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Up Is Down

Up Is Down

Author’s note:  As I publish this post, things are slowly going back to normal, or the new normal. Stores are reopening, and the Coronavirus is beginning to level off.  Which is why I wanted to address it one last time.

So, right now the USA is leading the world in the most Coronavirus cases.  (Which may have changed since this writing) “Once again, we come in first!”  Which is what I cynically said to myself.  But then, it hit me.  Why not see it as a win?

Instead of seeing it as a bad thing, as a tragedy, or a disgrace, why not see it for what it really is.  As humanity’s attempt to clear out toxins, not only on a personal, but a global level? As an initiation into their awakening.

If we see the virus as a way to clear things out, then hurray USA!  I don’t think anyone here or around the world could argue that America needs a good cleanse. We may have been the envy of the world at one time, but times have changed.  Or, have they? We have had our fair share of corruption, abuse of power, imbalance of wealth.  We do lead the developed world in gun violence.

Women’s reproductive rights here are eroding.  We have a work ethic that’s literally killing people.  Our citizens are buried in health insurance costs and student loan debt.

We have an alarmingly incestuous relationship between religion and politics.  Religious freedom has infected areas like gay rights, and women’s rights to choose.

Lets face it, we’re still pretty Puritanical.

Our commander-in-chief is a renowned misogynist.  And so is his political opponant, that other guy running for office. And to be fair, they are both just a reflection of the consciousness that has been resident on this planet for a very long time.  These politicians didn’t just appear out of nowhere.  

And neither did this pandemic.

So, the Coronavirus could be called a consciousness cleanse.  It didn’t just appear out of nowhere either.  It’s slowing things down, which was desperately needed, and it’s highlighting issues that need to be addressed. Old issues that have been clogging up the systems in societies and cultures for a very long time.  Economic and social issues.  The imbalances of power especially.

Issues that also involve the heart, mind and soul.

So, bringing this old, stuck energy to the surface to be cleared, to be purged, on a personal as well as a global level…..not such a bad thing.  In fact, why not celebrate it?  Now that’s a radical perspective.

And why not honor and celebrate those who choose to leave the planet via the virus. Rather than seeing them as needless and tragic deaths.  Did you know that if sadness, grief and anger is projected onto those departing, it affects them even on the other side.

Yes, it’s appropriate to grieve losses of those we have been close to in this life.  Absolutely.  But those leaving have their personal reasons for doing so.  Many are not prepared for the new energies infiltrating the planet.  Some are done here for now, and want to move on.  Young and old alike.

There are no accidents or random deaths, ever.  So, it would be so much better for those souls if we could honor not only their lives, but their deaths.


I used to think that the more likes a YouTube video had, the better, the more valuable it is.  But then I watched some of those videos and concluded that they were reaching the masses.  Mass consciousness.  Which is fine, if you’re part of mass consciousness.

Over time I realized that the more specialized you become, the more aware, the more conscious you become, you won’t be attracting crowds.

In fact, you will more likely attract the interest of less people, but people who are highly conscious.  And, in that case, numbers don’t matter.  It’s quality over quantity, baby!

And everyone reading this and relating to these materials gets that.


Most of us in the later stages of embodied enlightenment can attest to the fact that you don’t get nicer with this transformation.  In fact you get much less tolerant of energy feeders and low consciousness.

So if there is at least one person in your life that has accused you of being selfish, congratulations.  That’s a win!  And, if it’s only one or two that have given you the stink eye, or if no one is avoiding you like they owe you money, don’t beat yourself up.

You’ll get there.


People are reprimanded for not taking the Coronavirus seriously, and of course it is serious.  I personally think people are doing their best to handle the pandemic.

But those of us who have awakened don’t fear it the way the people in the collective do.  That’s because we understand its role in the world.  We also understand that we have moved beyond that type of fear.

Which is a good thing. We can then be the calm and balanced voices during this life-altering event.

But to most folks, we will appear careless, and a danger to others, if we are not subscribing to the media’s drama, or are not wearing masks, or are not at least six feet from others at all times.

And I’m not saying these precautions don’t have their place, but we also understand that the nature of these types of events isn’t random.  Each human has their own intent.  There are no innocent victims.

But, here again, we have an up is down.  What appears to be one thing, is another entirely.


So, to help clarify some of the above points, here are a couple of diagrams showing the inverse proportions of stuff:  (I’m bored)

Up Is Down

Green arrow=Level of enlightenment Red arrow=popularity and patience level

Up Is Down

GREEN ARROW = consciousness. RED ARROW = percentage of people willing to stand less than six feet from you after the pandemic is over. (Not including restraining orders)


Art by Maria Chambers

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