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Universal Mother Mary: You Are Firmly Anchored Into The Seventh Dimension And More

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You are just getting used to these high vibrational levels of existence while wearing these magnificent physical vessels.

Greetings my sweet Annas! Dear children of my heart, angels and archangels in form, masters in your own right, for this is who you are, regardless of how you see yourselves in this moment. I am coming here to enfold you in my Diamond Blue, to sit and caress thee, to fill you with my love, blue light, and strength.

You have come so far, you have matured indeed, and yes, I know you have been told how wonderful you are, but it gives me pleasure to come and praise you yet again. I love to commune with thee and show you my admiration and appreciation for all the determination you show to remain on your straight course of love, and to align your sweet selves with nothing less than the purest light there is.

You have shifted into that wonderful New You and you are firmly anchored into the seventh dimension and more, know this truth for even though you love to travel everywhere, and into every dimension there is, still you might not be quite clear of how far you have gotten, my brave angels.

But at this time it is this New You with which you are mostly working. That ascended one of you in form is currently engaging in a great deal to become secure, reinforced, and strong, without falling too much into the old ways of thinking and behaving. Whenever that happens you do realize quickly that it doesn’t feel “real”, it doesn’t feel right to travel on that path, for there is no trace of love in it, there is no longer any substance or sustenance in the old illusionary world. There is a feeling that you are in a dead end and that makes you redirect and course correct quickly.

Most of the time though, you have been doing a magnificent job in allowing only love and joy to flow through thee, directing your actions and every response so that they are in alignment with the universal laws of love.

You are doing fabulously well at deciding to be loving and kind in any situation, and at letting go of all that is not serving you any longer. You need to clear more space and to take more time for yourselves, and that might include allowing your children to be themselves and to find their own guidance and assistance; or letting go of micromanaging, and instead, delegating to others in form or in the unseen realm the responsibility to help and assist with work situations or household care.

You have expanded tremendously and your energy is vast indeed, but you see my sweet Annas, your Divine plan, My Plan, doesn’t ask you to take on another’s work and lessons, or carry others along unconsciously, even if they are your children, spouses or your close friends and family. You wanted to be loving and supportive of them, to teach and heal them when needed, not by taking their negative energies or illnesses upon your sweet selves, but by being the love and the warmth, the reassurance and the hope they needed.

What others need from you is your soft and warm embrace and you heart listening skills.

When you are listening attentively, without casting any judgments and/or giving solutions to the problems of the ones feeling confused, you are giving them that needed space and upliftment into high vibration that enables them to hear and to feel their own soul-given answers.

This way you are not spending a lot of your energy, while at the same time you empower them by returning their energy and focus into their own hearts, thus you are kindly guiding them back to the knowing that they too have the same wisdom and access to their power that you have.

Moving permanently into the Nova You means that you also are leaving behind some of the old doings that are still occupying your mind, and because they are of the old vibration they are slowing down your progress. Even if your old practices had a spiritual meaning, they might not be needed in your world at this time because you have outgrown them indeed. They had served a purpose that has been fulfilled, and now is the time to learn and experiment with your new skills of manifesting and co-creation.

It doesn’t take you a lot of time to practice these newly learned techniques because you are now able to remember them, for you have either done them previously, or you will get the assistance you need from the ones that are one step ahead of thee in this particular situation. When you flow in my time you can rest and replenish by meditating and coming into the 13th Octave, and then quickly move ahead with your next projects gracefully and easily.

You are home dearest children of my heart! You arrived home quite some time ago! You are just getting used to these high vibrational levels of existence while wearing these magnificent physical vessels. Congratulations!

I will leave you now with my peace and infinite love. Farewell.

By Permission. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.
© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.
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