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Purification Process - Mary Magdalene

Purification Process -  - Mary Magdalene

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I say to you Dear Ones that this is a very important time to begin to clear out the emotional pain that has been held within the consciousness of the soul, and this is an important time for each of you to begin to ascend into the purity of the innocence of your soul. This is a purification that is taking place on many levels, not only on the level of the earth plane, where Mother Earth is purifying her energy, but also this is a purification process within many of the individuals who have chosen this ascension process.

This is an important time for the energy to now be purified. It is of no coincidence that the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is being purified. There is much alarm regarding the fires and the land, and the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil. However this is also a part of the earth purifying her energy, and many are in alarm regarding what they understand this to be, a precarious situation, however know that all is in divine order and all of the purging that is happening on the surface of Mother Earth is indeed for purpose and good, so therefore hold this intention, not to be frightened, but simply to allow this energy now to send healing to the rainforest as Mother Earth knows exactly what is needed for her survival, and for the survival of the planet. At this time the energy of the generator crystal is creating such an impact of purification that many what you may call atrocities or earth changes are being called forth onto the earth at this time, and so this is why it is very important, as this powerful generator crystal is simply being reignited upon the earth plane, that each of you begin to purifying your own energy fields, and this can be down easily, effortlessly and with grace. Therefore know that the time is now for each of you to clear the emotional pain body that each of you have held within your subtle energetic light body, and also within your etheric blueprint, is now to begin to be cleared. So allow any emotion that you may be holding, anger, sadness, fear, loneliness and suppression of joy to now be brought forth into a proper healing by the generator crystal.

At this time we will call in the resurrection flame and begin to resurrect the energy that has been suppressed within.

And so Dear Ones, may the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. As we call in this beautiful energy of the generator crystal, we ask that you give yourself permission to begin to allow yourself to begin to heal from all suppressed, repressed and conscious emotions that no longer serve you. Simply allow yourself to be received in this energy of the purity of your innocence of your soul, as you now are being purified just like the Amazon forest, for that energy is in need of purification and restoration for this new time on earth. And your physical bodies and your mental, emotional and etheric light bodies are now being purified and restored into the pure essence of your I AM presence. So please take a deep, deep inhaling breath and simply allow the generator crystal to come in and begin to clear those old emotions, those suppressed emotions from this lifetime that have affected your pained body, causing you to react, to be in fear, to be angry, to be sad, to be lonely, whatever emotions that are now held within your emotional pain body, that are not of love and light, we ask that you give permission to the generator crystal to begin to heal these emotions, and return and restore you back to your divine perfection, to your divine magnificence, to your divine glory, as the God and Goddess that you are, as a child of God, as you now allow the innocence of your soul and the purity of your spirit to be your calling card, as you allow this energy now to be in the world, you are bringing forth the purity, not only of your personality, but you are bringing forth the purity of your soul and your spirit into manifestation form, as your physical body and your emotions and your mental body begin to respond accordingly to this beautiful energy of Divine Love, allowing the beautiful energy of the Cosmic Flame, and the energy of the resurrection flame now to begin to heal and to purify all that no longer serves you, and so we ask that you take a deep inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in this energy, and breathe in the frequency of the love of God, and the purity of this frequency, with the powerful generator crystal, as this energy now is moving into your emotional pained body, and in your emotional subtle light body, and into your etheric blueprint, and through every cell, every atom, every molecule of your physical body, the generator crystal is now moving through you, and beginning the healing process so that you may remain and shall return to your divine I AM presence, your divine innocence, to the purity of the essence of your soul.

So Dear Ones, as you take another deep, inhaling breath, simply begin to call this energy in, of those emotions, perhaps that you are aware of and those that you are not aware of, to move through the purification process easily, effortlessly, and with ease and grace. Calling in the energy of Elohim Grace, gracing all the emotions that have been affecting your behavior, your consciousness, your subconscious, and simply allowing yourself to move into this place of limitless perfection, unlimited perfection, as you move into this energy of your unlimited self, of your I AM presence, no longer affected by your humanness and the human emotions, that have been affecting your behavior and causing any distortion within your physical body that is not of love and balance, wholeness and perfection. And so Dear Ones, just as the purification that is taking place upon the planet in the rainforest, you are now being purified. What may seem to be impossible for you to begin to clear these emotions, in an instantaneous thought of receiving. This is possible by this powerful energy of the generator crystal that holds the energy of original creation and manifestation, and therefore this powerful frequency can clear the energy and assist you to return to your divine presence and your divine essence.

So we ask that you hold the space of love for yourself, just as the cosmic flame, the resurrection flame and the violet flame of transmutation, as Paul the Venetian, our beloved Yeshua, and St. Germaine all stand with you, each of these flames are now being sparked within you. Just like the rainforest is now being purified. Do not be afraid, for this purification that is taking place upon the planet, and do not be afraid of the purification that is taking place within your individual self, and in your own lives. Much will begin to shift and change for each of you as you begin to release and heal those suppressed emotions that have affected your life and soul journey. This is a time of allowing love to come forth, and Paul the Venetian, our beloved Yeshua and St. Germaine all stand with each of you, guarding you and protecting you at this time, as the generator crystal is healing you and purifying you as we speak. Truly know that as you move into this magnificence of the innocence of your spirit and the power of your soul, you are able to now master those limitations that have held you back from moving forward into your life stream, into your soul journey with grace and ease. Any fear, any self-doubt, any emotion of unworthiness, lack, limitation, anger, greed, jealousy, loneliness, abandonment, whatever those emotions may be, that have been held within the emotional pain body, within your etheric field, shall now be purged.

So we ask you once again to take another deep inhaling breath, and breathe in the energy of the cosmic flame of love, breathing in this energy of Divine Love, breathing it into every cell, every particle, every atom of your being, with every breath that you take, you are breathing in love. Just as the rainforest provides 20% of the oxygen to our planet, this energy of the generator crystal is bringing forth to you, this new frequency of divine love is being brought forth into your lungs, divine love. The same energy will be brought forth to the rainforest, and the forest will begin to heal and prosper, and there will be even more oxygen, more energy, that will be emitted to the planet. So you see the phoenix will rise from the ashes, and so shall you. You are now rising from all of the past in this particular incarnation. As these emotions can now be healed and restored. The generator crystal can then move through the layers and layers from other lifetimes, that are holding the same imprints. Perhaps you have had issues of abandonment or victimization, those energies can be cleared instantaneously by the generator crystal. And you are standing in your energy of empowerment.

As Mother Earth is aligned to the Goddess energy, to the planet of Venus, the planet of love, Mother Earth holds the same energy and essence for all of humanity and all life forms, and as the energy of Mother Love is bringing this healing to you at this time, it is about nurturing those emotions that perhaps were never tended to or ignored by your own divine mother energy, and perhaps by your own physical and biological mother and father. But it is about you, the Divine Essence of your Divine Mother Energy is now healing and nurturing those places within you that were wounded, that were traumatized, that were hurt, that were damaged. Now as you step forward, allowing your own Mother Energy, the Cosmic Mother, and the energy of Mother Earth to support you, with the energy of the generator crystal purifying you. You shall begin to support yourself, to love yourself, with the Cosmic Flame of Love, you shall begin to support yourself, to love yourself, for the Cosmic Flame of Love, with Paul the Venetian, with the resurrection flame of Lord Sananda, our beloved Yeshua, and the violet flame of transmutation of St. Germaine, there is a powerful stirring within you, and a force field of energy that is taking place as we speak. Letting go and letting God. Allowing your beautiful light to shine. This is the time, this is the now, to begin to release these emotions and to clear the sadness from your physical, mental, emotional and energetic frequencies, and the emotional pain body can be healed.

You see Dearest Ones this is a part of the collective consciousness energy that is now necessary to be healed upon this planet. As each person takes the time and the energy and understanding and the awareness that they are responsible for healing their own emotions, for clearing their own pain, and with the assistance of the generator crystal, the assistance of these beautiful sacred masters, the assistance of these beautiful sacred flames, there are many tools to help humanity to heal and to be restored. Just as Mother Earth knows what is needed and necessary for the purification on the surface of her own back. You too will begin to be regenerated, and your physical bodies will become healed, and those thoughts and those emotions that no longer serve you will no longer be held within your frequency. Patterns, imprints, will no longer control you. The subconscious thoughts, the subconscious memories, the subconscious fears, the subconscious energies that affect you on a daily basis, and how you live you life, shall now be, as they say, miraculously transformed by the generator crystal. So we ask that you hold this energy now within you, and feel the love, feel the love, feel the love. Once again calling in the cosmic flame of love, with the assistance of Paul the Venetian, calling in this beautiful frequency, and as you enter into this state of grace, we shall call in the prayer of divine love.

So now Dear Ones, we ask that you imagine yourself enveloped in the beautiful energy of the Cosmic Flame of Love, in which you were created at your birthright, the spark of the creation of your own soul and spirit, that magnificence of the brilliance of your I AM presence. It is the guiding force, that guides your physical life, that guides your consciousness, your subconscious, and no longer shall your emotional pain body rule you and affect your life. You are now in a state of purity and innocence and grace, as you hold this energy of Divine Cosmic Love as it is enveloped within you and around you and through you, once again through every cell, every molecule, every atom of your being, and in your consciousness and subconscious, your ego and your super ego, and into the aspects of all of your cells, all of your essent selves and into your over soul and into your higher self, may you feel the resonance and the presence of your magnificence and the power of who you truly are. As you step forward into this beauty of the love and the light, just as my beloved Yeshua ascended from his mortal self into his immortal self, into the Christ Consciousness, into the energy of his magnificence, you too are being transformed and purified upon this day, and allow yourself to receive. It is time, it is time, it is time that you step forward into your brilliance and magnificence, sharing your light with the world, sharing your beauty with the world, clearing and healing all that is not of pure love.

Go now my children and feel this energy and truly know that you are loved beyond measure and loved beyond comprehension, as you hold this energy in its divine perfection, go forward in peace, and be still and know that you are love and you are loved.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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