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A Bridge of Light Through the Lion’s Gate - Goddess of Creation

A Bridge of Light Through the Lion’s Gate - Goddess of Creation

This channel seemed to have several layers of experiences happening at the same time. In the beginning, the Goddess spoke about people, feeling different, feeling isolated, and perhaps overwhelmed. She reminded us of the meaning of Nama Sika — I AM the One which is an affirmation of your sovereignty, your soul essence. Venia Benya — I AM the Whole which is not only showing you that you are a part of the world and universe, but also a part of all of humanity. The more that this becomes our reality, the more supported we are. This is a very, very intense time in which we are living and now more than any other time, we all need to be in alignment of love and light. 

When in the All That Is, the Goddess moved us to a place of higher frequency or dimension. This is very important because it is another means for leaving behind our old patterns.  We have all carried out the burdens of our lives and of society. Once we clear out what no longer serves us, we can all become our true, authentic selves. She then taught us to create a bridge between us and anyone that has not as yet ascended. She also spoke of sending love and light in such a way that it supports ourselves and the other person or group of people.

In addition, August is known as the Lion’s Gate. This is about abundance and frequently in regard to financial abundance.  However, the Goddess chose to speak of abundance in all its form. Abundance is about more of everything; more light, more friends, more potentials, more money to name a few. When you work with this massive bridge of light that is already here and activated, then add to it the Lion’s Gate; the potentials are limitless!! 

There was an interesting message that came up in the Q&A where someone asked about mask mandates and forced vaccines. The Goddess said that at this time it is not about a few carrying the weight for all, but for every single person to get out and be their own advocate. In addition, regarding everything, she said the party is over and it’s clean-up time. I know for many, many people that may not be the reality and there is absolute much that needs to take place. However, if we can understand that the greatest clearing has already taken place, it is very empowering for each person and all of society. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to greet you as you choose to come together during this time for meditation, for balancing, for rejuvenating everything that is within you.

Nama sika I am the one. Venia Benya, I am the whole. You are each an individual soul essence and when you say Nama Sika you are acknowledging that within you. And when you say you are the whole Venia Benya you are a part of the entire fabric of your world. Through that, you connect Soul, to Soul, to Soul, to Soul with the other individuals. Some very conscious as you are, others unconsciously aligning within this group. I can feel the process of blending and balancing as I speak of this.

You are not alone. You are living your life in this transformation of the entire planet and the expanded consciousness of this planet and its new relationship that is created throughout the Universe. It may be that when I say words of that sort you think it’s abstract and doesn’t necessarily pertain to you. However, this is the reality that began as a spiritual awakening and is becoming a part of the fabric of the physical reality of your planet.

You are here because you seek that expansion as a part of your own ascension process. Just as each one of you grows through your life experiences it creates a fabric, or a pattern of energy, that weaves together with the others. As you breathe in you become aware that you indeed are a part of this massive soul essence. As we are here gathered upon the Earth, I invite you to experience the peace and the balance that is you.

Take one last deep breath where you breathe once more into your heart. Within your heart center, you create a ball of light, and from within that ball of light there is an aspect of it that goes down through your lower energy bodies and it goes down until it merges with the Earth. Through this stream of energy, you have the ability to feel Gaia. You are creating an open flow from your own consciousness into the consciousness of the Earth. As you send that stream of light down it connects with Gaia and it spreads out in different directions. It is as this energy spreads out that it is as if they are feelers picking up the rhythm and the vibration of Gaia.

You allow your focus to once more come back up through that column of light. You once again anchor within your heart center and then you send that stream of consciousness up through your upper energy bodies.  It goes up through the top of your head and it aligns within your Higher Self. You as your Higher Self are the blend of your higher vibration from your divinity and the frequency and the energy that is you in this lifetime. So, from within that space, you are in a place of expansion.

You then follow that column of light, it continues, there is that the thread of energy that links you as the human with you as your divinity and it flows straight up into your I AM presence. This is you as your Soul. This is you as your God source. From here you may align with infinity.

Look around. Open your senses. Many of you each time we come to this space immediately have that perception of you and those lifetimes that are close to what it is to be upon the Earth. But look beyond. Look beyond what is close to you into the aspects of your soul essence that are a little bit further away. There are some that become a bridge into the Universe.

Recognize that as your Soul you are massive.  The essence that you are able to integrate at this moment comes to you through the consciousness of your human experience. There are more conscious realities that are stretched out that as yet are not aligned within you. So open, open to understand, open to know.

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as our energies merge, we shift into the All That Is.

I invite you to make a conscious choice of letting go of what the All That Is has been for you in the past. I am expanding this space, infusing it with energy and light, so that everybody is able to shift, or move, or become consciously aware of an even higher light frequency. Feel, look around, utilize all of your senses to take in this new space.

It makes me smile because people like what they are in a habit of experiencing. Therefore, as we move into this expanded state it’s new to you, it’s different. Therefore, some of you feel perhaps insecure or feel as if you don’t know what to anticipate. I invite each one of you to get into the habit of looking towards something even better. This space has access to more aspects of the Universe. This space has a deeper integration between you the human and you as your Soul. This space is what you are creating as you begin anew.

How I love humanity! As I made that statement; as you begin anew, I heard people all over saying, “I don’t want to start over. I don’t want a new place. I was happy with where I was”. Which is the expression of why I’m nudging you into this new space.

Within your life where is your focus. Many of you have learned to let go of the baggage of the past. However, if there is anyone that still is holding on to pain, suffering, guilt, anger, frustration, whatever it may be take a deep breath, ~whew~, and let that go.  Can you see how much easier it is to release within this space?

Consider the people in your life that you continuously butt heads with. Consider the people in your life where you have a dramatically different ideology. Consider the people in your life that are hooked into the fear of what is happening upon your planet. As I spoke of these various alignments that probably most everybody has at least one or several, I could see a distance coming within the person, meaning you the person.  You resonate with the vibration of this space. It fills your Soul. It fills your emotions. It allows your mental body to calm down. These are some of the reasons why I chose to shift into a new frequency and a new reality.

In many ways, it is becoming more evident a distance between people upon the Earth. I wish for everyone to bridge that gap. There will be those that want to remain and will never transform into a higher frequency. However, given an opportunity, many of these people around you will step into a change even if it begins in an unconscious manner.  Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Immediately I can observe how some of you are already creating that bridge.

As you consider those individuals that seem to push your buttons or frustrate you, in this space, you have an opportunity to see where that correlation is within you. This is where you may choose to let go of any hooks or cords.  Okay, okay I can see that sometimes it is not just saying I’m going to release them. So, I invite you to breathe deeply; going down within your consciousness, and as you consider these people that have been triggering you or aggravating you; whatever it may be where you’re noticing that dramatic gap in awareness. If there is anything inside of you, be it a hook, a cord, an imprint just let that come up within your consciousness, bring it up from within you, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, let it go.  As you have released that from within you it opens you up to an even greater flow of your own divinity to move within you. Allow your essence to expand even further.

As you consider these individuals once more take an opportunity now to allow for love to just come up within you and as if you send a wave, or a ball of energy, or just a heart shape, send love into any of these individuals. If there are hooks inside of you it can be more challenging to just send that unconditional love. As you release any hooks, and you empower yourself and expand your balance, you could send unconditional love with ease.

Consider that word, unconditional. How often as you look at things are you judging but not realizing that you are judging. People that are not open to the changes taking place. You judge them as being closed down. You judge them as being outside of the light frequency or the higher frequency. You may see someone caught up in a situation that may be beyond their control.  Therefore, I ask you that you may look at situations around you that you may see on the news or that you might read about someplace, and you are using your discernment without judgment of thinking less than. It may seem as if you are walking a small pathway there because you do need to use your discernment. That is what keeps you in the space of your expanded balance and from getting hooked into situations. So, as you observe something around you send that ball of love and light into the situation whatsoever it may be.

As the world is moving out of the control and manipulation there are many individuals that will be awakening that may have imprints, they may have attachments, energy attachments, they may have been mind control. The best way to assist in situations like this is to just send love. Love that they may be wrapped up in it, that it may clear out their energy fields and therefore open up to their Soul’s understanding.

As I spoke of this, I could feel even greater amounts of love and movement of energy taking place. If you have a conversation with someone their belief is their belief. And you may have a perception that they’re coming at it from a very narrow perspective, and you may have a conversation or you can also just send in light.

Sometimes people are ready to awaken and they’ll hear something that will resonate with them allowing them to create a change. Other times they are shut down and all you can do is send a ball of light into that space.

From within this expanded awareness of the All That Is I invite you to tap into opportunities that may be coming your way. What is abundance within your life?  Is it only monetary? Is it abundance of friendship? Is it abundance up work?

Consider that which is from within the energies of the Earth becoming infused with this high light frequency of where you are right now. The Lion’s Gate is opening up, which of course happened multiple different times during the year but for this one in particular this is a portal of energy that seems to expand because so many people focus upon it. Therefore, send in high light frequency energy so that abundance in its many different forms is may be available.

I ask in particular that there is an abundance of love. A love that transforms the turmoil that has been taking place. A love that assists people with stepping up into their new potentials. I then invite you to put forth your own intention of the abundance that you would like to see within your life. Breathe in and breathe out.

Feel how you are able to transform in this very short period of time. This transformation is something that you are creating, not only for yourself, but you have created changes in the relationships around you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you create a loose circle you see coming up within that circle a hologram of the Earth. As you look at this hologram you may observe the light and energy that is intrinsic within it. I invite each one of you to infuse your own ascended light and frequency from this journey. Send in that intention of the love and light to those specific people you know and to anybody else that is in need of the light and love frequency. All of you plus the other Angels and Light Beings infuse the energy and the frequency of abundance, monetary on down to everything else that you may be seeking. Observe the hologram. As you do so I invite you to look at the patterns of energy, and as you look at these patterns, they become illuminated with light.

You allow an aspect of that to go out within the Universe as it creates an alignment assisting transformation in other parts of the Universe.  The remainder goes back down to your Earth plane. As it moves through that magnetic grid around the Earth it diffuses, moving throughout, illuminating and infusing that high light frequency of love and abundance in all its many forms. It illuminates that frequency and then you send that ball of light all the way down into the Earth. As it goes into the center of the earth it’s anchoring within Gaia.  It then reverses coming back out. 

You will feel your own transformation flow up within you through that column of light that you created with Gaia.  The remainder of that comes up through all parts of the Earth.  It is also clearing out the collective consciousness. It’s clearing out the brainwashing. It’s clearing out the programming that no longer serves Society. It clears out everything and in place of it, there is an abundance of love and an abundance of light that people may become aware. Take a breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to center back within yourself. Your consciousness moves back from the All That Is. It moves through the soul plane.  It comes back rebalancing within your Higher Self and then it flows down within you so that you are once more here present in your earthly reality.

 Take a moment as you anchor your energies to let flow from you wave, upon wave, upon wave of love and light.  Let flow from you that conscious intention that people can awaken and embrace their own divinity. Look around at your life. Looking for and opening up to the highest light potential. So too sending forth that you may manifest on Earth through expanded Lion’s gates the abundance of all.  There is much love moving just within and it clears out the lower frequencies.

As you step forth into this month of the Lion’s Gate make a clear conscious choice to step into abundance. Abundance in the many, many, many different ways in which it can come to you. Let that be your intention. Let that be your reality. Become the bridge of your light energy that it just shines forth into everyone around you. Not to control or have an agenda, but to simply be your presence. You are here. The light is here. The light is expanding and expanding and expanding. I invite that to be your reality.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation

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