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You Hold The Codes Of Light - Mary Magdalene’s Message

You Hold The Codes Of Light - Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Christ. I come to tell you that yes, this is an extremely important time. All of you here on this particular call today are indeed the Priestesses of Aknu. You are all holding the codes of light, that I have spoken of at our last gathering. I will get further into this momentarily, but I will tell you that this is very significant at this time, because the earth is shifting into a greater level of consciousness, and all of the Divine priestesses, all of the sacred women who have held the lineage of the light codes from generations of time, from the ancient ones, from our star brothers and sisters, from all of the galaxies and universes are now coming together in a Great Conclave.

Just as I spoke at the Great Conclave, eons and eons ago, calling for all the Lightworkers to come serve Mother Gaia, there is a powerful conclave of the Great Priestesses that are now gathering together. They are reawakening the memories, they are stepping into their power and the Sacred Feminine energy is now being brought forth onto this planet in a powerful ferocity of energy, that the priestesses who’ve held the secrets of the great mystical alchemy of sacred knowledge can step forward now at this time on earth and no longer be afraid of being persecuted. These powerful priestesses, these powerful goddesses, under the direction of Priestess Isis are now being guided to bring forth their knowledge, their wisdom and the energy that they were encoded with in the ancient temples in Mesopotamia so long ago.

You say why is this important now? It is because the truth is to be revealed about the power of the Sacred Feminine. It is to be brought forward that the ancient remembrance of our connection to the great spirit goddess, Gaia, shall be brought forth. The energy of the Earth Mother, who all are embodying, all who are receiving her energy through the air, the water, the food, through your earth star chakra, through the soles of your feet into your physical embodiment, all are receiving the energy of Mother Goddess, Mother Gaia. It is time that the earth and all inhabitants return back to the Sacred Feminine energy, the power of the Earth Goddess, and these beautiful priestesses, who are encoded with the beautiful light codes, of knowledge and wisdom, from each of their respective home planets and star systems, from Arcturia, Andromeda, Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, Venus, so many beautiful souls, so many galactic souls who have entered into this earth plane, coming into their human form, time and time again, honoring their divinity, honoring the lineage of the light that they are bringing from their own home planet, their own star constellation, their own galaxy, their own universe. So many of these high priestesses are holding the code for unity and unification, holding the wisdom and the secret of healing that is so needed at this time on this earth plane.

So, Dear Ones, you are the awakened ones, you are being gifted this information today as a star seed, as a beautiful priestess, as you hold the powerful light codes and the lineage that is directly aligned to Mary and I. So you see, Dearest Ones, today is a day of celebration, it is a day of great honor, as you begin to be awakened and infused with your remembrance that you are a powerful priestess that has held and carried the knowledge and the wisdom through generations of time, and it is time to honor yourself. It is time to honor your lineage, it is time to empower yourself and say yes. I am a powerful priestess off the light, and no more do we need to hide our secrets, for the world is safe. It might not appear to be as you see if your third dimensional reality, but it is true, Dearest Children, it is time for the women to step forward and the energy of the sacred marriage of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the beautiful energy of the alchemal marriage of divine perfection to return to this earth. And the women, the priestesses, all who have originated from the temple of knowledge. Yes, Dear Ones, all of you have lived in the Temple of Knowledge. Each of you have carried this frequency not only through the civilization in Atlantis, but through those ancient Temples in Mesopotamia, in Lemuria, in Egypt. And yes, the temples that exist from your home planets, of Andromeda, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius. All of you have stepped forward, holding these codes of light, holding the keys for the healing of this planet and the transformation of beloved Mother Gaia once again to return to her divine perfection.

And so today as you take a deep breath, as you call in this frequency and understand that you are part of this greater connection, feel the energy within your crown chakra now beginning to vibrate. Allow your heart to begin to open, and your mind to begin to be released. Breathe my children, breathe. Breathe in these powerful light codes from the Temple of Wisdom and Knowledge. Each of you are so important to the whole, as you carry these frequencies of not only sacred geometry, but you hold the energy of the essence of your soul perfection. Now it is time to step into this light and into this frequency. And once again return to joy, for you see the priestesses again have been persecuted. They had to hide what they knew, the tablets were hidden, the truth was hidden, because the truth would set so many free. Yet in your course of history, the churches wish to deny the power of the Sacred Feminine, they wished to deny the power that was held within the energy and the power of the mystic. Those who understand esoteric principles, and who understood God’s universal law. So each of you are indeed one of these priestesses who step forward to reclaim your remembrance. So today, Dearest Children of the Light, begin to embody this and feel it, and feel the strength inside of you. Know not only are you a part of our lineage, the bloodline of King David and the bloodline of the Magdalene run through you, but you are a part of this greater lineage and this frequency of Divine perfection.

At this time, the oracle of the white tablet holds the key for the priestesses to begin to reawaken to their remembrance. The white tablet is the tablet of the origination of the soul. It is indeed a part of the sacred tablet of the testimony. The white tablet is one of the sets of the tablets of the testimony, and so Dearest Children as you begin to call in this frequency of the white tablet, may you begin to honor and respect the use of this tablet, as you begin to work with your own soul’s perfection, your divine origination, and you say, how do I do this, what does this mean, I do not understand. We ask that you set time, sitting with the white tablet and your consciousness and your remembrance shall begin to be revealed to you, and you will begin to have not only clairvoyant and claircognizant abilities awaken within you, as you begin to hear and see and feel and know the remembrance of the time that you as the Divine priestesses were at a time of what we call rule, where the energy of the matriarch, the energy of the Sacred Feminine, was honored. You see at this time the energy of the patriarchal energy has been ruling and now it is time for the energy of the Sacred Feminine energy to step forward, and you Dearest Children are the leaders, you are the coders of light that are anchored upon this earth, for the Sacred Mother to return to power, in her rightful place and position, honoring the earth mother, honoring all mothers, honoring all life forms. Your world has indeed been out of balance for generations of time, but this gentle energy of Divine Mother Love, and the power of the priestesses who are awakening to this frequency, coming together, banding together, reawakening their remembrance, that they no longer need to hide what they know, to step forward and teach. This is how the world will change, this is the beginning of the new earth, this is the New Jerusalem, this is the new earth, the women coming together in unity and stepping forward and saying yes, I remember union.

So today, Dearest Children if you so shall, these powerful codes of light, of remembrance, from the origination of your soul, from your own galactic origination, shall step forward into your consciousness, and you will begin to feel stronger and more vibrant, have more clarity, and begin to hold greater wisdom and knowledge than you’ve ever imagined that you can hold. You are the sacred tablet for these energies are held within your consciousness. So the secret of the missing holy grail is held inside of you, the divine balance, the sacred balance, honoring the divinity of Father/Mother God, unity, wholeness in all of life. So as you call this frequency within you, may you begin to feel this strength inside of you, may you begin to feel your Divine perfection, your God perfection. The women will cry no more for their voices shall be heard, gently, powerfully, but most potently. The voices of the Sacred Feminine will rise again, the priestesses and the goddesses are as they say, on the loose again. The priestesses and the goddesses have returned back to their rightful position. So can you feel this energy now upsurging inside of you as you begin to feel this powerful remembrance of who you truly are. These secrets that had been kept hidden away from the churches, away from those in the patriarchal rule who wished to destroy the sacred secrets of the light codes and what the women carried. As the women carried the teachings from the star beings, the teachings of numerology and sacred geometry, astronomy, and magic. This cannot be denied, your current civilization has suppressed this and demonized it, and has been afraid of the power of the women, of the priestesses. No more, we say, no more. No more. For Priestess Isis, my Mary, my mother and all the sacred women are to be honored again. You see the stories that have been told about my mother and my Mary are not of truth. Both Mary and my mother were high initiates, priestesses, filled with their own wisdom and sacred knowledge. So each of you Dearest Children hold this same lineage through your bloodline. You are high initiates, priestesses, goddesses. It is why Yeshua, known by many as Jesus of Nazareth, Lord Sunanda, known by many names. I had come 2,000 years ago and I was the carrier of these light codes, in this sacred energy of my divine masculine frequency. I was there and still to this day hold the balance for the male energy, the divine masculine energy infused with the sacred feminine, bringing forth the God perfection onto this earth plane. It is why many feel, or believe that I am the only son of God. That is not truth. But I am a carrier of this energy of Divine balance.

Just as you all are carriers because you hold the codes of light. This was a misperception, but it was my mission, it was my sacred contract to bring my frequency of Divine, Sacred Union onto this earth plane. As a living example in a male body, in a male form. I held the power of love, compassion and generosity in my human body as a male. You see I was here to represent that perfection of father/mother God, the blending of the strength and the receptivity of Mother Love. So when many call me the only Son of God, they understand this as me as the carrier of the light codes. That is what it means, nothing more, nothing less. You are all carriers of the same energy, and yet it was simply my job as the representative to bring this to the world 2,000 years ago. I now come 2,000 years later to help explain that I was there to hold the balance of Father/Mother God in my physicality, so that each of you could step forward and begin to receive this divine, sacred balance within yourself. All the beautiful priestesses who are now stepping forward will assist the energy upon this earthplane of the misguided energy of the patriarchal frequency, the masculine aspect has been abused and now the energy of Father/Mother God, inhabited in all of you through your own sacred light codes will begin to change the world, one person at a time, one by one, each one teach one, each one lead one. One by one by one. There is nothing to be frightened of, just hold the light, for indeed Dearest Children you were created in light and light you shall remain. You were created in love and love you shall remain.

There at the temple of wisdom and knowledge, there in this etheric template, in this etheric temple, you are the template, you are the bearer of this wisdom and knowledge from your own star system, your own planet, your own galaxy. As they say, it takes a village, a village of galactic brothers and sisters who have stepped down in their consciousness to enter into human form to be willing to sacrifice their oneness, and to live the earthly incarnation over and over again, until it was time for the Divine perfection of God’s perfection to once again enter into the consciousness of all souls, not just the sacred priestesses, but all beings, all life forms. Today we speak of the beautiful priestesses that have stepped forward because it is time for their energy to be honored. I ask that you honor yourself, for each of you are one of these priestesses, tap into your sacred wisdom, tap into your sacred knowledge, tap into your divine power and you will change the world. One moment at a time, one energy at a time, one frequency at a time. Prepare yourself to receive. Do not be frightened of your power, do not be frightened about your lineage, as a bearer of the light codes. The use of the white tablet, and the tablet of testimony can be used as long as you are pure in your heart. These energies cannot be used or accessed unless you are pure within your soul, they will not be misused, so do not be frightened. Begin to call in this frequency, knowing that the energy of your soul is guiding you, and on this planet at this time, this planet is to return to what we call the innate wisdom of every soul to be in tune with their soul perfection, their soul pathway. This is why so many people speak of their purpose, and are awakening to their soul essence at this time. You, Dearest Children, are the carriers of the secrets, of the codes, held within your DNA, held within your cellular memory. It is time, it is time, it is time to reawaken to your true divinity. My Mary and I hold the energy of the Sacred Chalice for you, so that you may stand in your divine perfection, the energy of Father/Mother God, so that you may return to Oneness, and that you may return to the perfection of God’s essence within your being. Blessed be for you are the Dear Souls that have chosen to serve in lieu of all distortions, and so we thank you for your dedication and we thank you for your service, for now the energy will support you so that you will move forward into your soul pathway, the veils have been lifted, the tablet is now ready to be accessed, the light codes are now as strong as they’ve ever been. So call these energies in and use them with discernment, use them with sacredness, use them with honor, as I’ve said, if you are not ready you will not be able to access this. They cannot be abused. It is simply a connection from your soul to this energetic frequency that will allow you to tap into the temple of wisdom and knowledge so that you may return now into the wisdom, into the power of who you truly are as a Divine God and Goddess of the Light, of the living sun, of Great Central Sun, and of all of creation. Go now my children and be at peace, and be still and know that you are loved, loved beyond measure and loved beyond comprehension, this is a powerful powerful day, I pray that you receive this with an open heart. Do not try to analyze it, just receive it. Be still, be still, be still.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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