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The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life

The Coronavirus is highlighting the victim consciousness that is so deeply embedded in humanity.  It’s bringing up tremendous fear.  Feeling vulnerable and not having any control over one’s health and over one’s own life.

Then they get angry at things outside themselves, like the government, and don’t recognizing their own intents that have created this virus in order to help awaken themselves.

It is also interesting that the virus impacts the respiratory system. That is the chakra of receiving life force. How many people are not receiving the breath of life? How many people are not really living joyfully? They are simply surviving. Their breath is shallow. They are holding in and holding back. They are compressing their energies.

How many people are actually breathing in life?


One thing I have learned in my own awakening is that I needed to allow all of the emotions to be felt. I had to allow them into my space and not try to battle them or suppress them. It was painful at first because so many emotions were judged by me as bad. But my soul judges none of it.

It allowed me to start breathing more deeply, and I began inviting into my lungs and my breath and my life all of my self. Everything about myself was invited in   

That did not mean that I identified with all of those emotions anymore. Quite the opposite. I knew those emotions were generated from a mind that was in fear most of the time. They were emotions I inherited and thoughts I picked up from the mass consciousness for the most part.

I began to recognize that I had a choice. I could choose to identify with those emotions of fear, of lack, of self-doubt, of not feeling worthy.

Or, I could choose to identify with my soul nature, which was one of expansiveness, carefree-ness.  Joy.  Of an unabashed passion for life.

Allowing in the breath of life was for me very transforming on every level.

Not an overnight process by any means, and still a work in progress, but one well worth it.

While I have some minor frustrations related to the pandemic, I have no fears about the virus itself. I understand its purpose.

My frustrations are not major, and they involve mostly not being able to sit at my favorite café and enjoy my coffee in a community setting.

But I understand.  I know that humanity is doing its best to protect itself from the spread of the virus. If I lose patience with others I also try to keep everything in perspective.

I remind myself that I’m living alongside a collective consciousness that still believes in victimhood. That something or someone outside can assert itself into their life without their permission.

It is a fear-based consciousness. It is also a solution-oriented, action-based consciousness.


To seek a cure is a distraction.  It doesn’t allow for a broader perspective on what is really happening.

So it’s not really a bad thing that there is not yet a cure. Yet people still believe that a cure is the answer to this dilemma.

But those of us in the higher frequencies understand that the solution does not lie in an inoculation, or a vaccine.

But, as long as people are still focused on finding the cure, or still focused on trying to prevent themselves from getting the virus, they will not have the opportunity to see this for what it really is. As an opportunity for them to explore their own sense of joy as it relates to their own life.

It’s highlighting within them areas in which they may not be giving themselves the love they deserve.

It’s human nature to want to get through a crisis as quickly as possible and not stop to think about what opportunity that crisis affords them.

People are being told that if they do not adhere to the rules, this virus may temporarily subside, but that it will return with a vengeance.

But there is the potential that if humanity doesn’t see the wisdom of this experience, as kind of energetic reset, as an opportunity to open themselves up to their own energy, their own soul, then another crisis will just replace this one at some point.

It’s like with diseases or conditions in the physical body.  There may be surgery, medication, or an outside cure applied, but If the underlying issue isn’t addressed, the original condition will return or be replaced with something even more pronounced.

When things appear out of balance, it is not necessarily a negative thing.  Energies always seek homeostasis.  Viruses are purposeful.  They help clear out toxins, and it is an attempt to rebalance the physical body that had taken on energetic imbalances over time.

But in the case of a mass pandemic, its purpose is more universal, and not just personal.

It’s an attempt to get the attention of the collective and highlight those areas that are vulnerable.  It highlights the viruses in systems such as government, economics, healthcare, mega-corporations, and other areas.  They are exposed for their weaknesses and corruption.

It’s also an opportunity for souls who are ready to leave the Planet in large numbers, to do so, and return to the other realms.

So the virus serves humanity on a personal and a global level.  It’s not a punishment from god, or for being bad stewards of Gaia.  It has nothing to do with morality or karma.  A byproduct is perhaps more compassion for others, and a cleaner Earth, but those are not the main event.

The main event is a going within, and taking a compassionate and honest look at self.  It begs the question, ”am I allowing in the breath of life? ”

My wish for humanity is that as many people as possible see beyond the fear, and recognize the beauty in the pandemic.


Art by Maria Chambers

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