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16 Surprising Facts You May Not Believe About Your Soul Group

16 Surprising Facts You May Not Believe About Your Soul Group

You’re not alone.

In fact, you’re far from it…

You might picture yourself making your way through the cosmos as a lone intrepid explorer. But it’s pretty far removed from the actual path of your soul’s journey.

In the spirit world, there’s a social structure just like we experience in the physical. You’re part of an unfathomable collective, which is made up of much smaller communities known as soul groups.

There is order. But these social systems are a far cry from the forced and oftentimes circumstantial relationships you experience in our physical incarnations.

They’re based on mutual respect, understanding, and love.

The members of your soul group are your closest allies.

What is Your Soul Group?

Your soul group is the collective of like-minded spirits that you incarnate with on a regular basis. They’re the ones who’re most involved with the unfolding of your soul’s journey. These souls are like kin. They’re the beings you have the most contact with during your physical incarnations on Earth. They play the role of your peers, confidants, and sometimes even rivals. That is the primary function of your soul group. You perform as different characters in each other’s physical incarnations in the pursuit of growth and the expansion of consciousness.

Shortly after birth, a new soul is assigned to their soul group. It’s part of the natural order of the spirit world. If that sounds overly mechanical or impersonal – it’s not. It’s not in any way dictatorial, nor does it compromise your free will. It’s simply intended to provide you with the best opportunity for growth. It’s a loving process, more akin to nurture than cold bureaucracy. By matching you with souls who will challenge you and provide balance to your strengths, it’s hoped you’ll create valuable shared experiences with one another.

However, being placed within your soul group isn’t rushed. There is a period of evaluation that occurs before a final decision is made. You’re given time to explore yourself and discover who you are in a non-pressurised environment. It’s a supportive process which involves guidance and the space to reach a certain level of maturity. This usually comes in the form of developmental incarnations. It allows you the freedom to fully explore your conscious self before being integrated within your soul group.

Soul Group and Soul Family: What’s the Difference?

People like to use the terms soul group and soul family interchangeably, which can cause a lot of confusion. There are similarities between the two concepts, and they are very closely linked to one another. But they can exist separate from one another.

Your soul group can be your soul family. But your soul family isn’t always your soul group. Let me give you an example. You’re able to – and have had – live on many different worlds to Earth. And each time you incarnate within a lineage of souls, you become soul family to the group of incarnating souls on that planet.

You can become a soul family to an unlimited number of lineages. But you are only ever a part of one incarnating soul group at a given time. So by incarnating with a group of souls, you’re technically creating a soul family. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for our soul at that moment. It’s just a technicality.

Because of the archon grid that surrounds the Earth, many souls have been separated from their soul families when they migrated to this planet. In addition, they’ve also been separated from their soul groups, forcing them to live out lives that aren’t in their best interest. It stunts growth. So to summarise, your soul group will always be your soul family. But your soul family won’t always be your soul group.

How Do Soul Groups Operate in Spirit World? 

Your soul group operates as an independent study group within the spirit world that is part of a wider community of souls. Your soul group is your immediate community. You can think of them as neighbours and even your family to a certain extent. There is a strong familial bond that exists between all those within this group environment.

There are two types of soul groups within the spirit world. These are primary and secondary soul groups. The first group – your primary group – is comprised of the souls that you interact with most during your incarnation and study time spent in between lives. Your secondary group is made up of clusters of primary groups.

As a rule, you have less contact with these souls, although you’ll still collaborate with them during your soul’s development. The souls from these other primary groups that form your larger secondary group will form the peripheral figures during your incarnations. They’re the supporting characters who play minor roles in your life.

The size of these groups varies quite widely. Your primary soul can have as few as three members and as many as twenty-five. It all depends on the goals of a particular group, as each one is orientated towards a different set of attributes. Secondary groups usually comprise at least 1,000 souls.

How Does Your Soul Group Affect Your Physical Incarnations?

Your soul group is united by a shared set of common goals. When you’re birthed from source, you’re placed in a group that reflects your age and the goals that you’re projected to have as you mature on your journey. As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a lot of time invested in placing you within the right soul group.

Although there is a great emphasis on individualism, you’re still part of a collective. You’re ultimately working towards the same end. That means you will have to appear within each other’s incarnations to facilitate the learning process. You can’t go it alone. You’re engaged in a co-creative process, so there’ll be an element of give and take when making decisions.

How Does Your Soul Group Affect Your Spiritual Development?

When you’re planning out a life, you’ll always have the input of your soul group. You’ll each help one another with the fine-tuning of details. As many of them will be performing key roles within your next incarnation, you’ll also discuss how you’d like specific situations to play out. However, once you go through the great forgetting, you’ll be relying on synchronicity to make this happen.

You can spend months and years reviewing your past lives. You’ll do this with the help of those from your group to come up with plans for your growth which will eventually be made into soul contracts. These are binding agreements you make to commit to fulfilling certain roles for one another in subsequent lives. The purpose of this is to resolve past life karma. You do this primarily with the help of your guides and with the input of your soul group where necessary.

But your soul group can also act as a support network when you’ve gone through a negative. When you do something terrible in an incarnation, you’re not allowed to rejoin your soul group immediately upon returning to the spirit world. You must go through a period of reflection and introspection to see what effect your actions had on the lives of those around you. But this is not a punishment. The spirit world doesn’t work like that on your return. Your soul group will be there to help reintegrate you back into the fold when you’re ready.

This is especially true of younger souls who may have endured a traumatising experience or particularly hard life. Your soul group will always be there to offer moral support. As you go through the process of shedding the emotional densities from your previous incarnations, you can still interact with your soul group. In fact, it’s a necessary part of the healing process. You need each other’s support to survive and thrive.

But during all of this, members of your soul group will never infringe on your free will. Any support comes in the form of an offer. It will always be non-invasive, and any advice neutral. If there is a choice that’s to be made, the final decision will always rest with you. If you’re continually given the answers to questions before you’ve had a chance to apply yourself, you’ll never have a true learning experience and will fail to develop your own decision-making skills.

How to Find Your Soul Group

The idea of finding your soul group is a term that is often confused with the act of finding your soul family. As we’ve covered, your soul group is the collective of souls that you’re working with from lifetime to lifetime in your present incarnations. When people talk about finding their soul group, they often confuse it with finding their soul family. That concept is much larger than a soul group and can span multiple worlds, galaxies, and universes. As we’ve talked about, the soul family and soul group concepts are intertwined with one another. But they’re also their own thing.

  • Every planet/world has its own soul group system in place
  • Your soul group may splinter into smaller study groups to cater for differing levels of ability
  • Souls will progress at different rates but will always be connected to their primary soul group
  • Special guests can appear within soul groups to provide lectures in the spirit world
  • Soul groups can come together to entertain one another in the spirit world
  • Soul groups are usually formed after 4-5 lives on Earth (or on other worlds)
  • Placement within a soul with a group is dependent on ego, expression, personality and ability
  • Soul groups will never be changed or added to once they’ve been formed
  • You retain an eternal connection with those in your soul group
  • Soul groups are carefully structured to create a dynamic for optimal development between souls.
  • Individual members of soul groups can provide spiritual therapy for one another
  • Everyone within a soul group is of equal standing. There are no ‘leaders’
  • Each soul group has a defining theme or characteristic that unites it
  • Your soul group knows everything about each other and everyone’s shortcomings
  • You create most of your soul contracts within your soul group
  • Each member of the soul group contributes their strengths to progress the group

Why is Your Soul Group So Intertwined with Your Spiritual Evolution? 

The success of you as a soul ultimately rests with the success of your group.

As you progress on your soul’s journey, you become less inclined to incarnate in physical bodies made of flesh and will begin to take up lives as celestial beings such as planets, stars, and even galaxies.

It just isn’t possible to do this with a single soul. It requires the power of not only a soul group/family but several soul groups who have come together to pool their collective wisdom to become something that is greater than all of them combined.

Soul groups are vital to the ongoing nature of creation, not only in the immediate future but also in the longer term. The world around us wasn’t created by a singular being. It’s part of a co-creative effort, which we’ll all very much a part of.

Soul groups are the lifeblood of the universe. There are trillions upon trillions of them, all working individually and collectively towards the same aim.

Exploring consciousness and creating yet more of the known world around us, so the next generation of consciousness explorers can take part in the cosmic game of love, life and creation.

Sam Booomer
Sam’s work as a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner has led him to dedicate his life to helping other’s raise their vibration and embrace the best version of themselves. If you’re ready to explore yourself more deeply than you’ve thought possible, to release old traumas, and finally connect with your life’s purpose – you can. If you’re ready to take this incredible journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-mastery, I’d love it if you’d join me, and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

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