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Sananda - Be True and We Will Be By Your Side

Sananda - Be True and We Will Be By Your Side

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

It is with great gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, that I can be here once again today. I see myself sitting on top of those hills about 2000 years ago, preaching to my people, trying to bring the good news, the truth, the light of Father/Mother God. This is how I feel when I come here to be with you.

Many are heralding the end of time. Many are preparing for the end times. Many think that everything that is written in their religious books will faithfully happen as it is there. Not everything there is true; not everything that is there is a lie. The true words of every religious book are there. The words spoken by me, by Mohammed, by so many other beings of the time, of all times, are there; only the words gained some contours that took away the true essence of what was said. It's as if every word has been made up to look like something else. And so everything that was written there would justify any action taken by men.

Everything that was there would be interpreted according to each one, to justify their own actions and make humanity more and more submissive and fearful to the punishments of Father/Mother God. Today, in the present time, you have already realized and already understood that there is no punishment from Father/Mother God, that none of us judges you, that none of us condemns you. The condemnation comes from you. So let's think together: What would a world be like where those words that were spoken, in their true origin, were discovered and uttered. How would it be?

What would it be like if all the religious books were cleansed of the extra words and makeup artists that were put in there? How would it be? I can say it would be 100% truth, and it would bring peace and comfort to hearts; not the pain and suffering. This topic is part of the great revelations, and I can say that it will be one of the most controversial, because some follow exactly what those who call themselves representatives of Father/Mother God interpret from what is written there; and compel those who listen to follow exactly what is said.

But I say that most of the time that interpretation is totally wrong; it's totally manipulated to make them see each word differently. So today, many readers of the sacred books do not accept my Letters, because they do not see me as that being in which I describe myself. Never. I was born pure, I grew up pure, I would never be the man I portrayed in the Letters; I would never spend 40 days in the desert having contact with God. "This is nonsense, blasphemy!" No, I had contact with the devil, I was tempted for 40 days; and I resisted. So this is the great story that is told to this day, that's why my Letters cause so much revolt.

"How can this be written?" They cause so much surprise. “How is he not this enlightened being? How was he not born enlightened?" And it's disappointing, because they realize they've been deceived. So I ask each of you today. Many who are here have read or continue to read the holy book. How do you feel about my Letters? Have you accepted them fully into your hearts or are you just getting carried away by a movement where reading the Letters is interesting, it's cool; ah, it takes you to the Fifth Dimension. So let's read it.

“It doesn't matter what I'm reading, it matters that I'm reading; and I'm meeting a prerequisite for the Fifth Dimension, but I don't believe anything I read here.” So are many of you, And then I ask you a question: Who are you kidding? To me? I'm sorry to tell you that you don't fool me at all because I'm seeing exactly what you're doing. You are deceiving yourself; is thinking it's fashion, it's interesting to read the Letters; he did it, but he does not follow them, because that holy book does contain all the truth there.

So I tell you, stop fooling yourself and go back to your holy book, because you couldn't absorb my energy that was in those Letters; and then you will answer me: “But I didn't feel any energy!”. Okay, so stop saying yourself awake too; because if you cannot understand a word of my Letters you cannot say that you are awakened. You are still totally stuck in the dogmas of your religions; it doesn't matter what it is.

False awakened people exist in droves, what do they think to believe in Sananda... "But who is Sananda really?" Believing in a Being of Light saying: “Ah, but this is a lie, Beings of Light don't speak”, but they keep saying that they believe to be part of the little group, to be part... oh I remembered, from that walk to the Fifth Dimension. “Oh, I'll say I believe it, because then I'm on the way, but I don't believe in anything. For me this is all unreal”.

So I give you a truth: You are not on a walk. You are not even at the beginning of the road to the Fifth Dimension. First by your own feelings, which are irony, falsehood, lies, how is it that with these feelings you want to enter the Fifth Dimensional road? So I suggest you leave. Don't bring your lying energy to those who believe in you. Only you are contaminating that group. So stay in your beliefs, in your lies, and follow the path as you think is the right one.

In fact, no one has ever forced you to do anything. No one here has ever said, “Do this. Do that”. We teach and follow whoever wants to. Now not in the interest of being on the road putting yourself as a being who believes in everything, but in your heart laughing and making fun of everything. Why am I saying all this? Because I would like you not to be disappointed, with many who put themselves as if they are 100% on the path, but that you will discover up ahead that they lied all the time; who were just in the middle of knowing how to talk and behave; not to be left out of the latest news and gossip.

As I said some time ago, separating the wheat from the chaff is very easy and simple for the universe. Every soul on this planet has already made their choice. With rare exceptions, souls are switching sides. The majority when incarnated already stated: “I want to continue in the Third Dimension, and have behaved exactly in the ideal way to continue in the Third Dimension, and so it will be; without suffering, without doubts, he likes what he lives, he likes violence, suffering, pain, false children. Like it all. It's good for her, it's what her soul likes to do. So it will be. The will will be respected.

So I repeat, with rare exceptions, there are side changes. We know exactly who will ascend and who will not. So you don't need to dress up as awake to try to deceive us. "Oh, I'm going to put on a wake-up cloak, I might go through the sieve." Sieve, what sieve? I would say that there is no sieve, there is no portal, there is no one defining who will go and who will not. So who are you trying to deceive? This is my question: Who are you trying to deceive? Because we won't be at the door stamping each one of you.

The passage to the Fifth Dimension will be by vibration. Whoever vibrates will be attracted, whoever does not vibrate will not be. It's very simple. So who are you trying to deceive? So I say again: Take off that cape of yours because it won't do you any good, because you're deceiving yourself, not us. We know exactly what's under this cover; someone who is fake and who is preaching lies from the groups he participates. Because it's not what you put it on. So who are you kidding?

I say to you my dear brothers and sisters on this planet, whoever is actually on the road on the road to the Fifth Dimension keeps falling, keeps slipping, keeps coming back, keeps going forward; and falls and rises, and falls and rises, learning more each day. The road is not easy, it is not simple, and the obstacles as the Fifth Dimension approaches become more and more difficult to overcome. But that's what you need to get through. And those who fall and rise, and fall and rise again, have us by their side. We are there close together, helping you to get up, to realize your mistakes, to learn your lessons. But if you fall again up ahead, we will be there once again lifting you up, because the ones who are harmed are you.

We have not changed in any way with respect to anyone on this planet. Why did you fall do we turn our backs on you? Never. If you've fallen and if you trust us, it's time for us to get over there and say, “We're here. Come on! Get up and continue walking, we are here. And you will have enough strength to go forward. Now who got hurt? It was you yourself not us. Continue your walk. Dropped, slipped back, get up and keep going forward again.

This is the walk of every soul on this planet right now. For those who trust us, we are around all the time. And up ahead when the fall of truths comes, I assure you that we will be even closer to you, to help you live all those truths, all those moments. Help them see the movie of their souls and I guarantee you the box office will be poor, because it's a very ugly movie; it's not a pretty movie to watch. On the other hand it has to be a movie where you will say: “I did it, it's done”. And you will ask forgiveness with your hearts full of light, to every soul that you hurt, killed, raped, tortured, anything; and you will also forgive, with a heart full of light, all those who have done the same thing to you.

So this will be the most difficult time of your lives. Becoming aware of what their souls have already done, but it will not be a time for judgment, it will not be a time to crucify them. Why will it do anything? No one will go into the past to change that moment. The moment is done the energy has been propagated. So the great secret will be to fill your heart with light, ask for forgiveness and forgive; and that movie of your life will be archived, so that you can always go back to it, and see in detail everything wrong your soul has done. And understand a lot. Ah, you will understand a lot.

Being afraid to watch the movie, unfortunately you don't have a choice; you will have to watch. There is no way to close the cinema. There is no way to throw the film away, because it is the film of their souls; because it's the movie of your soul. So you will have to watch it, you have no choice. Now we'll be there, like a big lap, where you can scream, cry, squirm, squeeze us, bite us; and we will be there, together with you, passing all our unconditional love to you; so you can get over it all. And we guarantee that in the end you will be another human being. You will be a human being, ready, practically ready for the Fifth Dimension, and the other truths you will know will be heavy, will be horrendous, will be disgusting, yes, but not unlike what your soul has been doing for eons of time.

So without judgment, neither for your soul nor for others. There can be no judgment. And everything will be shown, just so that you never forget, everything that you went through on this planet. And when you go to the Fifth Dimension take all those memories, put them in a drawer in your hearts, and lock the key. Why remember? Now, I guarantee you one thing: Any thought out of kilter in the Fifth Dimension, this drawer automatically opens, and shows you the consequence of your act; which will probably be the same as one you've done in past lives.

And you will clearly see the result, and then it will be up to you to decide whether you want to continue vibrating that or immediately go back to being Light. And remember that that was a wrong path taken, and that you want to remain in the Light. , free will continues. The decisions are yours. So right now you have free will, choose to continue on the road to the Fifth Dimension, even falling, even getting up, even coming back. Now with a lot of truth. Don't try to deceive the universe, because you are not deceiving us; you are deceiving yourselves, and I assure you, the harvest will not be good.

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