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My Peace I Give Unto You - Jeshua

My Peace I Give Unto You - Jeshua

Beloved one, I greet you in love. That is Who and What you are and how you are.

You are in love, and I am in love with you. Allow yourself to take that deep breath and to feel peaceful. This evening’s message is going to be about finding peace, and truly it is very easy to do. But before we get to that place, allow yourself to be comfortable with the body. Allow it to find whatever position it needs to have in order to be comfortable.

Every evening when we meet like this, it is a joy to behold you. It is a joy to look out and see the smiling faces and to feel the radiance of each one of you as you tune in, each one of you as you welcome me into your heart and into your mind, because we work, first of all, with the mind. We work, first of all, with that which you understand at a certain elemental level. Then we take it to the place of the heart that knows without words the depths and the height of you, all of you, the feeling of joy when you connect with the peace that is your inherent nature.

The world will speak to you that you must get upset about certain things. You must take it seriously. If you don’t take it seriously, good heavens, you are wasting your time. But in truth, the world is always going to be the world. You are finding yourSelf— capital “S”—now, that Self that knows that no matter what happens, you are going to endure, you are going to come through everything that you set up to be an adventure, to the place of peace within.

Some of you are more adventuresome that others. Some of you have been there, done that, and you have said, “I don’t need to go through all of the preliminaries, all of the human feelings. I can find my true Self in the deep breaths.”

So this evening you have been playing with all of the questions of the world, all of the questions about, “How long is this going to last? How long, oh Lord, is this going to be my dilemma? How long is it going to seem like ones are being taken from me? How long is it going to be where ones are suffering? How long?”

In truth, it is going to be a short time as I perceive it. Now, as you perceive it, it may seem to be a lifetime; for some of your loved ones, it has been a lifetime already. But know that these ones are in a good place. These ones do not suffer.

You have been taught down through the ages that if you did not obey all of the rules of the world, all of the teachings of the so-called wise ones, you would have to spend some time being cleansed. You would have to go to a fiery place and you would suffer for a length of time, maybe a long length of time, in order to burn away all of the dross of the world.

Now, in truth, when you sever your mental connection with the body, you find peace. You draw your next breath in another dimension, a dimension of peace. Each and every one of your relatives, your loved ones who have relinquished the body, have found themselves to be still alive, much to their amazement, and they find that they can still behold that which is going on.

They behold you in your suffering for them, and they say to you with all of their might, which at this point you do not hear…at some point in the evolution of consciousness, you will hear them, but at this point you think that they are gone, gone forever and that you have lost your connection. But that is not true.

There is no place else that they are going to go. There is no separation. You are still One with them. And the sooner you get to that realization, making it real in your awareness, you are going to be at peace. So allow yourself to speak to the loved ones, to tell them how loved they are; not just how loved they were, and that you will give them a great celebration as you put the body into the ground or incinerate it a bit.

Tell them that you still love them and that you feel them, because you will. You will feel them around you. There have been ones who have been most troubled by feeling the presence of a loved one and saying, “But you are not here. How can I be hearing you? How can I be feeling you when you are dead and gone?”

Well, not dead, because they are still alive, and not gone anywhere, because there is nowhere else to go; sorry to tell you, but there is nowhere else. Heaven is right here. Even while you activate the body, heaven can be known and felt and realized, and that is what we will be speaking in this evening, about peace; finding heaven while still activating the body; finding heaven while you are still walking in this world, knowing that truly heaven is but a thought, a feeling away.

Every morning when you awaken to this existence, you take the deep breath and say, “Oh, I’m back in my room, back in my home, back in my tent, back in my forest, wherever. I know this place. I feel at home here.” Or if you do not, then you will get up and go to what does feel like home, and you are going to carry on with a consciousness that yet believes in separation, in the possibility of separation. But never, in Truth—capital “T”—can you be separate. You are the ongoing knowing of Oneness. And the sooner you come to that realization, the sooner you will find peace.

Now, I know with all of the activities of the world, all of the news, every time you turn on your square box it tells you all of the disasters that are happening. And we have spoken to you in the past that the word “disaster” comes from the stars, “from the stars”. And ones have believed that somehow there could be an energy, a force outside of themselves that would visit upon you all kinds of tribulations, and that it is your duty, as you have tribulations, to tribulate, to really get in there and suffer.

But I say unto you, I tried that. It didn’t feel good. I decided to look for another way to be, another way to feel, and I preferred the blissfulness of knowing heaven on Earth. And you can know that even while you are still activating the body and walking around, conversing with the loved ones.

So allow yourself in this moment now to take the deep breath. Breathe with me… hold it…hold it…hold it…exhale. Allow yourself the deep breath…hold it…hold it…hold it… hold it…exhale. There is great power in the breath. It is the first thing you do when you take human incarnation. It is the last thing you do when you decease the body. And meantime, as you are going about your activities, it is well worth breathing.

Whenever one is getting into a place of physical exercise, where you are stretching the arms, getting them up as high as you can get them, reaching for the stars, and then allowing yourself to be at a certain level where you go down to the floor—I would do that, but it might knock over the stool behind me here—whenever you are exercising the body, inhale; feel the power of the breath. That is why I asked you to hold it, to feel what you are taking in. Be One with the breath, and then exhale. And when you exhale, allow the whole body to exhale, every part.

If you will do this when you first put the feet on the floor and get out of the bed or up out of the bed, down out of the bed, whichever it is, if you will do this first thing in the morning, it will energize the body for the rest of the day. It is that important. I see most of you, you hop out of the bed, you rush for the little room, and you think of all of the activities that you have for the day, and this is where you are abiding, is right here in the mental.

And at that point you are holding the breath. Check this out on the morrow. Feel, be very aware what you do when you first put the feet on the floor. Take the deep breath. Yes, I know, you have to go, as they call it, and you will, but not right that second. Allow yourself to breathe deeply, and then rush off to the small room. It is most wondrous to watch you.

Allow the mind at that point to empty itself as well as the body emptying itself. Allow yourself to come to a vast empty place. Breathe deeply, and hold…and hold…and hold…and hold…exhale. Feel the power of the breath, the deep breath. Allow yourself to be very aware that you are taking in all of the universe, every little bit, every great bit, and holding it.

Allow yourself, as you progress through the days, to see how long you can hold it.

You have tried it with the body—how long you can hold it. This you can do with the breath. See how long you can hold it, and then exhale. You will find that in ten days’ time you will be holding it much longer, and there is another meaning to the word to be holding it. Behold, watch, feel, acknowledge. Behold, watch, feel, acknowledge, “I Am the breath.” And you are.

What is happening now on your plane of consciousness is a great changing of the guard. The ones who were tied up in the old thinking are exiting; they are leaving; and they will be back. You can take that, if it is consolation to you, to know that they will be back. Nothing is ever done in a vacuum. Always, even what seems to be an emptiness is full. Even empty space is full at the same time. Allow yourself to know that the ones who have said, “Okay, I will exit this plane…” because every time the body is allowed to be let go, it is a choice. No one is ever taken away without their acknowledgment, their agreement.

So do not feel that perhaps ones have slipped away from you and there has been a power that has taken them away from you. It is not a power outside of them. It is their own agreement that they will know change, that there will an uprising of Beingness, a realization—making real in their awareness—just how full of life they are.

And as I have said, they are going to be most surprised to find themselves aware of new surroundings and new powers, because they will be talking to you, and there will be in a bit of consternation, because you will not be perhaps tuning in to them. You will be tuning into all of the ritual, what has to be done with the deceased body. That is important, yes, but be aware that they are with you, oftentimes yelling, screaming, demanding that you do such and such with the body, and you are so into a oneness of thinking that you say, “But this is how we have always done it.” Maybe it’s time for a change; maybe not.

But they are aware that they are very much with you. That is part of the difficulty when ones decease a body and they find themselves still alive, and they want to speak with you, and you do not believe that they can. Allow the mind to open just a crack, a little bit. “There is a possibility that perhaps I can still talk with them.”

And yes, I know, if you are going to be talking with them, you are probably going to say to them, “Why did you leave me?” That’s usually the first question. And then, as if you are saying that to them, as you are doing that, listen. Acknowledge that there could be other reasons, a broader reason, a reason that says there is evolution of consciousness happening.

The old way of consciousness has been like a box, and they are ready to push out the sides of the box. This is what they have done with the deceasement of the body.

They have said, “That body is too encasing. It’s too hindering. I want to be free as the angel. I want to know angel wings.” That’s how they get to play for a while. And you tune in and say, “Aha, that one can’t be an angel. If you knew what that one has done in the lifetime, you would never say that they could be an angel.”

But in truth, everyone is an angel. That is why you have the term “Earth angel”.

You’ve heard that—Earth angel.

So allow yourself the celebration. You have made evolution in your language to now have a celebration of life rather than having the wake that says, “I have to mourn; I have to be sad. I have to miss this one.” And yes, you are going to miss the companionship. You are going to miss having them speak to you on the technology. You don’t do this anymore, I know. You hold it like this, okay. Have to move with the times. The times are moving, and you are trying to catch up.

Count it all as good. So for yourself, look forward in every day. Do not look back. Be in that day very present with who and what you have the interchange with. Be aware of the gifts that you are given. Even in this day and time that seems so sad, so challenging for ones who are wondering, “Will I see the loved one ever again?” I am here to tell you that, yes, you will see the loved one again.

So be on the lookout. I have said to you that within two or three years of your timing, these ones who are letting go of the body now are going to be back, most of them choosing a new start, but some of them deciding to come in as the grown-up one already, moving here from a far-away location; at least, that will be the story that is told. So you will be able to take up where you left off, with enjoying them, being in joy with them.

But meantime, I know that the one thing that you desire so much is to have peace, to be able to believe that which I am telling you, to be able to know, truly know, that a loved one can never leave you. That sometimes can be a bit of a problem, because you

may not want the loved one to be looking over your shoulder all of the time. I jest with you, but it could be true.

In this time when you are looking for peace, allow yourself the deep breath. Peace comes with the deep breath. If it does not come on the first deep breath, breathe again, and again. “But Jeshua, I might hyperventilate; I might fall over.” So, you will pick yourself up again and keep breathing. Some of you have tried that, and you have been very surprised to find, “I’m lying on the floor, but I’m still alive. I thought I breathed so much that I was going to expire, but I did not.”

So allow yourselves the laughter. Allow yourself to feel blissful, happy, joyful. And if ones ask of you, “How can you be happy in a time like this?” share with them that which you know. Take the courage in your own two hands—hold them up like this; hold them right to you—and say, “Well, I know that death does not take one away. Death is but one step in the evolution of coming Home.”

So speak your truth. Do not be afraid. You have known lifetimes when it was a bit challenging to speak your truth, where if you did not say what the powers that be wanted you to say, it was off with the head. So what did you do? You let a little bit of time go by, you grew a new head. It started out probably as the small child, and you are back again, in a place to speak your truth again.

This time now ones are finding, especially in your political grouping, a bit where you have one side and you have the other side, and it seems that never the twain does meet. Of if the twain does meet, it’s going to be a bit as the knocking of heads. But what is coming out of that is an understanding of the vastness of evolution, the vastness of the evolution of consciousness, where you are going to come—believe it or not—to the place where you say, “I understand where you are coming from. I don’t agree. I’m coming from another place.”

And in time—it may take a length of time—ones will begin to listen to each other.

You say, “But Jeshua, I think it’s going to be a long time, because the other ones are really stuck into what they’re stuck into, and I’m not moving, because I know I’m right.” Okay, give it some time; you have time. Allow yourself to say, “You may be right,” and you just leave it at that. You don’t say what you are thinking, which is, “I don’t think you’re right. How can you be right if you aren’t agreeing with what I think?” But you don’t say that part. You just say, “You may be right,” and they may be. How do you know? In time you will know.

Time is a great healer. You have heard that saying. Time allows for change, a change in thinking, a change in bodily form. You have seen that over the years, where you have been very upright and very slim and so forth, and then another change comes and you have put away something for another day, perhaps, and you carry it with you. You happily carry it with you, because it has shown that you have been wealthy enough to have the edibles that have gone to a place of storage, so you are keeping it. Be happy in your storage.

This time where you are asking for peace, to know peace, true peace, there is a well-known but forgotten secret, and it is the deep breath. For you cannot hold tension in the body as you take the deep breath over and over. Maybe the first breath doesn’t do the trick, or the second or the third or maybe even the tenth. But if you keep taking the deep breath and you hold it and you hold it and you hold it, peace eventually comes. It is as simple as that.

I told you this years ago when we were together. You tried it and it worked, but you did not always want to be in peace. That’s the secret. Because there were times when you felt like, “Well, of course, the other one had to be wrong, because I am always right,” or you always wanted to be acknowledged as right. After all, you were the king, you were the chief person of the grouping, the nation, so therefore you had to be right. And if you weren’t right, you had to find others who would acknowledge that you were right, even if they said behind the hand, “He’s not right; she’s not right; can’t be. But I will say to their face, ‘Oh, you are right.’” And you know that position very well, because you have practiced it many lifetimes.

So when you see ones of your “leaders” doing what seems to be the double face, acknowledge that is what they are doing, but also acknowledge that you have been there, done that, which is why now you see it and recognize it so quickly. You’ve been there to the place where you say, “That’s not right, but I’m not going to tell him/her that they’re not right. That would be a bit dangerous to my neck or my career or my position or my bank account.”

So you have acknowledged that, of course, they are right, and then behind the hand you say, “But I don’t really think so. I don’t really think so.”

Whenever you want to return to that place of great peace, breathe. It is but a choice away, only a choice away. In the middle of a great discussion with another one who is putting forth why they believe such and such and how your belief has to be wrong, there is a choice—to take the deep breath and return to that place of peace.

And the most miraculous thing happens, because when you are in that place of peace, there may come a new way of looking at things. It doesn’t mean that you have to capitulate and say that the other one is right and you are wrong. It gives you the space of new perspective. So perhaps the perspective is wide enough that it could encompass their perspective and yours.

There is a reason that they believe the way they believe. That is what will bring the healing. When you are able to stand in their sandals, to be able to see why they believe the way they do, then there will be peace. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but you will understand why they are in that space, and it takes the energy that would be used for combativeness, it takes that energy away, and in its place it leaves peace.

Now, what I say to you in this evening, you are going to look at and say, “But Yeshu’a, that’s too easy.” That’s what human ego says. “But that’s too easy; just stopping, taking a deep breath, allowing perhaps a new perspective? That’s too easy. I’ve tried that for a minute or two and it was okay, but it didn’t bring me the great peace of knowing that I’m right.”

And yet I ask of you, when you have “known” that you are right, did that leave you in a peaceful place? Not usually. It would leave you in a place of, “Yes, but I’ve got all my defenses thought out, and I’ll have to be right.” You don’t have to be right. You don’t have to prove anything. You can fight like a goat and let someone else be right.

It is no problem to say to the other person, “You may be right, but I don’t think so.” And if it’s okay to do that, it is okay to say to the other one, “You may be right,” but I don’t think so; not saying that last part out loud. You keep that to yourself, because—and you have experienced this, where you have been so sure that you were right about something, and then you have found out it was part of the equation that was missing, and when you found out that part that was missing, it was like, “Oh, that changes everything.” Ever been there, done that? Sure, you have.

Even in my lifetime that is so famous, there were times when I knew I was right, and the high priest in the tabernacle didn’t have a clue. Well, he did have clues, but it didn’t mean that he came to the same place of peace where I was.

When you want peace, take the deep breath. Now, you have to really want it, because it is very easy to take the deep breath and have choice and then to say, “Okay, tomorrow; I will have peace tomorrow. Right now I’m going to hold onto that belief that I have, because I know I’m right. And tomorrow…” Well, you know what happens tomorrow.

Tomorrow truly never comes, because you are always living in the Now. Have you ever thought about that? You are always living in the Now, so that tomorrow is a thought. And sometimes your thoughts do not lead to peace.

But you have to truly want peace. And if you truly want it, you will find it. The beginning step of it is easy. It is the deep breath. Breathe with me. Take the deep breath and hold it…hold it…hold it…hold it…exhale. The more you do that, the easier it will become. You will find that instead of holding it for four or five hold-its, you will be able to go to ten or twenty.

“But Jeshua, I’ll probably fall over on the floor.” Well, if you do, as I said earlier this evening, what do you do? You pick yourself up; no harm in that; good exercise.

Beloved ones, meet me in the place of peace. Do the breathing. Find the place of peace. Know that truly that is where I abide. I had been done with all of the decisions to fight, and I found the most blessed place of all was not in the place of the good fight. It was in the place of the good peace.

Join me in peace. Join me first thing on the morrow when you awaken and you put the feet on the floor. Allow yourself to know how loved you are. Allow yourself to know that peace, the peace that passes the understanding of the world. That is what is being called for now, is when you will add to the peace and your brother/sister/cousin/aunt/ uncle begin to add to the peace. It is contagious. It spreads, and it allows for choice.

Behold the deep peace. So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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