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The Wisdom - Master Lanto

The Wisdom - Master Lanto

Dear brothers of this beautiful blue planet! I AM LANTO!

I wanted to come here today to pass on a little of my wisdom and the light of my golden yellow ray to each one of you. You have many rays at your disposal, you just want to use them. I would say that at this time of your journey and this planet's journey, a lot of wisdom is needed. Wisdom to know what to think, wisdom to know what to do, wisdom to know how to behave, inside all this turmoil that you are living and will still live.

This planet is flooded with the very high light of the Central Sun, this Light, which is erasing, eliminating, dissolving all the shadows, dissolving everything that was held by the shadows. Some time ago I taught you to open some books and get wisdom. These books are always there in that library, ready for you to open. For those who have access to the temple of the yellow ray, you can also do so and you will find a lot of wisdom.

What is wisdom? Many people think that wisdom is reading a lot of books, studying a lot, meeting a lot of important people. I would say that this is all important, yes, but it does not bring wisdom, it brings knowledge. Knowledge is when you learn about something, understand something you didn't know, meet people with different thoughts that make you analyze what you think too. So this is all knowledge, this all brings intelligence, because many puzzles, many challenges are solved in this way: with reading and with knowledge.

Now what is wisdom? Wisdom is knowing how to apply, knowing what to do at any given time, based on all that knowledge you have acquired. It's like you have several cookbooks; there you have the knowledge, someone went through that and transferred the experience to the book. Now the wisdom of taking one of those recipes, and making it, and getting it to come out exactly as described is different. Because many try and fail. But why, if there is such a well explained recipe there? Why are some able to do it and others not? Because not everything is duality, it's black and white, as you say.

Every challenge, every moment, cannot be seen just as good or bad, right or wrong. Each event has to be seen in a general way, in a broad way, not restricted to what is just written. Knowledge opens many doors, helps you to think correctly, but it doesn't give all the answers. The answers are found with your wisdom, with your way of seeing each challenge, each problem.

The result of each obstacle will depend a lot on the wisdom of each one. And I'm not talking here about intelligence either; intelligence is often a gift that is exacerbated in some people and they are able to develop theories, which later will be confirmed or not; I'm not referring to that, I'm referring to wisdom. And I say that many of you have almost no studies, but know how to capture from the outside world every word, every thing that is said. Observe, learn, try to understand and become such a wise being, much wiser than those who read a lot, but when it comes to solving a problem, there is so much information that you cannot find the way to solve sometimes a very simple problem. ; that one who has not much education, but who has the audacity, who has the speed of thought;

So wisdom is not accumulating knowledge, it's not showing off that you've done this or that in terms of study. Wisdom is solving a simple or complex problem quickly. And don't confuse when I say problem, in specific problems in each area, because these yes, they need knowledge. When I mean problem, I mean problem in life, situations in life, everyday situations. There are obstacles that you face all the time that you need wisdom to know how to get around or how to resolve them.

Many think they are very intelligent, and they are, but when they have a problem on their hands, they get stuck and don't move, because they don't have that life experience, nor that observation of life as a whole, to put the correct variants and I managed to solve it. that obstacle. Wisdom is learning from another's mistakes, it is analyzing each fact. It may even be that your understanding is not correct, but you are aware and over time that wrong understanding will be transformed and you will learn, you will acquire wisdom.

So the wisdom right now that you're going through the planet, it's not a wisdom that comes from books, it's not a wisdom from where we came to where we're going; it is a wisdom that comes from the soul. It does contain the necessary wisdom to get you out of any obstacle or problem situation. Your souls have the answer. The great secret here, or rather, the great wisdom, is knowing how to listen to it, something you don't like to do very much; they think it's silly, they think it's unnecessary, they think it's utterly foolish to listen to their souls.

Millennia and millennia, thousands and thousands of incarnations, were worth nothing. So many eras, difficult eras, eras of much negativity, were lived by their souls, whether here or in other orbs. But this is nonsense to you, your souls have nothing to say to you. There is a big mistake, because if you have any doubt, any problem to be solved, ask your soul, because it has the wisdom. She's probably been through this problem several times, regardless of the time, and she knows exactly the wrong decisions and the right ones.

But you don't listen to your soul, you listen to the ego; the one who always points out that you are never wrong, you are always right, does not admit that you can be wrong, after all you are huge, you are smart, you are the greatest. So you don't make mistakes. And thinking that way, you keep making the same mistakes and you don't realize it. The lessons accumulate, repeat themselves, become more powerful and you insisting that everything is right, you are doing nothing wrong. What you are going through is divine punishment, or worse, someone is doing to you; it's never your fault. This is the ego.

Now if you listen to your soul, wisdom is there and it will know how to tell you exactly where you need to stop making mistakes and it will also tell you how to make that mistake right. So listen to your souls. The vast majority here will respond to me: “I don't know how to do this. I can't hear my soul!" And I answer, you listen to it all day, you just don't give it a voice; you just don't believe in it. So the whisper of your soul feels more like a leaf falling from a tree, nothing more. It's an inaudible sound or a sound that you can't understand, but it talks all the time and you hear it, you just don't hear it.

So you want to hear your soul, do you want to hear your soul's wisdom? Too easy. Simply open your heart and say to your soul, “Tell me about this problem. What can you guide me?” And stop, sit, focus and you will hear your soul. It is not enough just to ask: “I want to hear you”, and to continue doing your daily tasks, because you will not hear anything. You need to take the time to talk to your soul, literally, as you would to talk to a friend or an acquaintance. You can't let him talk to himself and you take care of the rest, you wouldn't be paying attention to what he's saying.

So just sit down. Take a deep breath and ask the soul: "My soul, how do I get out of this problem, help me?" Close your eyes and wait for the response. Understand this: your souls are not around the corner, they are not far away, they are not dependent on your vibrations. Your souls are within you, you are part of it.

So if you ask your soul to speak, they will speak, because your Higher Self will command it. It is as if you are asking him for help, your Higher Self and he will answer you exactly what you need to hear.

Did you understand what I said? He will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. So it's no use getting angry at the soul; she will say what is necessary, she will say what is the way for you to go. Now if you don't agree, it's your choice, nothing more to do. Nothing more to do. And don't give me that famous phrase: "I don't know if it's my soul that's talking or my mind." You guys tend to put things in a very easy way to go off on a tangent.

When you say that, between the lines you are saying, "I don't want to hear what my soul has to say, because what it told me was probably my mind." When you hear something you like, it's the soul that speaks; when it's something you don't like, it's your mind that speaks. It's that simple. So make your choices, do you want to hear your soul? But be ready to hear the wisdom of your soul. And again, it doesn't matter if it's a soul that arrived here on Earth in this incarnation. Your souls have passed through many orbs. Every fractal of your soul has already passed through the Third Dimension. No matter where, no matter what planet; passed on. There are no jumps, there is a fractal walk and all the fractals of your soul have already passed through the Third, they know exactly what it is to live in this dimension.

So any soul has the wisdom to answer you, whether from here or far away, it doesn't matter. Listen to your souls. Listen to what they have to say, and I guarantee you, problems that you today, as they say, pull your hair out because you can't find the answer, will be solved in seconds, with just a single sentence. This is wisdom, this is living wisdom.

If you want to improve the process, imagine..., or rather, call me: “Master Lanto, cover me with your ray of wisdom, so that I can hear my soul”. Only that. And I will cover you with my golden yellow ray and help you to listen to your soul. This is my role, and I love doing it, bringing wisdom to each of you who come to ask me.

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