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You All Are Precious Jewels from Lady Nada


Greetings, Beloveds, I AM Lady Nada. I greet you all in your divine glory, your beautiful, divine glory, your divine essence that is so eminent and prominent within you now. I greet you now, to show you how precious you are, how unique and precious you are.

I see the illumination of your beautiful unique Selves.  You are all like sparkling jewels, each special and unique in your own way, illuminated by the Light of the Sun, and you shine so brightly and exquisitely, as you show your many facets of your divine essence, with all the light coming in now.

It’s important to not compare yourselves with others. It diminishes the shine and the illumination and the glow of your unique facets. Love yourselves so much that you become brighter and lighter, and shine so much more radiantly. Love yourselves so much that you glow and spread that glow to everyone.

Be content and happy where you are now in your development, for that is how you can spread and expand yourself. Don’t diminish yourself by comparing yourself with others. I see you all shining and precious. You’re all so beautiful.

I love you all. Love yourselves so much that you feel the glow of that love waking up every part of you, waking up all the gifts within you. Don’t diminish yourself by expecting something different from yourself than who you are. Go within and find that deep essence of your divine glory.

Love yourselves, Beloveds. Be content in the knowing that you are rising in frequency every moment. As the energies of the equinox stream in, please just open and allow your beautiful essence to illuminate and rise in its own pace and time. Don’t be afraid of expanding. Love yourself and allow the Great Central Sun, allow Source, to penetrate your essence, and shine the facets of your precious self, your precious jeweled self.

As we approach the Equinox, remember to be within yourselves and feel your divine essence, feel your crystalline structures and essence. Know that you are where you should be at this moment. You are so precious and so unique, and you shine with such love and sparkling divine essence.

I love you with all my heart. Take some moments every day to honor how beautiful and precious you are. Feel this deep love for yourself. You’ve come so far. You are coming into your own; you are lifting in frequency every moment. Know that and abide by that, and trust it.

The love that you feel for yourself is magnified throughout your body, throughout the cosmos. Be content in knowing that you are shining so brightly, and no one can diminish it. Even the pockets of clearing that you keep facing cannot diminish the shine and glory of your divine essence. It may cloud you; it may cloud your knowing that you are a sparkling jewel of the divine, but never diminish it. It will never be diminished. It is there always.

Know this, Beloveds. I want you to know how precious you are. You each have your own unique divine path. And you are contributing to the whole all the time, with your unique gifts and sparkling essence. Don’t deny that within yourself.

You are so loved, so know this. Love yourself so much that you grow and glow in complete acknowledgement of your true essence. Be in complete acceptance of your own unique divine essence and it will spark a knowing and a revelation of your true purpose, of your true gifts, and forever will you be illuminated in your own divine glory, as the sparkling jewel that you are, with all you have to offer the world for its divine illumination.

I AM Lady Nada, and I give you my Love and encourage you to love yourself just as deeply, my precious jewels.

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BONUS CHANNELING!:  I am also including here an earlier direct voice channeling from Lady Nada on a similar topic that was interrupted by a loud dog barking outside, so I inadvertently ended the recording and since she had more to say, Lady Nada then came in again to offer the channeling presented above. Here is the interrupted channeling which she asked me to give you also, but due to the lateness of the hour, didn’t have time to transcribe it:

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