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7 Unmistakable Signs You’ve Reunited with a Soul Family Member

7 Unmistakable Signs You’ve Reunited with a Soul Family Member

You want to find your soul family. We all do.

At a certain point in your spiritual journey, the call to reunite with your soul family becomes one of your primary motivations.

You may have felt since birth that you don’t fit in, or you were born into the wrong family.

There’s a reason for that…

Your biological family isn’t your soul family.

You may have one or two of your soul family members present in each incarnation. But to have your entire soul family present in your Earth lives is rare. In fact, it just doesn’t happen. The archon grid that surrounds the planet sees to it you’re separated before you arrive.

It leads many to search for those that complete a missing part of them.

You’ve probably felt it an unconscious longing for years, which has now turned into a more thoughtful quest for those you share a connection with – your soul tribe.

What is Your Soul Family, and Why Do They Matter So Much?

The soul family concept is a little convoluted.

Your soul family is, in fact, your star family. The vast majority of us here on Earth are not native Earth souls. We came from other star systems and hence other races.

We originally came to this planet with our soul families as part of migration patterns.

Your journey as a soul is to seek out situations that you can use to explore consciousness. You incarnate into the DNA skinsuit (body) of your chosen planet to experience life from the perspective of that world’s theme.

When you came to Earth, you arrived in migratory waves. These soul families are invited in by the sun of a solar system en masse when certain types of souls are needed. By coming here, you will have answered a call to fill one of these vacant spots as anything from an artist to a scientist.

When your soul family came into this solar system, it did so as a collective with the intention of creating shared learning experiences by incarnating with one another. That is the primary function of your soul family.

Each soul creates experiences that will then contribute to the collective DNA light-body wisdom once they’ve passed on from their physical body. This concept of shared learning makes ascension to the higher dimension of consciousness much quicker than individual growth

What are the Main Soul Family Lineages on Earth? 

There are 2,300 primary soul families here on Earth right now. And each one relates to a different alien species. During the last 52 million years, Earth has seen huge waves of incarnation, which is why we have such a diversity of genetic stock on the planet. However, some races are much better represented than others. The most prevalent souls are:


They originate from the Pleiades, AKA the Seven Sisters Constellation. Pleiadian souls have come to Earth to be teachers to humanity during the time of spiritual transformation we’re going through.


The Lyrans descend from a feline species of humanoid from the constellation of Lyra. They’re known to have a spontaneity about them and carry an air of wisdom and regal authority. Many of the red-haired people of the planet are of Lyran descent.


Hailing from the Orion system, this soul type is extremely practical. They act mostly from the mind and need to see it before they can believe it. In their home system, they were at war with the Reptoid races for many thousands of years.


The Syrians are our ancient ancestors. They come from the Vega and Lyra constellations. In the past, we’ve had ascended masters from the Sirius system come to Earth to help raise the vibration of the planet, such as Jesus and Mother Mary.


The Arcturians are a higher dimensional race of being operating between 4th and 7th density. They’re an ancient people and are renowned healers throughout the universe. They have incredible intelligence and are heavily invested in Earth at the soul level.


You probably know them mostly as being evil, but there are factions of reptilian souls/soul families that are working together with humanity to raise the vibration of the planet. Many of them have been at war for millions of years, but just because you have this type of soul doesn’t make you evil.

Soul Family vs Soul Group: What’s the Difference (And How Do They Affect You?)

You may have heard the terms soul group and soul family used interchangeably. But they’re not the same concept. There is a lot of crossover between the two, but they’re not completely alike. To put it to you in the simplest of terms, your soul family relates to your star race of origin, while your soul group relates to the Earth-bound collective of souls you spend the majority of your incarnations with. You could think of your soul group as your classmates compared to your soul family with whom you have much deeper roots.

Despite the fact you do travel with soul family, you don’t come to a new solar system with all of them. It’s not unusual for many soul family members to stay behind when they sense a new challenge is too dangerous or not what they feel will progress their journey. Your soul family can be located on this planet, but it can also be in other parts of the galaxy. It depends on the collective you’re a part of. Each one operates according to their own free will choice.

Soul groups are those you’re in contact with the most on Earth. They’re the soul you make contracts within the astral realm before you incarnate in the planet. These souls are the people who make up your physical family members and close friends. You exchange karmic debt with these people and foster each other’s learning process. And this can go on for many generations. You can have deep connections with those souls, but they’re not your true soul family.

Finding Your Soul Family

So how do you find your soul family?

There isn’t really a handbook for finding your soul family members as such. In many ways, you don’t find them through searching. You find each other when the time is right in perfect synchronicity. But there are steps you can take to kick start the process of being reunited with your soul family member.

If you want to have any kind of spiritual contact with your soul family, you need to be a match for their vibration. Like attracts like. Or, to phrase it another way, you want to enact the law of attraction. But this involves more than just simple affirmations. You need to work with all 12 universal laws to be successful.

You need to dedicate yourself to your spiritual practice, maintain your spiritual hygiene and work on raising your vibration. But you can’t do so in isolation. Shutting yourself off from the world won’t bring new experiences into your life. It’s fine in the short term, but to reject society because you feel it’s beneath you isn’t the way to build community. It creates a zealot mindset. The way is balance.

You still want to connect with your inner being through meditation on a regular basis. You still want to ask yourself the probing questions. But be honest… What are your motivations for seeking this connection? Is it because you think this meeting will save you? Or is it because you want to have a shared experience with someone who is your equal and peer on the soul level?

Start looking outside your circle for new experiences, and say yes to synchronicities as they enter your field of awareness. Be alert to them as they occur, and don’t be afraid to be to take a break. Don’t become a martyr in your search. Just let it happen. Balance your action with an acceptance that everything will happen in its own time. But above all, know yourself and your intentions.

7 Unmistakable Signs You’ve Reunited with a Soul Family Member

You almost don’t need to know the signs to look for to recognise your soul family. You just know when you met them. There’s no denying the magnetic connection that takes place between two like souls. You feel a bond on a deeper level than you’ve ever known. But still, we can sometimes write off these experiences without a second thought. If you’ve experienced a bunch of these signs when meeting someone for the first time, it could mean you’ve met your soul family.

1. You Have a No-Time Experience with Them

When you meet someone and get talking to them. It can feel like you’ve been at it for five minutes. But in reality, you may have been talking for closer to twenty-five or thirty minutes. When you’re with soul family, you free yourself of Earth-time and enter universal time.

2. They Bring out Your Best Qualities

When you meet a soul family member, they reawaken something within. You have a synergy with one another that makes you feel untouchable when you’re together. There is nothing you feel you can’t accomplish when you combine your efforts.

3. You Can Express Your Fully Without Fear

When you speak with some people, it can feel as though you can’t get your words out properly. But when you speak with a soul family member, you’re inspired. You speak about concepts you weren’t aware you had knowledge of in a way that takes you by surprise.

4. You Have a Shared Set of Ideals

One of the most immediate signs that you have a deep soul connection is the amount of common ground you share. It’s likely you’ll both be spiritual people. You may share similar views about equality, relationship dynamics, and respecting other’s boundaries.

5. They Appear at a Critical Moment with Important Information

People will always enter your life at exactly the right time. There is no coincidence – only divine synchronicity. When you have a soul family encounter, they’ll often have an insight to share or some piece of wisdom to help you move beyond your current challenges.

6. Being Around Them Energises You.

Your soul family is a joy to be around! They’re the people who’ve been with you the longest on your soul’s journey, whether you’re aware of it or not. You’ll share the same frequency with one another, which, when it comes together, magnifies itself multiple times over.

7. You Form an Extremely Quick Bond and Friendship

When you meet a soul family member, you already feel like you know them. There’s an innate understanding between the two of you. It might go unspoken, but probably not. You’re comfortable in each other’s company from the second you meet.

The Pivotal Role Your Soul Family Plays in the Ascension to 5D

Your soul family isn’t just a social club. It’s your key to ascension to 5D.

The reason why we’ve been separated from each other on the soul level is because of the soul codes we possess. Each one of us holds a different part of the code, which, when combined with our full soul family reunion, will allow us to tap into our full human potential.

When we gain a full set of soul codes, we gain the wisdom that has been lost to us for tens of thousands and even millions of years in some cases. In our current state, we’re a race with amnesia. We’ve forgotten our true origins.

Once we reunite with our soul family, we’ll no longer be stuck in the reincarnation of Earth.

For those of us who want to leave, we’ll finally be able to graduate and go on to have other experiences in other parts of the universe or else stay in service to the Earth to help repair the damage that’s been done by the malevolent forces.

Your soul family is the final piece of the puzzle. It’s the final awakening.

Once you’ve made the connection, there’ll be no more secrets about who you are or why you came here.

There’ll be a tremendous release that can’t be conveyed with these limited linguistics.

It’ll be like a rebirth and rediscovery of the self.

The veil will finally be lifted.

Sam Booomer
Sam’s work as a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner has led him to dedicate his life to helping other’s raise their vibration and embrace the best version of themselves. If you’re ready to explore yourself more deeply than you’ve thought possible, to release old traumas, and finally connect with your life’s purpose – you can. If you’re ready to take this incredible journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-mastery, I’d love it if you’d join me, and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

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