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Sananda: What Does Trust In God Mean?

Sananda: What Does Trust In God Mean?

Help is always given to you, you have to make the decisions yourself. That's what it comes down to: acting on your own responsibility and always trusting in God's help and building on HIS grace – that's the way.

In God's Hand

JJK: I am fully in God's hands! I live by this motto. But I often ask myself, what part do I have to make? Where do I have to take responsibility myself?

For example, if I know that a flood could wash away my house, am I responsible for building dams or making arrangements to protect me from them? Or is it enough to simply say, "God cares?"

My motto is: "Help yourself, then God will help you!" Only many people, especially in the esoteric scene, have no understanding for this at all. They rejoice on cloud 7 and don't care about anything else. So what is the right approach to a life of trust in God?

SANANDA: Your description is accurate. On an earthly level, earthly conditions must be taken into account. It is right to do everything humanly possible, as danger is to be averted from one, only then can you confidently leave everything to God.

JJK: I still have fond memories of the story from the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda tells of his enlightened master Sri Yukteswar Giri, who rarely left his house. When asked why this was so, Master replied: He has people in his family who would like to appropriate the house, and if he were away too long, these people could seize his house.

That is, here a master operates according to the earthly events. For him, who was able to bring the dead to life, it would be easy to bring these people to reason. However, such interventions, especially if it affects you, are not allowed.

SANANDA: That's right. Please take off the blinkers by believing that you do not need to worry about anything earthly. That is a mistake. Look sharply and without fear at the current developments and relate your life to what is happening now!

Vaccination in Austria?!

There are always solutions, but you must strive for the solutions and courageously swim against the tide. On all levels, it is important to stay awake and be vigilant. Let God guide you in earthly affairs as well. God not only dwells on the hundredth floor, but also meets you on the lower ground floor - and God can favorably change the circumstances in your life, turn them into the light and undo everything that causes you harm.

God is all possible. Nothing can happen to you if you trust in God, but your cooperation is required to be vigilant in life. Ignoring facts is the wrong way to go here, as no inner growth can be generated in this way.

JJK: Now the general vaccination requirement is being discussed in Austria. Will that happen?

SANANDA: Everything points to this. But stay in confidence and have courage, the house of cards will collapse.

Observe the developments closely and decide for yourself how to deal with them. Help is always given to you, you have to make the decisions yourself. That's what it comes down to: acting on your own responsibility and always trusting in God's help and building on HIS grace – that's the way.

With this message I say goodbye for now.

God surrounds you from all sides, you are completely in HIS hands. Live your life!

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translation by

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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