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You Have The Power - The Federation Of Light

You Have The Power - The Federation Of Light

And … a new year is upon us! Welcome my friends! Perhaps it would be appropriate to ask what you see lying ahead for us in the following 12 months?

We bring, encoded in this message, an Energy of Upliftment and Fortitude.

There is so much excitement for that which is to come and we are aware too, that you have ‘heard this all before’!

Yet, we would suggest that you walk boldly forward with open arms … embracing ALL THE LOVE that is gently flowing into your Planet throughout these coming months.

You were aware of upheaval within yourselves and indeed, perhaps your very nature. The force in which the Higher Energies filtered through was the bringer of such ‘confusion’ … and NOW it is settling down into position and apart from occasional ‘planned’ surges/bursts of necessary Energy, at given and premeditated ‘times’ … you will find that the flow ‘entering’ is of a much more compatible software!

Indeed, as always … that which is being presented on the outside is very different from that which is actually going on (On the inside).

What do you mean by ‘On the inside’?

In that … outwardly the farce will be ‘seen’ to continue and indeed, present itself as almost impossible to comprehend at times. Yet, KNOW that on the inside … i.e. that which is taking place on a more structural foundation of Truth within … is building now into such strength of KNOWING … that the very core of your Beings will notice a vast contrast to the way one used to ‘feel’ … as opposed to the way one NOW feels.

Your Energy took a ‘shift’ upwards over the ending of the last year and allowed a transition into the New Year to present an inner dialogue of self-awareness to arise from within.

One will find over this period of time that the ‘self’ will no longer tolerate misgivings of old. There will be a fresher approach to the understanding of purpose. A clearer clarification of reasoning of Being upon the Planet.

So many are wallowing in the ‘what isn’t happening’ … and yet, so many more now, will de-Lightfully indulge in their KNOWING of self purpose.

The BAND OF LIGHT surrounding your Planet is encouraging you to merge with it … allowing you to feel the core Energy of Light streaming from it … and becoming in sync with its Vibrational pull ‘up’!

We ask each one to … let go/drop … concerns of what may be happening on global scales. Does this mean this? Does that mean that? We speak here on both a political scale and a generic one.

Many unexplained phenomena … are/will be … presented in your skies, under your Earth and upon your Earth. We use the term unexplained … for there shall be much that is to be left that way.

I’d like to intervene here if I may? Why is it that much has to be left unexplained?

Because it is of a Nature that is unexplainable!

You see, Dearest Blossom … Everyone feels the need to have an answer for everything that is taking place. They feel the need to know, so they can prepare perhaps … or do something to change it … or think differently about it. Whereas … sometimes … as ‘out there’ as it sounds … things ‘just happen’. It may be caused by electricity surges … it may be caused by underlying developments that very few know about … a million and one explanations for a million and one possibilities … that in all honesty … just ‘Are’.

We ask that you accept within yourselves that the very best steps forward in these exciting and changing times is to concentrate solely/souly on THE WAY YOU FEEL INSIDE.

Concentrate on your immediate surroundings. Focus on those close at hand. Give attention to that which makes you FEEL GOOD. Ranging from Self Love … to the expansion of LOVE from YOUR BEING reaching out and touching EVERYTHING THAT IS.

From within you … BE THAT WHICH YOU ARE.

We state with all sincerity, that if one was to concentrate on that which … as you would say, Blossom … ‘Blows your blouse up’ …

Oh, how that expression makes me laugh! Nice work guys!

Thank you! Then YOUR VIBRATION extends out to CHANGE not just your immediate surroundings, yet, EVERYTHING THAT IS.


You consider yourselves to be ‘part’ of it. A ‘part’ of everything that is. Yet, we ask you to consider now that … YOU … ARE … IT ALL.

In that way too … consider that how you choose to feel about ANYTHING … is affecting THE WHOLE because THE WHOLE … IS YOU!

Therefore, we suggest vigilance … as we have done many times … regarding the way you think … the way you behave … the way you act … because YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE WHOLE.



If you were to visualize the perfect world … for you … we imagine it to include a perfect world for all?

We do not really know how to put into these words that you use … just how extravagantly this understanding would/could/will CHANGE ALL THAT IS.

You ask us what this year brings, Blossom. May we put to you … that this year will bring exactly that which you ask it to! Different of course to/for each … and yet, the underlying desire for Peace and Love and Prosperity and Equality and Joy and Laughter and Fun and Ease and Happiness … need we go on? …  … is there within Each One.

The desire to BRING YOUR PLANET INTO ALIGNMENT WITH ITS TRUE LIGHT POSITION lies within each of you … so, therefore … THIS is what lies ahead.

Your POWER to manifest has magnified greatly … to the point of ‘almost’ instant … depending on one’s knowing of such. Use this power to manifest your New World.

Keep in mind, Dearest Souls … that from the Triple Energy flowing through … that which you do not want, can manifest also … should you give it too much of your attention!

What is YOUR INTENTION right now in this moment?

Feel, breathe and have a thought of it … right now. Close your eyes … and if a fairy Godmother arrived and asked you of your wish … what would it be?

Your wish would be something that makes you Happy. Making YOU Happy … makes the world Happy.  If each one manifested that which makes them Happy … the job is done.

Not wishing to dampen this flow … not everyone’s wish is for that. Those of lesser Light do not want to see everyone happy. In fact far from it. Someone asked if they are playing a role just as we are?

Of course. Everything/Everyone on your Planet is ‘part of The Game’. Roles are chosen by self. Not one is ‘forced’ into their role. We have spoken before, so many times … on the lines of ‘All is not as it seems’. That which YOU THINK is one way … is probably another!

The Game Plan is following orders! The transition into the next fragment is certainly and securely underway.

Sometimes it all goes over my head and I have learned it is always best to go back to the simple and most Gratifying Knowing of LOVING. The rest sort of takes care of itself.

Dearest Blossom … do you realize what a profound statement that is?


And again …


And once more …


IF … IF … IF only one adhered to that within every breath inhaled … you would see … you would WITNESS … NOW … The transformation of Energy upon/within your Planet.

THAT then, Dearest Souls … is what we see lying ahead for you in your next 12 months.

Over and out!

Ha-ha! Like your style … and I know exactly where you are coming from. When we really understand what you are saying … what you REALLY mean … there is nothing more to be said. I get it … I Truly do, my friends.  I know your position is to offer that which you can to assist us in BECOMING ourselves.  As much as so many want to hear other explanations of this and that from you and other messengers … deep in my heart … I KNOW YOU are correct in sticking to the PLAN. I LOVE YOU … As do all who read your words and are thankful for them!

In Gratitude, in Loving Service for this first communication of 2019 … I AM.

Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channelling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for twelve years now and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings. Webpage: Blossom Goodchild
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