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The High-Frequency Timeline - Goddess of Creation

The High-Frequency Timeline - Goddess of Creation

This channel is wonderful in a new way!! So often, the Goddess would work with everyone to clear out aspects of their lives.  In other words, the focus for the channel is about clearing so that the person could then move forward.  During this meditation, the Goddess started with the higher frequency, then moved forward from there. 

The perception I had in watching others is that looking to the higher frequency can create a blank slate. In other words, they didn’t know what to consider, what they were seeing, what they needed to do as they moved forward.  The Goddess then suggested the word joy, then love, and then compassion which infused a frequency so as to allow people to have some discernment. This is a huge change moving forward; learning to focus on what works well and not on the problems.  Or learning to focus on higher, light, potentials. 

Another part of this meditation is that the Goddess spoke about the space of your higher self.  This is a blend of our human experience and our divinity.  It fluctuates up and down depending on how you use it.  So too, you have a better way to understand your divinity.  Many people discern their divinity in different ways.  The more that you work with your own divinity, the greater the ease of moving forward.  

Now is the time for the higher frequency. Now is the time for a new relationship with your divinity. Now is the time to step fully onto the timeline of higher, light, frequencies. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours; I reach out to embrace you, humanity living upon the earth at this time.

This is a time of amazing transformation!  There have been so many years in which many of you were seeking to move through the ascension process to move into that space of the higher light frequency. And yet your reality gave you the perception that you were still stuck and held back. This is no longer the case now you as humanity are living in the higher light frequencies of the fifth dimension.

You will recall that I said, was it perhaps a year ago, that the third dimension would become deactivated upon the earth. As you look at the waves of energy that flow around your earth and then some of those waves that go in and out you will see that there is less and less and less of that which is considered the third dimension.

The third dimension was tied into the control and manipulation that was taking place upon your planet.  All of that that took place was over thousands of years, it was programmed within the consciousness of humanity.  And much of that has been unwoven and transformed over the past several years. Because you have been in the habit of particular belief systems, your everyday reality may reflect life as you knew it. 

This is one of the reasons why I would like to at this time begin with a new beginning; a beginning of learning how to look at the world through new eyes, how to look at the world through the eyes of love and compassion, and how to look at the world through potentials that are going to lift you up rather than hold you back.

As I say that, I understand that this will not be an instant transformation for people. Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with all of the many, many opportunities that will come your way.  You will find that some things will really resonate with you and others will not.  You do not have to accept everything; it is up to you to use your discernment.

So many of you are already very good at learning to listen to your intuition. Others of you have been practicing and you’re expanding and learning new opportunities however you do not always trust yourself.  This is why it is so important for you to practice knowing who you are in your physicality, knowing who you are with your higher self, and then knowing who you are as your divinity.

We have spent years practicing that flow of movement so that you can expand understanding of your higher self and your divinity. I ask you as we do this tonight that you use more of your senses so as to be open to a greater perception.

Breathe into your heart center. As you do so feel as if you are creating a swirl of light and energy that moves through you.  You then send that energy down, it goes through your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center and you send it down into Gaia. As your energy spreads out linking with Gaia take a moment and just feel the flow of energy and if you receive any insights from being in this flow.

You then allow that stream of consciousness to come back up within you. It moves up through your energy bodies once more swirling within your heart, you send it up through your throat your third eye your head center, and into your higher self.  In all of you, I just felt an expansion as you link with your higher self.

I wish to take a moment so as to become accustomed to what this is. Your higher self can be the place where you go when you daydream. For some of you when you go into meditation you have a sacred place you go; this is in your higher self. Others of you have a place where you create what you are working on in your everyday life; this is in your higher self.

Your higher self can have layers or frequencies that kind of go up and down in a vertical manner and then they go out in a horizontal manner also. So, pay attention to where your focus is at this time. Is it something that you have been working upon in your everyday life?

Allow your focus to come back into that place where you have that stream or that thread of consciousness. You then leave the space of your higher self and follow it until you arrive within the soul plane.  The soul plane is another frequency, it’s a dimension, it’s a place of consciousness in which many of the souls associated with the earth plane reside.  Each of you have the ability to align with your soul within this space. I am observing how people perceive their divinity. Many see it as if they are looking at themselves, others see it as if it’s just colors or patterns.  There is no right or wrong way in which to discern your divinity; it is but the doorway to the many, many aspects that have created who you are.

Look around, you see that thread that goes to the central sun, you see that aspect of you that may reside out within the universe, you see that aspect of you that takes care of you in your life upon earth.  I can feel everybody expanding as you open to this greater discernment.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.  As our energies merge, we shift into the All That Is.  Look around, pay attention to what this is.  This is a place of creation. It was created by all of you that are here within this space and others who also will come here for this experience.

The last time that we were together you had that perception of looking at your life leading up to this new year and that was on January 2, 2022. And then you looked to the other side, looking at opportunities that may come your way.

So many of you have been seeking to manifest the same thing year after year after year after year. I asked you to have a sense of setting it aside and giving yourself an opportunity for something new to come your way.  Let us look towards what was on the right-hand side you might say, let us look towards this year.

And as you do so, just as if you have a blank slate, ask to see what is coming up for you this year.  Okay for some you have the perception of certain things happening, for others, it’s as if it’s just a blank slate.

If your life could be a blank slate what would that be like? Would that bring up fears and anxiety to you? Or does that give you a sense of freedom?  For those of you, that felt a sense of anxiety, and you had that sense of a blank slate; then I invite you to take this moment and as if you are breathing in and out; send a wave of energy out from your heart and then feel a wave of energy as it comes back to you.

Take this opportunity and allow your focus and your analytical mind to just go deeper and deeper into meditation. I can hear some of you ‘I don’t know what to do’, ‘I prefer to have some structure’, ‘what if I do it wrong?’ The good news is you cannot do anything wrong! As you allow yourself to just as if you are sinking into your heart center and you’re opening up that doorway to a blank slate.

Put forth joy.  If you send joy from your heart out into this unknown and then feel joy as it comes back into you…..there you go. If you send love out from you perhaps it goes in a different direction. But into this blank slate, you then feel that emotion as it comes back into you. 

With those two emotions feel yourself sink deeper and deeper into your consciousness and as you look out is that blank slate beginning to show you potential? Breathe deeper and deeper within your consciousness.  If you feel as if you are wanting to go back into your old pattern, take a moment and look at what perceptions there may be. Perhaps that will give some discernment into your expanded consciousness as you look out at this blank slate.

Then, as you feel that flow and that focus come back into you this time put forth an intention. As you send that intention out from you it then comes back into you. However, you discern it through the filter of love, compassion, joy; all emotions that keep your frequency at a higher light vibration.

There will be changes affecting the entire planet as you move forward in this year to come.  Having the ability to transform your perception will make it easier for you to navigate any changes that are taking place.  There we go.

As you sit and learn how to allow your consciousness to just sink deeper and deeper within you, open up to that feeling of who you are. Ask to know more than just this lifetime you as your soul essence; who are you?

The majority of you have lived multiple lifetimes in which you have been the teacher, you have assisted others with learning how to navigate whatever part of life you were living at that time. Open up your consciousness, receive the information from your divinity that gives you the knowledge that you will need for the next several months or years going forward.

Okay, as you are here within this space going deeper and deeper within your consciousness, for anybody that still remains at the place in which we began I ask you to open up your heart; feel the love the light the support of I the Goddess, of God of the Angels and Light Beings. Allow them to come and sit beside you. As you are breathing in and experiencing all of this expansion, they support you reflecting the light and the love into and around you.

For some, you have become accustomed to letting other people make the decisions for you or create the space in which you live. This is your opportunity to step outside of the box. You have the love and the support, allow it to be present within you.  There you go!

Now as I look at everyone here, every single one of you has stepped into a new beginning, a new beginning of looking at your soul at your consciousness and at the opportunities around you. When you come within this space, it will become easier and easier for you to utilize it as a means of accessing your soul essence.

In this spiritual ascension, it is about every single person having the opportunity to know who they are and it begins through that choice of being physically human connecting to your higher self, connecting to your divinity, and then receiving messages of light love, and support. There will be an easier flow for you to flow into your higher self or to flow up into your divinity or the All That Is. 

Some may choose to remain here for a while longer.  For the remainder, I invite you to still come back together as a group.  As we form a group, I invite you to take a moment and look at yourself. Can you perceive that you have moved into a higher frequency for who you are? As you look at the other people that are here, many of whom you know, can you see how they too? They are expressing themselves as a higher light vibration of who they are.

Coming up from within the center of the group you see the hologram of the earth. Look at it again from that place of that blank slate.  Look at the hologram and you will perceive the light frequencies and impulses that are now having an input or an influx upon the earth.  As that becomes infused with all of you, the hologram takes on its own light.

There is that aspect that goes out within the universe when it does so it is aligning with the other beings of light that are out there creating a balance, it is creating that place where you link to that other aspect of yourself that may be living out there.  And then the remainder goes down into the earth. 

As this energy is anchoring within the earth you can see the disruption from the recent volcano (speaking of the Volcano in Tonga, South Pacific) and as we flow love light and balance through this hologram, may it go into the earth plane, into and around that volcano and anyplace else upon the earth that needs that space.

It anchors within the center of the earth. It comes up through the earth, the soul of Gaia, aligning with this perception. And as it comes, up to you through that link that you placed into the earth you bring your own blank slate of potential into your everyday reality. Allow it to clear out what no longer serves you.

It comes up into every person upon the earth they may accept it or not as is their free will. It is clearing out the spaces on the earth rebalancing whatever needs to be rebalanced.  You then allow the rest of your consciousness to stream back. You leave the All That Is, moving into your soul, moving through your higher self, and then letting that come back down within you.

As you are anchoring both upon the earth and with that universal light let it clear out the spaces around you. Let it clear out old belief systems, let it clear out allowing you to step into new potentials with the foundation of joy, love, compassion, and opportunities that fully support you within your life.

As you begin to create from this new space that is allowing you to move into the higher, lighter, frequency; you can remember what has been. However, choose to live and experience light through the eyes of love and through the compassion that is just intrinsic within and around you.

Beloved family, you have arrived, you are here, you are living and creating a new life as we speak. Step into that timeline and that frequency of being able to live in a place that supports you, that supports love light compassion joy opportunities anything at all to create a life that is rich and full of love and abundance.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you!


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation

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