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Message From Jesus Sananda: Love (Part 1)

Message From Jesus Sananda: Love (Part 1)

Love that does not cry out has no voice, love that does not name injustice is hollow, love that does not stand up and shows itself, that stands up where it is necessary, is powerless and in vain, does not do justice to itself and evaporates in the ether.

LOVE – 5th Revelation

Go there...

Beloved humanity, you lights from being, you heirs of heaven, you guardians of the worlds that you are now creating through your decisions to ascend into the light and anchor yourself in it.

I am life, love and light – JESUS SANANDA.

Love, then, is love that ennobles you, ennobles you and makes you what you are: REFINED CREATURES BORN OF GOD'S SHOT!

Go and love! That is the top commandment, it is the only commandment that ultimately matters. If this is followed, all other attributes, the "commandments", are fulfilled, for everything comes from love.

This revelation, the fifth – it is the quintessence of all life – is about leading you to begin to apply love actively, consciously and comprehensively.

That you get out of the passivity that you still attribute to love, because love has been for you so far, a feeling that had to endure, that was to surrender, that was allowed to serve, but it was never allowed to be powerful and expand before the eyes of the people of this world.

In silence you loved, in the silent denial of life, love served you to endure this. That time is up and won't return.

You have measured the times when love was sold to you by the authorities, skilfully presented as a feeling of powerlessness; so you remained calm and you endured all that you were allowed to endure, what was expected of you, what was taken from you, always in faith, to conform to love, to serve it in this way and to pay homage to it in such a way as to bring it to life.

The opposite happened, the reversal of what you thought, what you did, a complete reversal of a force that is powerful, that is the most powerful in all creations, the reversal into a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness.

The ancient religions knew how to keep you behind the light and used the love they offered you and called you into your memory with a cries of the market.

Love, by a person giving up, by a person withdrawing, by a person coming to terms with fate, by a person enduring what is done to him by those who, because of it, allow themselves a life that brings an excess of goods, while those from whom it has been stolen languish.

All for the sake of love, as you have been given a false image of this living force.

The Catholic Church,

religion, created by man to serve purely human purposes, is the guardian of darkness, for it has seized love itself, disguised it, placed it in the shadows, in order to keep all men themselves in the shadow realm.

Love that does not cry out has no voice, love that does not name injustice is hollow, love that does not stand up and shows itself, that stands up where it is necessary, is powerless and in vain, does not do justice to itself and evaporates in the ether.

Yes, you have been held up, put off to an afterlife full of love, in which I am to await you, but for this world you have been given very little, hardly the basic equipment, because love is the basic equipment of a being, no matter where it is, no matter where it works.

Love is almighty! Is the most powerful, the most powerful energy in being!

Today it is important for you to dissolve the old patterns that still work in you and to help love to new life.

Work with love! Please do it, now. Go to the people and know your love can do everything – create reality and life. But you should no longer put them under the bushel like your light, rise up and be love itself.

Do not wait for you to see in the afterlife of my love, no, for this is to happen now!

Do not postpone this, for you are great, if you love and you are miserable, if you only live the shadow of love, because you call up the wrong images in you.

In the time that is now, world-changing events find enough – yes, many world-changing events. And there is only one force that achieves this: love.

Obviously, powerfully and unmistakably, it is now necessary for every single person who claims the fifth dimensional level for himself to love, to go and to remain upright in every wind, to love and to create new reality through love.

Go in peace and with love, you will attain every change, for a peaceful heart and a loving being has a vibration 13 to the power of 13 times higher than a person filled with fear and aggression.

Be sure to get out of the passive "give love", "send light"! Be the light, be the love!

In this end time, when people with "right to stay" are still on 5D, old patterns are still interfering. And you yourself have not yet looked closely at many patterns. The essence of love is therefore still very hidden from you.

The people who are not supposed to receive a soul transfer, but still remain on 5D for a certain time, are your teachers so that you begin to live the power of love.

There is only one jewelry in being that every being should openly display: love.

And not to keep them hidden, as before, so that you meet the wishes of the rulers, so that you remain calm about the many injustices they have inflicted on you.

That is over, we are far beyond this point – energetically, not yet factually – but that's what matters.

For energy is timeless and once you have lost time, you find yourself in the energy that is already created by your loving hearts.

What love is

  • Love is so much and so much you did not think of as love.
  • Love screams. Love intervenes. Love contradicts. Love acts. Love creates "restlessness" where the calm that reigns is deceptive.
  • Love is never modest, for it is the most powerful instrument of creation, and "modesty" is alien to its nature.
  • Love is not explained because it is. Love does not fear the other, it meets it calmly. Love speaks to injustice, expresses pain, forgives everything, but not everything can be put up with!
  • Love endures and does not endure!
  • Love grants and does not grant!
  • Love is quiet and unmistakable!
  • Love is in the heart and constantly springs out of a heart!
  • Love stands at the highest place in the village, is the highest monument in the town square and on earth the most deeply anchored force in Mother Earth herself.

And you, you have so far hidden this power, shifted it to your innermost being; Certainly, where it begins, but you have too rarely granted it to you.

The dark, if you encounter the dark in love, does not go so as you avoid this encounter, and take refuge in the lonely perception of love.

"Name things by name"

  • how often is this announced! Do this in love and through love, that is "action" and not the passivity into which you have so far slipped completely by yourself, so it was necessary to raise your voice, to give love a face, by naming the things that burn in your heart and are on your tongue.

Love is the silent being in God and is the obvious manifestation of God's intention, if it feels restricted, if it is hindered in expression, in the power and in the power it is supposed to be on all levels of being.

So love, you sons of men and your daughters of the One God. You are called upon to do so. Less is too little, because it limits you to yourself and the divine status remains unrecognized for yourself.

Only through love are you divine— through love, which is expressed in all forms, and not through a love that is misunderstood and limits itself in its power, power and strength.

I am Jesus Sananda, my life on earth was committed to this sense, to remind people of their power and to bring them into their power, so that they meet the instructions of the rulers differently and finally escape them, because they see through them as part of the deception, as part of the game.

Today, at a time when the world is uplifted, the earth brought back into the light, it is necessary to give back to love a new place, that of your ancestral ones, because truly: you are powerful if you express yourselves through the unlimitedness of unconditional love that rises above everything and all.

Beloved Jahn, my beloved brother from the light, I am very much looking forward to the conversation* about it, because truly:

People will be transformed after following these lines and after regaining the power and power that love gives them.

Go and be servants worthy of love,
but also Lord at the same time.
In infinite love

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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