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Trust In The Divine - Mary Magdalene’s Message

Trust In The Divine - Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Christ. I come forward to assist each of you with the assistance of Divine Grace. I ask you each to hold the frequency of acceptance into your consciousness, and begin to breathe in this vibration that many may not truly understand. It truly is a gift from God, of allowing and surrendering and releasing to this frequency of Divine Grace and acceptance. I ask you each to hold this into your consciousness and begin to allow my Mother and myself and my Mary to begin to infuse this frequency within your heart, within your consciousness, and within your essence. So if you so shall, begin to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in this frequency of Divine, Holy Grace. Breathing in the energy of acceptance, and breathing in the energy of Divine Love.

So, Dear Ones, as you may understand, the power of God is held within the essence of this frequency of Divine Grace and acceptance, and truly you may say, what does this really mean? It is the energy of what we call the energy of surrender, of accepting the energy of all that is. As you may understand, the frequency of Divine Grace holds a powerful frequency of unconditional love and surrender. The energy of acceptance is a part of this frequency of allowing all that is to be, as if you can begin to feel the energy of allowance, surrender, peace, Divine Holy Grace. Surrender to all that is. As you begin to breathe this frequency into your vibration, I ask that you allow this now to come into your consciousness, and begin to heal all aspects within your soul that you have struggled with, for all the injustices, the misunderstandings, the fear of that which you have believed has been brought forth onto your soul by another. Simply it is also a frequency of what we call the energy of forgiveness. But the acceptance vibration is now a powerful frequency that is being infused upon this planet, and now as you begin to receive this energy within your consciousness, within your soul essence, within your etheric field, and within your own mind, allow this to begin to heal your heart for all that no longer serves you.

Perhaps you have been struggling with letting go and forgiving. Perhaps you have been struggling with not understanding why something is being allowed to happen upon the earth plane. Many are angry, many are confused, many are truly holding what they think is injustices against themselves and others in their energy fields, and this is causing great harm not only to themselves but to the collective consciousness. You see the anger that is being emitted on the earth plane, of all the injustices upon the world, injustices of how humanity treats humanity, of how the governments treat their citizens, and how humanity is treating Mother Earth. So much anger is being emitted on the earth plane, that we are sending the vibration of acceptance in a powerful wave, so that humanity may begin to embody this frequency and calm their anger, their fear, and what they believe is the injustice that is happening to them personally, and to the global environment.

It is time, Dearest Children, to trust in the Divine, trusting and knowing that there is a reason for all things, and that all is in order and all is as it should be. Even what you may feel is the most horrendous act, of someone taking another’s life, or humanity harming the earth, there is a reason for all things. And once you begin to surrender into this energy of peace and tranquility, you will then be able to hold the vibration, so healing can occur within your own life, and healing can occur for the planet and healing can occur to all souls and all life forms, which will allow the energy to be raised to a different frequency, and then the energy of that which you believe and understand is not of the highest vibration shall be healed. I ask you, Dearest Ones, to take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this energy and this frequency into your heart, and begin to heal your own personal injustices, those wounds and those traumas, of all those who have harmed you, both in this lifetime and throughout your soul’s incarnations. Begin to surrender and receive, surrender and receive, surrender and receive. Begin to surrender and receive, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God, surrendering, surrendering, surrendering. Begin to take another deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the energy and frequency of the God essence. Begin to feel the energy of peace upon your soul, knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be, so begin to breathe deeply and feel the peace within your heart, and the joy upon your soul. Knowing and understanding that this powerful frequency will begin to heal all. Now,

Dearest Children, begin to allow this energy to move through the soles of your feet, beginning to send the energy of acceptance and Divine Grace to Mother Earth, so that she may begin to feel this energy upon the surface of her back, wherever you walk, wherever you travel you will begin to emit the healing energy of unconditional love, Divine Grace, and acceptance into the planet. Mother Earth is in need of all of your energies, holding this peaceful frequency, because she is reacting and responding to the collective consciousness of the energy that is being emitted upon the planet. You see all of the violent weather patterns, and the chaos that is happening around the world are affecting her. All of the weather patterns are a part of the chaotic energy that is happening within the atmosphere, and so we are sending this peaceful frequency onto you upon this day, onto all those who will listen and those who shall be open to receive, to change their vibration, to change their anger, to heal the wounds of the past and simply to receive, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God. Healing the wounds of the past. Feel this frequency and this vibration, healing the wounds that no longer serve you. Healing the injustices, healing the misunderstandings, and so let this frequency now be transmuted into love, and as this is released through the soles of your feet, may Mother Earth now begin to feel the love, and the frequency of Divine, Holy Grace as you consciously send it to her.

Then can you imagine that your crown chakra is opening, and that you are extending your hands to the heavens, and you are emitting the energy of Divine, Holy Grace and acceptance into the ethers, into the atmosphere, into the collective consciousness. Those souls who are ready to understand and to receive this frequency will begin to acknowledge this. They will begin to feel it. They will begin to take responsibility for their own emotions, their own actions, their own thought forms, and they will begin to sending healing to the world.

So, Dearest Children, imagine all of the darkness, all of the chaos that is happening upon this planet, and you are bathing the earth with love, Divine Holy Grace and acceptance, as if it is a healing balm over the planet, over all life forms, there is a healing balm that is taking place over all life forms, that is what we are doing today, we are sending it to you, and then you are sending it on to the world. Each one teach one, each one lead one, each one surrender and receive. Trust and allow and receive. Acceptance brings peace, acceptance of all that is brings peace on earth. So we call this in, Dearest Children, the energy of acceptance within your heart, letting go and letting God. Speaking only kindness. Surrendering to the will of God, surrendering to these powerful frequencies that are being emitted upon the earth. Surrendering, trusting and allowing that your life and your world will now unfold truly as it should, that your life is in Divine order, and every moment, as you allow and trust in the Divine, every person, thing and opportunity that is yours will come to you. Trusting and surrendering, living in Divine, Holy Grace. Living in the moment, and trusting in the Divine. Accepting that you are guided by your own soul, guided by your own spirit, and that you know the way, and the way knows you.

It is the same with the energy for the planet and for all life forms. When you witness and you watch nature, and the species as they continue with the life cycle, simply watching the beautiful energy of a caterpillar moving through the crystallis state, there is harmony, there is balance, there is order in all things. The energy of the caterpillar merging into the beautiful butterfly, the energy is in harmony and balance, and acceptance of all that is. All life forms, even your own human species, the miracle of birth, a tiny seed and egg creating a human life, holding the innate wisdom within that very cell, creating an embryo, a fetus, a human life. Dearest Children, begin to open your heart with the acceptance that you hold this innate wisdom, and that the universe holds the innate wisdom for there is order. Do not become alarmed by what you understand as the trauma, the chaos or even the violence. Remember, there are reasons for all things. You may not understand, but simply accept. It does not mean that you are complacent, or turn your head, it is simply detaching from the outcome, and holding the space of love for the greater good for all to be received. The greater good for all to be received. When you apply this in your own life, may you begin to see the miracles occur and begin to unfold within your own personal lives.

As you begin to shift your attitude and your consciousness, that you are not to judge, or to be judged, and that you are simply surrendering to all that is. So, Dearest Children, allow us to now open up your solar plexus, and begin to feel this energy within your solar plexus, as we’ve opened up your heart and your consciousness. Now begin to open up your emotional center, begin to allow me to heal your emotions, those that have been repressed and those that are active and alive. Your emotional energy, your emotional pain body is now being healed. When you say, what is my pain body? It is the energy of your emotions that have been trapped inside of your essence. Those perhaps that you may not been aware of, that have laid dormant, that have controlled you on a subconscious level, or even on a conscious level. You are now sending healing energy of waves and waves of acceptance and Divine Grace into your solar plexus, into your emotional body, so that you can be at peace. You are sending this out to the earth, and we are sending it to all those who are ready to receive.

As we send this energy forward in time, so that the energy is being prepared for all souls who are now coming into the earth plane. This may sound a bit strange, but we are preparing this energy for all souls who are coming into the earth plane, to be able to live in this energy of acceptance and Divine Grace. So that these new souls, this new species, these new lifeforms will come into the earth, and be of a high vibration, and they will enter into a frequency in the earth that is of the same vibration, that there is unconditional love, peace, grace and acceptance. You are receiving it now, and it is moving into the energy for the future generations, for peace you see, will prevail upon this planet. All souls, including all future souls who will come, will be living in this vibration of acceptance, unconditional love and Divine Grace. Just as the beings in Telos, in the underground city under Mt. Shasta California, where there is balance and harmony, you are all moving towards this state of balance and Divine Grace. That is why it is important to understand acceptance, to feel the vibration, to feel the power and the wisdom of this Divine, Holy Grace upon your own soul. So simply, Dearest Children, surrender, trust, allow and receive.

As you hold this vibration in your heart, feel the tender mercy of God’s love upon your soul. Remember, Dearest Children, speak only kindness, and allow your heart to connect to your solar plexus and feel the peace. Now, Dearest Children, move the energy into your sacral chakra, and into your root chakra. Feel the connectedness within your body. You are able to truly embody this frequency, into your physicality. Learn the lesson, surrender and have the wisdom to know the difference. The serenity prayer, to have the wisdom to surrender and to know the difference. Simply to know and to trust that your life is divinely orchestrated, every moment. Simply allow yourself to trust in your beautiful divine spirit, and your innate wisdom that will guide your life, and once again trust that this frequency is alive and well for our beautiful planet and for all souls, for all life forms. Even within your countries, your governments and institutions, there is a frequency of energy that is connected to all that is. Regardless of what we appear, there is order in what may appear to be chaos. There is a reason for all things. So, Dearest Children, as I have said before, do not judge what you do not understand. Surrender, trust, allow and receive. Today, as you ground this frequency into your physical embodiment, you shall become stronger in your mind, body and spirit. You’ll begin to feel this strength within you, that you are deeply connected, and you begin to feel this connection to all life forms. You’ll begin to feel that you are no longer separate, that you are one with all of life. This, Dearest Children, is the energy of oneness, the energy which each of you are ascending to, and understanding that there is no separation, there is only love, there is only peace, there is only light. Whatever is not of peace and love, you will hold this energy in your consciousness, until it is able to shift. We ask you to hold the energy of acceptance and Divine Grace, until all souls and all energies can return to peace and love.

Begin in your own life, and remember to send it to all of life. Each of you, Dearest Children, are perfected beings of light, and you are divinely orchestrated now to receive. This is an awakening for you today, in many ways, this is a transformational day of healing. It is a powerful, powerful day of transformational healing for each of you, to embrace and to understand that you are a gift to the world. And you can make a difference in your own lives, and you can make a difference in the lives of others on the planet, shifting the consciousness, shifting the energy, shifting and infusing and embodying and embracing the vibration of acceptance and Divine Grace. So, Dearest Children, truly know that all is in order and all is as it should be, as you prepare yourself now to receive. You are connected to the Divine.

Trust and receive this Divine, Holy Grace upon your soul, as you feel the energy of this magnificent vibration shifting your consciousness. You are the light of the world. You are the light of the world. Go forward with this understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. You are bringing peace to all. You are the light of the world. So, Dear Ones, feel this energy of the magnificence and the freedom as your heart opens to acceptance and Divine, Holy Grace. Now, Archangel Michael steps forward to surround you and protect you with the blue ray of light. So that you may embody and encapsulate this frequency, and hold it within your auric field, as you are a beautiful treasure of God’s Holy Grace. Surrender, trust, allow and receive, and be at peace. Go forward my children knowing truly that you have come to be the light of the world, and you make a difference as you share your light and your healing upon the earth. Go now, my children, and trust in Divine Grace and all that is. Go in peace.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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