will be completed! A higher level of learning is entered. New learning, based on joy and working together for a prosperous future.

Perfection and fullness

The year of completion and fullness in God is coming!


I am omnipresent on all levels of creation and I am omnipresent on earth.

Loved ones, for the first time in the new and imagined contemporary history,
reflection will occur in 2023! People will come back to themselves.

Today, more and more people know and experience first-hand that the old no longer carries and no longer works. What served life was neglected without the majority of people noticing.


The past years, decades and centuries have been marked by forgetting. Man forgot to see himself in the big context, he forgot where he came from and whose child he is. This return will take up a lot of space in 2023, because the hearts of more and more people will become permeable to the light.

More and more people are forced to look behind the curtain in 2023, as all collateral breaks away or due to the luminous energetic conditions.

What is now on the horizon is that more and more people are turning from the outside to the inside. The never-ending crises, wars, betrayal and deception, deceit, lies and falsehood can no longer endure people and they no longer want to accept it. This arouses the need to give less and less weight to external appearances and to shift attention inwards.

New paths of knowledge

In 2023, the path of knowledge of pain will be completed! A higher level of learning is entered. New learning, based on joy and working together for a prosperous future.

The past years and epochs are condensing and releasing creative energies, so that more and more people feel compelled to make revolutionary decisions for themselves and radically rebuild their lives.

In this way, those people who have neglected their transformation work to this day are awakened and awakened. Ducking away, dubbing, "pretending" is no longer possible. What has been announced in recent years, namely that relations at all levels will be re-examined, will take on unprecedented proportions in this year of completion.

Now people are ready to break new ground and take risks, because more and more people have less and less to lose.

Learning through limited pain – it is the last lesson internalized in this way.

Global politics loses trust

On the global political stage, everything initially proceeds as usual. If you look closely and attentively, however, you can see what is brewing in the background for the previous rulers. Facts leak out to the public, which eventually grow into a tsunami for those responsible.

In the course of the year, these abysses will reveal themselves to the people. The so-called elites are losing trust and face at all levels. This accelerates the process of awakening and an increasing number of people turn away from the old system and towards new solutions.


Even the deeply confused and lost Germany will find its way back to its spiritual strength. In 2023, great and hopeful processes are underway and it becomes clear that the current leaders were only on loan from the dark forces and ultimately had only a short room for manoeuvre.

In the global context, wars continue with a variety of means and methods and with all violence, but it never comes to the extreme.

A world war or the nuclear annihilation of the planet are excluded!

Many people work at different levels for real peace, for real freedom and for real togetherness. This will have a visible effect this year, so that more and more people are gaining confidence and putting aside their doubts about a bright future.

Effects of gene therapy?

JJK: What happens to the many people who have undergone gene therapy?

BABAJI: It takes its course. The decisions have been made and many people are faced with the implications. Help is available and given. However, many people say goodbye to this earth – and I tell you: It is a temporary farewell, because no one will lose his life. The grace of God causes even the most harmful intervention to be undone as soon as man comprehenses. Nothing is impossible for God. So do not be afraid, but have deep trust in God. What ends on this side of the veil lives on in another form once it arrives in the light.

JJK: Messages say that through this "intervention" people are cut off from the soul and find it difficult to find their way back into the light ...

BABAJI: Phuro, be inspired by God and navigate space-time. For it happens that some souls get lost, that they have become confused, but in the end every soul finds its way back to the Creator, albeit in a roundabout way. Healings in this world as well as in the other world are given to those who are ready – and many are.

Many who negated all signs of information and stop on earth affirm any healing and assistance as soon as they emerge from the fog of oblivion into the light. Be and remain free from concern on this subject as well!

Awareness Boost

On Earth, the Golden Age will be felt in 2023. People reflect, become aware of their power and power – outbreak and liberation are in the air. What has been announced for months achieves visible results and causes pleasing changes in current and world events.

People feel that they can make a difference and that they have already made a difference. You see the success that was only possible due to the immense efforts of recent years. This gives courage and self-confidence.

More and more people are joining forces, creating promising projects, going through crises together and overcoming resistance together. From this they generate new strength and even more strength.

The process of self-empowerment goes to the next higher level. The light at the end of the tunnel comes closer, becomes brighter and visible to more and more people.

Discouragement becomes courage, hopelessness becomes confidence, narrow-mindedness becomes generosity, doubt becomes trust. People's consciousness is experiencing a great boost and this brings about new and decisive ways of acting. What you would not have dared yourselves to do, it happens that dwarves become giants.

People who stand up for their own affairs in ever greater numbers lead everything to the good.

The tipping point in time

The prophets of a dystopian end time are becoming less important as humanity realizes in the coming year that it holds the future in its own hands. More and more people are becoming aware that they shape the future themselves every day through their decisions and their basic energetic constitution.

In summary, 2023 is full of challenges for those who have put off their homework, and it is a year full of bright spots for the people who have tended and worked on their spiritual garden in recent years.

Overall, the energy on Earth is spinning and more and more people can and will resonate with the change and transformation of the planet.

This process, which has been going on for decades, continues and patience and perseverance are still required.

The conversion takes place in a few days, in some places it takes hours. The preparation for this tipping point in time takes time, because in order to be able to go along, all people who are affected are adjusted to the change.

What lasted a long time is now being prepared. It is the miracle of a transformation that you yourselves have initiated and accomplished.

2023 is in your hands. With the grace of God, your work will be blessed and crowned with success. Unexpected twists, bright spots and wonders line the path of no return.

The world is made new by you, by you, by you... and in the grace of God.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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