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Sanat Kumara: A Teaching On Responsibility

Sanat Kumara: A Teaching On Responsibility

I AM Sanat Kumara, coming to you through our Messenger again.

I have come today to remind you of the current situation on the planet again and of your responsibility for the situation on Earth.

When humankind is able to realize the whole fullness of responsibility for everything that happens on Earth, we will be able to breathe with relief. So long as humankind has the consciousness level of a child, we are forced to take care of it and watch that the children of Earth, because of their thoughtlessness, do not make such a mess that life on the planet becomes impossible.

Now that I have alerted you a little to my understanding of the situation on the planet, I am ready to give a small Teaching that will be useful for you to listen to.

Because your consciousness cannot concentrate on something specific for a long time, we have to come many times to remind you of very simple truths that you probably know but for some reason have forgotten to put into practice and hold in your consciousness.

I have come after a long break in our work with humankind of Earth through this Messenger. And all that time I had an opportunity to watch the development of events on the planet from the fine plane. You also had an opportunity to watch the development of events but only from your physical plane. And those people who are thoughtful and analytical could notice that the situation on the planet becomes more strained every day. And practically ceaseless earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, military conflicts, acts of terrorism, social explosions, and coups that happen here and there on the globe give clues about the situation on the planet.

It seems to you that it is natural and there is nothing unusual in it. Indeed, all those features of undeveloped human consciousness have existed before. They have existed for several hundred years. But the frequency and the scale of those negative phenomena and those negative forces that stand behind those phenomena have never been so large.

Let me tell you that my memory is much better than the memory of currently incarnated humans of Earth. And I have an opportunity to look into the Akashic Records and compare your situation with any of the situations that have ever existed on Earth. The result of that comparison won’t be in favor of the current situation. We, the Ascended Realm, need more and more energy to hold the situation on the planet and to prevent the most horrible occurrence for humankind in which the physical platform itself would become destroyed.

It seems to you that I speak about something that has no immediate reference to you, as if somebody’s actions somewhere else led to the imbalance on Earth that manifested in volcanic eruptions and tornadoes.

Beloved, do not think so categorically. All currently incarnated individuals on Earth are so closely interwoven with their karma that it is impossible to distinguish who and what action led to a catastrophe that is going on now on Earth.

The informational field of humankind relates more and more to the general informational field in which it is impossible to pick out the contribution of a separate individual. The development of modern mass media led to the fact that the news reaches the most distant places on the globe in a fraction of a second. And every man that resonates on the news makes his contribution to the energy situation on Earth.

Not all of the news draws a wide response. And most information is hidden from humankind because if humankind knew all the information about the destructive impacts of all that is happening on the planet now, the resonance in the minds of people would have an uncontrolled character.

Your weak memory and inability to realize the whole burden of the current situation on the planet is actually quite fortunate for you.

It requires a very lofty consciousness to hold the entire existing imbalance on the planet and balance it with its own inner achievements. I will let you in on a secret that there are a definite number of incarnated individuals who undertake the task of balancing the energies on the planet. And it is thanks to those selfless souls that Earth has an opportunity to exist.

However, those of you who are reading these lines now need to devote more time to the inner work on yourselves, for only because of your inner achievements is it possible to balance the situation at every point of the planet where you live.

There are certain people who are continuing to rock the boat by virtue of their own ignorance. But those people waste the last crumbs of their good karma, littering the informational field of the planet even more.

Every low-grade thought of yours is multiplied millions of times. You can watch the analog of that process on the Internet. There are a lot of places in that virtual space where a man, often under a fictitious name, says ridiculous things, deliberately lies, or talks nonsense. And you can see how quickly thousands of simpletons flock together on that news and spread it all over the Internet.

That is how you create karma, not noticing it and without being aware of your actions. One of the basic and cornerstone Teachings that was given by us through our Messenger is the Teaching on the careful attitude toward spending the Divine Energy. You are responsible for every erg of the Divine Energy that you receive from the Divine World. And the way that you consume the Divine Energy weaves either an immortal body of Light for you or a web that ties you to the physical plane of Earth forever and closes your opportunity for further growth in the finer and loftier worlds.

Today I have given the Teaching that reminds you of your responsibility. I think that in the current situation on the planet, it won’t do any harm to listen to that Teaching once again.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om

Submitted to CrystalWind via Email For Re-Blogging. 

In 2004 I was granted a Messenger’s Mantle of the Great White Brotherhood and received an opportunity to bring the Words of the Masters to people.
During the years 2005-2020 at certain periods of time I have been receiving Messages of the Ascended Masters in a special way.
I am very happy that with the help of many people the first Messages I received have been translated into English and the English-speaking readers can become familiar with them. The only thing the Ascended Masters want is to spread their Teaching throughout the world.
The Masters give their Messages with the feeling of great Love.
Love has no limits.
There are no boundaries between the hearts of people living in different countries, there are no boundaries between the worlds.
The boundaries exist only in the consciousness of people.
The Masters appeal through me to every man living on planet Earth
From Siberia with Love,
Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina

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