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Adjusting Your Vibration: Shifting the Known & Unknown

unknown-2This channel in particular addressed some really important aspects of our lives. We have all been focusing on creating change, releasing old energy, shifting into what we DO want. In this channel, the Goddess takes us through releasing energies of which we may not be conscious. This comes in to play a lot in people’s lives especially when trying to manifest change. How many times have you found yourself saying ‘I’ve done all the work but it’s still not here’; or something to that effect?

Our vibration is the overall combination of our beliefs, emotions, life experiences and in some cases past life experiences. Most of us interested in this type of work have sought to release old hurts, old patterns and old experiences. That is a very effective way to create a change in your life. But sometimes there is even more that still has an effect on our vibration; that which is unconscious.

During this journey the Goddess assists us in realizing what is it we are aware of and what we are not. We can be very effective in releasing what’s unconscious without hashing through all of it. As you release at this level, you will find some may rise to your awareness, other parts may remain a mystery yet the release is complete. So often this comes across as beliefs that you hold about yourself, society or your life.

When you come back around and look at your life and what you seek to have after doing this release, it may be you shift what you seek to a whole new level. You may find you need to take different steps to access it. You may also find it’s already with you and you just didn’t realize it. So open and allow this experience to assist you within your life.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. Welcome to our time together, welcome to this time of sharing. Sharing not only your own essence of who you are but sharing with one another the love and the awareness of who you are, as an individual and who you are as a group.

There are so many people who may come and go through your life. Sometimes it feels as if your life is very intense and a struggle, other times it may feel as if everything is going smoothly and easily. No matter what is happening, I invite you to make a choice to allow your divinity to come in and be a part of your existence.

As your divinity flows through you, you can feel it, you can know what it’s like to be who you are, you can know that you are connected to source energy because of that, who you are. So breathe deeply, breathe down and let that wash through you.

Feel and allow love to be a part of you in this moment. From any given moment in which you are living, you may expand that out until it infuses your entire being and your entire life.

I have spoken with many of you here through the conference, sometimes one-on-one and sometimes in groups, and I wish to say at the beginning of our experience tonight that as you live your life, reach towards feeling good. Allow yourself to feel good in any given situation and again breathe deeply, breathing that intention and that awareness down within you.

As we are ready to continue this journey tonight, I invite you to let go your place upon the earth. Feel as if you are allowing your consciousness to shift and to expand. As you do so put forth the intention of aligning with the magnetic grid.

As you feel yourself come within this space let yourself expand and take in more of your higher self that resides within. As you look around, you may feel the pulsation; you may have a sense of the interlocking pathways, let all of that flow through you. As you are ready to do so, allow your focus to move through the interlocking grids so that you may align with the crystalline grid.

Here within the crystalline grid, let yourself feel what it is to let go that magnetic pull of the Earth. Allow yourself to open until you can feel that crystalline essence that is surrounding you here within this space. [Deep breath] You take in a deep breath; you feel your energies as they move through allowing yourself to expand.

I invite you to shift your focus once more; this time, feel as if you are shifting into the space of the soul plane. As you find your energies coming here within, let yourself open up so that you may perceive the energies of your own divinity.

Your I AM presence is here within this space. As you allow yourself to open up feel the flow, feel that essence as it moves through. [Deep breath] As you have a sense of merging fully, it may feel as if your consciousness expands even further. Allow your energies to find the alignment that most suits you. You can feel how so much shifts as you open to your intention to create this alignment.

I the Goddess, come within this space. As I do so, I reach out to every person. I reach out my arms to embrace you as your divinity, to embrace you as the conscious essence that is here upon this journey. [Deep breath] As we do so, feel how you now move into the All That Is.

Here within the All That Is, allow your senses to open even further. You may have a sense of feeling yourself as the human that you are. You may also have a sense of feeling that there’s something more, there is something else, that is here within this space. As you allow your focus to open, allow the essence of whatever that may be to flow through you and then come up within your awareness.

We have spoken many different times about manifesting within your life. I know that each one of you have things that are happening. You are seeking sometimes to make changes. You may be seeking to expand your life. You may simply want certain things within your life just because you do.

As you allow your focus to look at your life, I invite you to have a sense of taking stock of what’s here in front of you. As you think about your life, what are some of those things that mean the most to you? What is what makes your heart sing? Do you allow that to take precedence in your thoughts?

I next invite you to consider for a moment, what you may be seeking to have within your life but as yet has not arrived. Does this take up a lot of the space within your thoughts, within your emotions? One of the characteristics that I so cherish about the human race is your passion and your intensity. It is one of the reasons why people choose to come to Earth and have these life experiences in the physical form.

As you consider your life, as you consider that which you are most passionate about or that which is most intense, I ask you, is it about the things that you have or is it about something or a group of things that you don’t have? It’s always more than just one side of the scale or the other. So often it’s a blend. It’s about those things that may at times be focused upon, what’s not and those other times that you focus upon all that you have. So if, you look at your life and as you consider these many things just take it all in without judging one way or the other.

I next invite you to take a moment and let’s circle around until you can have a sense of taking in who you are here in the space of the All That Is with your divinity merging with you, with all of that surrounding you. I invite you to simply observe your own self as if either from within or as if you were standing beside and looking at you in this lifetime.

Some of you in your path of exploration have very intensely looked at what has brought you to where you are today to this moment in your life. You may have gone through various types of healing work, you may have been in therapy, you may have done meditation or other forms of exploration with the intention of clearing out whatever may be standing in your way.

As I look at each one of you I can see your path in this life. Many of you brought in experiences, sometimes the leftover energy from past lifetimes. Sometimes you created in this lifetime experiences that would push and nudge you in a direction of self-exploration. So now, as you look at your life, as you look at whatever these last several years have meant to you, I invite you to do so with an open mind and an open heart.

Is there anything left from that that still has an impact upon you? As you look, I invite you to tune into your emotions. Are there emotions that come up to your awareness; anger perhaps or frustration? Maybe you’ve been the victim, and it creates a sense of need; whatever it may be.

I invite you to breathe deeply down within yourself and as you are breathing in such a manner, allow your consciousness to link with whatever this may be and then breathe out. Breathe out and clear anything that’s within your emotional body that’s standing in your way.

I now look at you and I can see so much sparkling energy, is like it rains down upon all who are here. And this sparkling energy is you! It’s you from a space of greater clarity.

Come back to this space and this moment. As you look either from within or from the outside looking in, are there beliefs that may be holding you back? Are there thoughts? Do you have a way of looking at life and the thoughts that come through throughout your day? Perhaps they’re affecting you in a way that holds you back.

Allow those thoughts and those beliefs to come up for a moment. Consciously take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out. Let go of those old thoughts, let go of those old beliefs, let go all of that old energy that no longer works for you.

As you put forth the intention for your life with every day that you live your life, create a pattern or create thoughts that are loving and supportive of who you are at all times. Here within the space of your divinity there is only love. And when you are anything less than that, it’s almost painful, it hurts to see. Sometimes, you are hurting yourself, sometimes, this reflection is hurting others. So breathe in right now, in this moment and breathe out releasing anything old, releasing anything painful.

You have the complete love and the complete support of your divinity, of your God source. As I say that and as I’m flowing that energy to you, I can feel how there are some people who either don’t feel they deserve it or they make excuses for themselves about why it might happen to someone else, but not them. If that is something that you are feeling, [Deep breath] take a deep breath in, bring that up from within your hearts, your solar plexus, from within whatever part of view you hold onto it and then let it go. Every one of you is worthy; every one of you is loved. You are magnificent, you are amazing, simply because you are you and you chose this human experience.

I now see how that washes over you and how it allows people to shift even further into a space of acceptance. Let’s take this one step further, and I wish to speak of the vibration that you emanate. I know that you are each well aware of the vibration, not only of the earth but of every person. I know that much of your personal work has been about raising your vibration to a level that more fully resonates with you and allows you to have what you seek to have in your life.

There is the vibration of the home in which you live; there is the vibration of your family, the earth, your community, the collective consciousness. All of life upon the earth emanates a vibration and in humanity that vibration is most often a combination of many different things.

As you consider your life, consider the vibration that you have the intention of putting forth to the world. You create this vibration by your thoughts, your emotions, your intention and your over-all sense of self. There is also a part of this vibration that is in direct alignment to your unconscious thoughts, your unconscious beliefs.

I know that if your vibration was completely made up of your intention, your thoughts and your beliefs that you focus upon, then you would have everything that you wanted within your life. And so while that is the largest portion of what makes up your personal vibration, as I look at you, I can see that there is also a part of you that either you don’t recognize; perhaps it’s some of those old beliefs, perhaps it’s an inner aspect of you that seeks to protect you by keeping you from moving forward.

It matters not, whatever it is. What does matter is that when you are considering your life and the energy that you emanate as your vibration there is a great deal that creates your vibration.

So for now, as you seek to clear, as you have done in these other ways, let’s now look at or reach into that which may be unconscious within you. So you breathe deeply, you breathe down inside your consciousness, you breathe down into the being that is you in this lifetime. As you do so, let this energy wash through, perhaps things will come to your awareness perhaps not, but let anything be it conscious or unconscious that you are holding onto that no longer serves you, let it come up right now [Deep breath] and let it go.

You need not analyze it, you need not let your focus being on figuring out anything, you need only reach down and clear out with the intention of clearing out all that may be conscious or unconscious [Deep breath] and you send that through you.

As I watched you, the first time it was like a bubbling up of a geyser that released in many cases old toxic energy. The second time we went through it was much gentler but there was still more that you released.

Here in this moment, I invite you to breathe in self love and self acceptance. Breathe that all the way down through you; breathe it in to all those places of which you were unconscious. And let it move through with compassion, let it move through with acceptance, and then anchor it deep within.

Can you feel the freedom within you? Can you feel how you are reborn in this moment? The energies are glorious. I swirl through energy clearing out all that is here, clearing out any residual that may be within you [Deep breath] and as you come back into this moment, think again of what you would like to have within your life.

Do you have a greater sense of how real this to you now? As you look at what you seek to manifest, are there any steps between receiving it and where you stand right now? As you look at your life, be it a week, a month six months down the road, you have manifested what you seek to have. So how does it feel to you? In many I could feel your sense of expansion. I could feel how you recognize that this manifestation will create a transformation within your life.

There are still others that when you look, say six months into the future, considering what it is you seek to manifest, you feel disconnected; it doesn’t feel real to you it doesn’t feel like a strong potential. It’s essential for you to take this as an opportunity to let go any previous versions of what you would like to have.

Open up, to that which is in your best interest. Open up, to having even more than what you thought you could have at first. Open up, to receive all that is here for you, and if you feel that washing over you, I invite you to accept. Can you accept this is your reality? Can you accept the changes that will take place within your life? Can you accept how you are expressing yourself from a greater space of oneness within because this is what you choose? And so it is.

As I look at you, I see people jumping up and down, I see celebrations, I see the excitement, I see the thrill of accomplishment. Take whatever you are feeling in this moment and let it go into you. Let it be a part of you. As you accept this at this level let go anything that is less than what you truly seek to have. I really don’t even need to say that because you have already done so. You breathe deeply within yourself.

As you move through your days be very conscious of whatever it is you feel at any given time. When you are with a group of people, perhaps they are focusing upon the fear and the negativity that’s around them or in their lives, you can in that moment, choose to breathe in this space of balance and awareness and let any other negativity flow past. If you are perhaps watching the news and things come on that disturb you, again breathe in this moment and how good you feel and breathe out letting everything go past you.

Create a sensation so that it is as if your energy that you vibrate, has a texture or an essence to it, of which nothing can stick. You do this around your aura and your physical being.

As you are moving through your days and you think about your beliefs, truly focus upon the beliefs that love and support and honor you. “I believe that I will have what I seek in my life”, and you breathe that down deeply within you; let it move up and down through your body and into every cell. If you say that and there’s a part of you that’s in resistance, [Deep breath] then you breathe into the resistance and let it go.

Then once more breathe down that belief, “I believe that the world around me supports me in all that I seek to have”, breathe it in and breathe out. “I believe that I have created situations for myself that truly reflects my deep love and support that I have from within”. You breathe it in, and you breathe it out. “As I move through my days, I recognize how any situation that comes up is an opportunity for me to choose love”, you breathe it in, and you breathe out.

These are some of the tools that you can use, and I invite you to create even more for yourself. Create the beliefs that truly work for you, release emotions and energy and truly there is no need to super analyze anything. If you feel it as a resistance then let it go. If it keeps coming back to you, and it makes you feel bad, and by bad I mean, angry, frustrated, irritated, unhappy, sad, if it makes you feel anything at all like that, then you breathe in and you let it go; filling up any space with love and awareness.

Breathe down love; breathe down love and unconditional acceptance. Huuu…doesn’t that feel good?

As you come together as a group, I invite you to see the hologram that comes up within the center of you. As this hologram shows you the Earth itself you can see the multiple dimensions that are represented by even the hologram.

As you consider your vibration there are parts of it that align in all of these many different dimensions. So as you are sending your intention in your awareness into the hologram, consciously feel the flow that moves through these many different dimensions.

The hologram takes on a brilliant light. It sends out sparkles and energy. This is a balanced energy; this is a hologram that represents potentials based on love and acceptance and on awareness. It moves down, as it does so, it moves through the crystalline grid, that is that part that goes out towards the new Earth and the remainder comes down within this Earth upon which you live.

As that hologram moves into the center of the Earth, it links with the crystals, those immense crystals that create the core essence of your Earth. These crystals create a greater balance, and it helps to focus your own awareness. As you let that flow through, feel what it is to you.

Allow your focus to come back within the All That Is. I always love to see this time, because now everyone is so eager to get back within their physical earthbound self, to feel the changes, to integrate what is. As you begin to shift your focus coming back, you pause briefly within the soul plane, you let go that greater part of your divinity.

Although each time you do this, more and more of your divinity streams down with you. So you take with you, all that is in alignment and as it comes with you, you feel your consciousness returning, you feel how all of this comes down within you. You feel the crystalline grid as you move through that space, you find the interlocking grid, and then you come down, down within the magnetic grid. As you do so, open up your focus or your awareness and anchor your energies as they come back down within you in your physical space.

As you breathe deeply, feeling these energies within you have a sense of breathing down. You feel the energy of your divinity in this transformation as it circles around you, it comes down through your head center, you breathe it in and it breathes down to your heart. Let it flow all the way through you anchor into the Earth. As you reach into the Earth, you can feel how that which you had sent forth in the hologram comes up and links with you right now. You use this as a means of anchoring and balancing yourself in your life.

As you ground more fully within your physical reality let yourself focus once more on the vibration that you emanate; emanate a clear intention. Feel yourself breathe in love and allowing. Let yourself one final time, breathe down through you releasing anything, emotions, beliefs, anything at all that may be unconscious or conscious that keeps you separate from what you seek to have, and as you breathe down through your physical body let it emanate out clearing your emotions, you mental, your spiritual and let all of that be cleared so that you can once more breathe in your Lightbody energy.

Breathe in the balanced energy of who you are. [Deep breath] As you do so, you can once more put forth the intention that at all times you choose thoughts that make you feel good. At all times you choose the path that feels good. The more you do so, the greater your self-love, and the greater ease you will have in manifesting in all aspects of your life.

Alright beloved family, so once again we bring this evening to a close. As we do so, I send out my love to each one of you. I flow might complete belief in you; I believe that you can manifest what you seek to have.

I believe that you ultimately are in the flow of your own divine essence. So I invite you to allow that in, and I invite you to create the life that feels good to you.

I am ever with you and within.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: www.goddesslight.net

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