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Remembrance Of Their Oneness - Mary Magdalene

Remembrance Of Their Oneness - Mary Magdalene

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you, Dear Children of the Light, that this is a very powerful time in history, as also for the evolution of this planet. As many of you know the year of 2020 was destined to be a year of change, and to be a powerful clearing for so many souls, and yes this is of extreme importance and of truth, that the energy that is coming forward onto this planet now is not only a purging, but it is also a rejuvenation and a reactivation of energies upon this planet that have never been felt or activated on this planet throughout the course of the evolution of this planetary system.

Therefore know that as the earth is moving into the fifth dimensional frequency and beyond, and as the frequencies are continuing to elevate through the new light codes that are being downloaded by not only the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans, and those who are from the constellation of Orion. That these frequencies that are being emitted on the planet at this time are simply allowing a rising of a frequency, or a rejuvenation of energy, of pure love and pure light, that is now as they say purifying all that is not of truth and of love. For those souls who are choosing to leave their bodies at this time, with this pandemic, we say that they have chosen to leave by divine appointment, and that even though it may seem to be harsh, and quite cruel, these souls have chosen to leave at this time, for their souls are rising into the next dimensional frequency at a higher level, and as each of you are choosing to stay upon this planet, you too are being, as they say, forced to raise your frequency to a new level. Therefore know that regardless of whether you understand, regardless of whether you are conscious of this, regardless of you understanding that you are being purified, recalibrated and rejuvenated, your own light bodies are now being purified so that you can hold higher frequencies for this planet.

In a sense, as they say, the long and the short of it, is planet earth is going through a powerful rejuvenation period, only those souls who are of her vibration, as we have sad many times before, will be able to reside upon her back, upon the surface of her body. Mother Earth’s energy is now becoming quite pristine, and with the, what you may call the lack of contact and the closing down of social structures, the earth is able to rejuvenate her own etheric body rather quickly. This will also help new lifeforms to begin to rejuvenate, and because you are in your springtime, this is a period of regrowth and rebirth. Therefore, for the planet, she is now being again purified, rejuvenated and restored into a higher vibrational frequency, that each of you are able to tap into. Some of you may be feeling a bit different in the sense that you may be experiencing more dreams, you may be in touch with your own psychic abilities, your own intuitive abilities, your own inner gnosis is becoming more heightened, your clairvoyance, your clairaudience, your clairsentience, all these abilities are becoming heightened, because the energy is becoming clearer upon the planet, as if the ground that you are walking upon, the energy of Mother Earth, is now becoming lighter and lighter, purer and purer, and that the frequency from the earth is now in what we call a pristine and crystalline form in which each of you can now be able to access this energy into your physical bodies and your own physical bodies, your own mental bodies, your own emotional bodies, your own light bodies will become even more aligned with Mother Earth. Therefore know that you have a direct line and a direct communication to the earth mother, just like the Telosians in Mt. Shasta, underneath the mountain, who are living in balance and in harmony with all of life. This recalibration, this purging, this clearing that is taking place, the stopping as they say of the merry-go-round of conscious activities is allowing the earth to be renewed. Each of you are being renewed as well. Regardless of whether you feel any discomfort in your own psyche, this is a time for you to rest, relax, let go and let God. Allowing your beautiful crystalline light bodies now to begin to emerge. As you are becoming lighter and lighter and lighter, and you will have greater access to your own divine wisdom. You will have greater access to the energies that are now coming forth to this planet.

This is why it is important to stay grounded, to stay centered, and to not move into a place of fear, but simply move into your heart, into a space of love, allowing your heart to open as you move forward out of fear into a space of love. So at this moment I will step back and allow my Mary who will guide you in a meditation so that you can move into your heart, move out of fear, and move into love.

Greetings Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, it is I, Mary Magdalene. At this time, I surround each of you with the pink flame, the Cosmic Flame of Love. And St. Michael is bringing forth the blue ray, St. Germaine is calling forth the energy of the violet flame, Archangel Gabriel is bringing forth the yellow ray of illumination, and Archangel Ariel is bringing forth the energy of the green healing ray. And so I ask each of you if you so shall to simply imagine that you are now grounded and centered into the very crystalline core of Mother Earth. As you feet are connected to the crystalline core of Mother Earth, and the pink ray and the green ray and the blue ray and the yellow ray, are now all being infused within your being. Coming up from the soles of your feet, from the energy of the Earth Mother, take a deep breath and begin to feel this strength of energy, as you bring this energy through the soles of your feet all the way through your body, as you particularly bring it in to your root chakra and feel this grounding to the earth. As you feel the energies of these magnificent rays shooting out of your root chakra and grounding you into the earth. As if your physical body now is a conduit for healing, as if like fireworks the energy of these particular rays are now shooting from your root chakra, sparking out of your physical body, out of your root chakra, as if this energy now is healing and transmuting and recharging your own electro-magnetic field. Therefore your body is now being recharged and being recalibrated with these new frequencies that are now being brought forth upon this planet, as if you are being recharged, just like plugging in your cellphone to be recharged. Your physical body, your etheric body, your mental and emotional and all aspects of your subtle light bodies are now being rejuvenated with these powerful flames and in addition, Mother Earth is continuing to send her love to you, so that you are bathed in a frequency of love, light, healing and joy.

So take a deep, inhaling breath, and as you bring this energy up from your root chakra, bring it all the way into your heart, seeing the pink flame now beginning to magnify in front of you. Sending out waves and waves of the pink flame of energy from your heart chakra, out into the world, sending love, so others may open their heart to kindness and generosity, and the truth of knowing that love heals all, that the power of love heals all, the power of love heals all. And so if you so shall, imagine this energy coming from your heart chakra, and sending it out into the world, to all the people, all of life, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the planet kingdom. That all are receiving love, that each soul returns to balance and harmony, regardless of whether they choose to stay in their bodies, or they choose to ascend and rise out of their physical bodies and move into another dimensional frequency. That love is the driving force for this planet, remember planet earth was created in love, and the goddess energy of the divine mother, divine mother love, is here assisting each of you to move into this powerful frequency so that you stay centered in your heart, remaining balanced in your truth, and living from a beautiful state of grace, trusting and knowing that all is in divine order and all is as it should be.

And so at this time Yeshua is igniting the three-fold flame within each of you, as you begin to feel this sense of strength within yourself, that you are protected, that you are loved, that you are powerful conduits upon this earth plane. At this time, the cosmic flame, as it shoots from your heart chakra, and all of the other rays of light, are shooting out from your root chakra, grounding this energy of love and these new frequencies that are now being brought forth onto the planet and into all life force. This will simply activate you into your light body, and you will be operating from a new dimensional frequency. As earth beings, you are now dropping your density and you are moving in to your spirit body, living and breathing and activating your true spirit essence. As if you are on the television show Star Trek, beam me up Scotty, you are able to now be beamed into a higher frequency, you are not simply ordinary human beings in ordinary third dimensional bodies any longer. All of you are being lifted and raised into this powerful frequency of remembrance. This is why the teachings of my beloved Christ, the 12 Mastery Teachings are of such importance at this time, because it’s helping others to raise their frequency. By moving through these principles and teachings, one can begin to access the higher frequencies of their own light body, and live from a state of purity without fear within their heart. Truly knowing that you are connected and you are one with the Great Creator, with all that is.

When humans begin to understand their remembrance of their Oneness, the world will change, the consciousness will change, the healing of this planet will begin to occur. You see, you are at a tipping point, you are the precipice of change. And so this pandemic is creating opportunity for all to turn within, to open their hearts, and even if they are not aware of this on a conscious level, all souls are receiving this frequency. It is up to you how you wish to accept it, or you wish to receive it. Perhaps it does not make sense to you, perhaps it seems too ethereal for you. But we say Dear Ones, this is truth. The planet has chosen to shift in consciousness. There have been many shifts, as they say, since the harmonic convergence, and yet this is another powerful shift in consciousness for Mother Earth. This is another powerful shift of consciousness for humanity. Some will not understand it, some will not even be aware that it is happening, but indeed Dearest Children it is taking place in all souls, all inhabitants upon this earth plane. It is for you to stay connected, and to stay loved, loved in the vibration that we bring to you upon this day. Perhaps you are feeling this sense of insulation, of the pink ray, as it insulates you. The pink ray is surrounding you, it is insulating you, and as you imagine this beautiful pink ray surrounding your auric field, you are protected from any outside influence. As if this pink ray is like a mote that is protecting you, it is the energy and frequency of love. You say how can this be, this seems impossible. But you do not understand the power of this ray and the frequency. It is a protective shield, we ask that each of you receive upon this day. For it is a permanent shield of protection, and it is the driving force that has guided each of your spirits and souls since your incarnation upon this planet. It is what has kept you alive as they say. It is the life force inside of you. It is the key to immortality. As you receive this beautiful energy of the pink cosmic flame, that is allowing each of you to live in oneness and remembrance of who you truly are. What a powerful day of remembrance, what a powerful day to receive.

Today as you enter into this sanctuary, as they say, a sanctuary of knowingness, that you have the access and the wisdom and the knowledge to strengthen not only your own immune system, but to strengthen your crystalline light body, and return to oneness, with the energy of Mother Earth to all that is. Simply this is the meaning of being at one, Mother Earth is so pleased that you are in agreement to allow her energy to come into you as you walk upon the surface of her back, you walk in alignment with her. You see many of the earth changes, as you already know, are simply because there is an imbalance in human consciousness upon this planet, those individuals who are affected by earth changes, and those communities that are affected by earth changes, are not living in balance with the energy of the mother. And so each of you, if you so choose, will walk in balance with Mother Earth. And your light will be held into the region in which you are residing. As you all are like stargates, that are anchoring your energy of balance and peace and love, serenity and joy into the earth. You are once again reactivated into this frequency.

Lea has returned to the heartland, where the heart of Mother Earth resides. And so she has come back to be near to the heart of the mother. Physically, she anchors her energy into the heartland, opening the heart, not only of this region, but again this frequency is expanding out to all upon the planet. The heart of Mother Earth is welcoming all souls to live from a place of love. So now as you feel this energy for Mother Earth, and as you feel it in your root chakra and in your heart chakra, may you feel the beauty and the expansion that you are all serving and you are all being served. As Mother Gaia and you become one. This is why you came to this planet eons and eons ago, you have come to serve Mother Gaia, you have come to use your light body to serve and be conduits, anchors upon this earth plane, and so this most auspicious time, and in this most unusual time there is a meaning for all of this. It is a quieting, a quieting despite the anxiety and fear, there is a quieting of energy as people have stopped their daily activities. So now the heart can be opened, the root chakra can be anchored into the earth, and people can now merge in as new earth beings upon this planet, living from a higher state of consciousness, living from their true remembrance of why they came to this planet. This is the reason for all that is occurring, despite what many wish to understand, what many may not understand, but this is the truth, Dearest Children, your planet is in need of shifting and raising your frequency, and you all have chosen to help serve, and to assist beloved Gaia. As they say, this too, shall be complete. This too shall pass, within the next couple of weeks, the clearing will be complete with Mother Earth, and on an etheric and spiritual level, on an energetic level, the work will be done for Mother Gaia, and then people will be able to return back to their original state of being, but they will no longer be the same, they will have been changed forever regardless of whether they are conscious or unconscious of what has occurred.

So Dearest Children understand how powerful these times are, how important it is to be conscious and aware, to be centered and grounded, and to truly live in the remembrance of who you truly are, as Dear Sununu says, live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are, you have chosen this powerful time to serve and to be served. So we thank you again for your time and your attention, we thank you for your due diligence, we thank you for being able to accept this gift today of love within your heart, grounding your energies into the earth with the pink ray, the yellow ray, the blue ray, the violet ray, and so Dearest Ones, Yeshua and I stand with you, we stand beside you, we open your hearts to this remembrance, at this powerful time, this is what you have come to do in this lifetime. This moment of time is why you all came. It perhaps is an exaggerated form of getting people to awaken, but it was necessary, it was needed for the survival of this planet and for all souls to merge into the fifth dimensional frequency and beyond. As you merge into the beautiful state of grace that this planet was destined to return to.

Go now my children be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved. Yeshua and I stand with you and beside you, holy, holy, holy grace, be bestowed upon your souls. Go now my children, be at peace.


Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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