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Sananda - About Asking for Help from Others

Sananda - About Asking for Help from Others

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I'm SANANDA!

I believe you've received a lot of applause for the work you've done. We're not going to feed each of you the ego here. It was a job well done, but necessary the walk of each. Then there's no reason to keep talking about him. Today I want to start another very important subject as well.

We're having another date this year. It can already be a physical encounter with far more freedom than it was before. Today I will give the guidelines of what should happen on 12/11/2022. What I need is to address each group of the Letters of Christ.

Theoretically all of you are tied to one city, to a place. So, pay close attention to what I'm about to say here. It's not to be asking a million questions, everything will be very clear. The rules will be as follows:

  1. Each group of The Letters of Christ will come together to do an action for the planet. What action is that? I don't know, you'll choose, there are countless actions that can be done around the planet. Seek. Don't sit around waiting for someone to tell you what to do, do your own research, join someone you already know, it doesn't matter.
  1. Those who are not linked to any group, I would say that they are isolated, will also take action for the benefit of the planet. And what would this action be? I don't know, i don't know The answer is the same. Look for something you can do, look for something to teach people how to take care of the planet, this way everyone will be involved. Those who are in the groups will act as a group; those who are not in the group or who are unable to be with the group, will do so in isolation, without any problem.

Then this action will be for all, all those whose hearts resonate with what I am asking for. If you don't feel like doing anything, it's all right, don't do anything, just join the other stage I'll talk about now. In addition to the actions scattered all over the planet, we will have a physical encounter, in a place to be determined. What would this place look like? A place that can have an infrastructure to receive many people in a single day. So, I ask each of you to know a place like this, to make you know.

But there's one detail: many are going through serious financial difficulties today. But this is not the subject here, so these people will not be able to move to this place that will be chosen. Then all the events that will take place in this place, will be transmitted to everyone. We will make a schedule and every given time, everything that will be happening in this place will be transmitted. And these people who go to this place, will have other tasks to fulfill. Everything will be informed in time.

Realize that it's all very simple, there's no complication, there's no despair, there's no anxiety. We have a good time until the day comes. Then the place will be searched, will be hired and who can go, move, will move; those who cannot, will watch live because it will be broadcast at the time of the event. In parallel, each group will take action on the planet. Those who do not have a group or cannot be with the group will take an individual action.

The important thing is that each person does his part for Gaia. Gaia needs your help. So research how you can act and invite others to act with you. It is not restricted only to people in the Group of Cards, it can be anyone. Then you can join other groups that already do actions around the planet and do together. It's going to be a lot easier for you to start from scratch. Why am I talking so far in advance? Because these locations need to be hired in advance and the demand is also not fast. So I ask you, who knows places like this, make him known so that the necessary arrangements can be made for the hiring of this day. Further instructions will be given over time.

So start looking today, combining, defining what you're going to do. Those who have financial conditions can move to the place that will be chosen. Whoever doesn't, will follow everything live, no one will lose anything, everyone will do their part. So, I'm launching here the Third Meeting of the Letters of Christ of the LACAM Project. But I repeat, even if you are not part of the card groups, you can participate. The action is in favor of the planet and later on, I will give more instructions.

Complementing all the latest developments, I just ask each of you to keep your heart illuminated, keep your heart vibrating loud, don't miss everything you've ever achieved. As has already been said, call for us any minute, as many times as you need, and we will be there helping each and every one of you. My mission on this planet is almost complete. Maitreya will take over after the whole process of ascension, the new stage of this planet. But i will never, at any time, abandon any of you. Because I'm not out here, I'm not in heaven, I'm not in heaven... I hope to be inside everyone's heart.

So you don't even have to call me verbally, a thought and I already know that you need help, because I'm in there, at least so i hope I am. Learn to trigger us, learn to ask for our help. Why is it so hard for many to ask for our help? You all the time ask the other for help, without any shame. Why don't you ask us for help? Do you still have those limiting beliefs that you don't deserve, that we're sitting up there on golden thrones, watching what you do and judging?

I'd like to believe that no one else thinks so. Then why is it so hard for you to ask for our help? Always with that answer on the tip of his tongue: "I don't hear anything. I don't see anything. I don't feel anything!" However your answer may be coming to you anyway; by a phrase spoken by someone, by a phrase spoken on the radio, on TV, by a song that you listen to, there will be your answer. But you limit just having to listen, or see, or feel. And since that doesn't happen, you think you never get the answer.

As long as you think so, you really will never get the answer. Because we're not so explicit at saying exactly what you want to hear. We manipulate time and situations, so you see what you asked. But as his heart is closed through the: "I do not see. I can't hear you. I don't feel it," you don't realize either. The answer is right there in front of you, but you don't understand. We have said this several times and I will repeat: There will come a time when you will not be able to ask for help from the other because nothing will work for this. So what are you going to do? You're going to run out into the street looking for someone to help you, and you're going to come out in desperation crying and screaming? "I want help, I want help!" Or do you know that we are there inside your hearts? Just say, "I need help!", and it's over, the help will be there. Or is your ego still too loud, too strong to admit it needs help?

There are many reasons why you won't listen to us, not understand the answers we give, because we always respond. But you let it go, you don't watch, you don't understand and the answer goes through the air. So we'll insist on it many times. Stop asking the other for help, help has to be asked of us, not the other; the other can do nothing for you. Are you putting us and the other on the same level? I don't think so. So who can do better for you, us or the other? This lesson is hard for you to learn, it's what I see most: "Help me in this, help me with that, help me So-and-So. Oh, and worst of all, they ask someone else for help, that's the worst. Did the other one ask you to ask him for help? Often not, the other is not even knowing and you are asking for it.

This is an invasion of free will. Haven't you learned that either? So start looking at these little slips that you still make. You want help, ask us, but don't ask for the other one. The only points you can ask for each other is when you're still kids, who still can't ask for them. Because even those who are in a coma, who cannot think, you need to ask his Higher I for permission to ask for it; but you don't do that. You keep begging, begging, begging for someone else's energy; often it's not for you is for the other.

Stop it. This habit you haven't lost yet. You want help, ask for ours, not the other one's. Don't ask for the other one. You want to help each other? Send Light. Send Light so that the situation he is living in is resolved. Perfect, that you can do. But it is not asking the other, for someone; not for you or anyone else. We will insist on it forever, so that you learn. But it seems like it's hard. I keep seeing you asking for yourself and the other. Why is it so hard to ask for our help, why?

Stop relying on the other to solve problems that are yours, not the other. What happens when you ask the other guy for help? He feels obliged to help you; he didn't ask for it, he didn't ask you, "Look at me and ask me to help you! You threw on him a load that he didn't ask for, then he finds himself in the obligation to do and often does not do it at heart. Do you realize the attitude you take? No, a lot of people don't get it. Many continue to ask each other for help.

Again repeating: There will be a moment that there will be no other for you to count on it. So what are you going to do? You never tried to ask for our help, so at that moment, you're going to wake up and ask? Yes, we’ll be there, we're not like you. "Oh, if you never asked, Now I won't either!" Of course, I’m not. We'll be there, but you could be a lot better off if you'd asked for help before. Understand, you don't ask anyone for help, people help if you want to. It's your problem, no one has anything to do with it, no one has to help you, it's your problem; you need to solve it.

Then ask for our help and we'll help you figure it out. It's not the other one that's going to solve your problem. Learn that. Stop asking the other guy for help. Is that so hard to understand? I don't think so, I think this is a habit you haven't been able to break yet. But I think it's good that you try. At least try to stop asking the other guy for help. You all possess your own energy of Light, all of you are capable of self-help. Why ask the other one? There's no point.

Listen to these words with your heart, not angry because I'm saying this. You need to learn to listen to your mistakes with your heart and admit it: "It's really i ask the other for help." Great, you at least have awareness of your mistake, so now avoid repeating it. This is the great closure; this is great wisdom. There are still many wrong habits in you, and that little by little we are making you know and improve, so that they are eliminated from your minds, because they are not habits compatible with the Fifth Dimension. That's it, that's all.

Don't spread your problems, no one has anything to do with it, it's your problem. No one needs to know your problem. Spreading the problem so that someone says, "Oh, I'll help you!", is not very good. Stop it. The problem is heavy, sit with us and talk to us, and we will certainly ease your burden. It is not spreading your problem that it will be solved, because many may be clapping for your problem, and sending you a lot of negative energy so that you do not solve it. Have you thought about it? That not everyone you ask for help gets with an open heart? Many laugh at your suffering and worse, feed it so that you suffer more. Is that what you want? So there's no reason to spread, suffering. The suffering is for each of you, not the others. It's part of your walk, what you emanated and you're getting back. Does anyone have anything to do with this? No, you don't.

Listen to this video very carefully, with an open heart, not with your mind. Let's stop with, "I can't. I don't see it. I don't listen." Let's stop it, because the day you say, "I'm able to hear. I can see it. I'm able to feel it," everything will change. But this has to be said from the heart and believing in every word. Then yes, you will be able to see, hear, feel, whatever is needed at the moment. Take the test. Believe my words. You need to change, you need to learn, so that the quantum of Light you have achieved with the Journey of Forgiveness continues.

We're here to help you, always, but you need to stop doing the wrong things, or at least start trying. I tell you, that's a start.

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