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Because I LOVE You on a SOUL Level, I Refuse...

soul level love

Over the years, coming to breakdown/dissolve REALities from ego-lack (root chakra) programs playing out in the human-ego-mind as true, a huge part of this process is elevating our beliefs from our root chakra to our higher heart-mind chakra (love) in order to create the FOUNDATION of all NEW EARTH REALities through purity by re-constructing all new realities through our highest consciousness, I came to understand (see) through my own Quantum Access/Existence how old unconscious programming was so deeply embedded in our every cell and played out as reality in each of our physical reality worlds. As we awaken, there is a REVERSAL that occurs, where we all come to Zero Point, which is a Choice Point for us all.

It's where we must finally choose to honor our own SOUL Self over our human-lack-fear-based-programming in our head. Where we have one foot in each world, or live in a human reality more still, then we will have "moments" where we JUMP and honor our Soul, then our human head (root chakra) kicks in and fear/lack mentalities enter back in. Our human will "reverse" the act, retracting or wiping out the first choice. This "reversal" from lack to abundant existence again, is a continual process of choosing our SOUL over what our human-fear-lack-mentalities say, until we've "proven" to ourselves that we are not going to do without, or lose anything, and that it's actually quite the OPPOSITE, as this opens a portal for MORE TO COME, for our UNIVERSAL US to REWARD us for passing the test/initiation process and "Survival Level of Awakening", where we build a new relationship from within ourselves with our Universe and return to BEcoming the whole Universe again. This process means that every time we are faced with choosing, we choose to honor our Soul/Spirit as our Higher Selves, instead of "going unconscious/human" again. This "proving process" continues until our first choice is our Soul and we have REVERSED EVERYTHING and returned to full abundance and love from within ourselves again. It also means that we will never put a higher value on anything else ever again.

Along my journey, I've seen others struggle with old programming, both as the one in lack or perpetuating it. I see many "struggle" with how to explain (re-educate through highest consciousness), so I decided to write this activation & share, for all who resonate and utilize this in order to easily shift. As we go higher in vibrational existence and anchor more Heaven on Earth, human aspects are challenged with more lack, more fears, more unconscious beliefs, not realizing that beliefs, mentalities and stories create realities and that it's never about any "thing". It's the ENERGY that CREATES.... therefore, lack creates lack. Fear and "not enough" are root chakra programs that become realities because they are believed and humans "lead" with stories of lack, because they exist from their ego, which is separation from their own PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS and that for the human ego it's all a program that each insists is real, until it becomes real to prove them "right". Breaking this matrix programming means establishing a new baseline through SOUL Love and Integrity, through re-connecting inside and having FAITH in that KNOWING above all. Holding fast to this faith through our words and actions anchor higher dimensional realities in. Human aspects will "sit in fear" (and lack), because it appears "safe", because they are trying to hold on, instead of stepping into their power and choosing to transcend the old limiting and fixed mentality beliefs. 

I wrote this as a "reply", to those still insisting on "lack" as their reality/program, because they do not yet understand that as the Veils dissolve, then programs are blatantly visible and no longer supported by those not living in those unconscious realms of amnesia still. This is for those who are READY to break that old loop cycle of Karmic Lack finally now. Playing in the old games serves no higher purpose for any of us anymore. Seeing the created illusions of lack, we CHOOSE to not continue these distortions and polarity, because we love us all and no longer choose to support living out separation-lack-realities anymore. Humans mis-perceive our "no", because their hearts/minds are closed and they do not have full access from inside yet. Each must go inward in order to truly understand. ♥

Because I LOVE You on a SOUL Level

I refuse to cater to old unconscious matrix programs anymore

I refuse to see you as less, because you are not

Yet when you tell yourself these ego untruths, when I support this, I also reinforce this program within me AND in you

I refuse to believe you when you unconsciously say "I do not have enough" too
As it's not that you don't have enough, it's that what you do have serves separation-fear-based-lack programs instead of unity-love-respect-gratitude within you

I HEAR "My priorities are distorted and human-ego aligned, instead of higher-self-soul aligned"
and that you are not yet important enough to you to break these programs from within you
that you constantly (or still) compromise you on a SOUL level
and that you keep playing/creating unconscious karmic separation timelines to experience here
until you become conscious of the fact that this is your own program to clear from within you
and it reflects deep separation from yourself as Pure Source Light and Love that you hold still

I hear/see/feel the lack of love and respect for you and that you unconsciously keep choosing to play out lack programs because it's safe, what you used to know and keeps you from standing in your power here
I hear/see/feel how much you are not loving and respecting you every time you tell these stories
again and again and again
and that if I keep playing these lack realities out with you, then I am not only NOT loving and respecting you, but my own Soul Self too.

I, on a SOUL level SEE, that we each have to choose our own Soul over our ego-human-lack-stories and programs in order to break these karmic cycles here.
I now understand that when I say "no, I will not support old ego-lack mindsets and beliefs anymore", that I am respecting both/all of us on a Soul Level here.
I understand that when I say "no", I also assist you in important re-programming of being able to choose to love and respect yourself fully now too
because, when you choose to stop believing those untrue root-chakra lack-filled programs located in your cellular body
your heart and mind open to higher purpose and Soul-aligned truths.
I SEE, that by requiring you to choose your own Soul, that you finally get to see & understand too
That you get to break those karmic bonds, every time you choose your own Soul over your human-aspect-ego-you.

This is the GIFT that I share with you, which is the REALization of "HOW"
and that what you choose to DO with this gift of Higher-Consciousness-Knowledge-Love is totally up to you too
I RESPECT your choices for all timelines you choose to create to experience here
Because I SEE YOU, on a Soul Level, your capabilities, your power, and that this is all y/ours
I see OUR initiations, as humans, and our EVOLUTION back into Highest Consciousness Existence
I get it and I honor each of us, our Sovereignty, our Divine Essence and our chosen journeys
to returning to FULL PRESENCE as PURE SOURCE LIGHT again
by exiting the unconscious matrix programs once and for all by saying "no" to old unconscious programs that try to play out again.

Y/Our highest aspects of us are not only fully abundant, WE lack for nothing at all
Our beliefs, mentalities and inner connectedness dictate our every experience here
Unity-Love-Consciousness RETURNS US ALL to full infinite everything
Separation keeps us in the old lack stories that become EXCUSES for not standing in our POWER therefore creating an EXPERIENCE where UNIFICATION AS LOVE is unable to occur
When my heart closes, my own fears and lack re-enter that which I call reality 
and I create this to again experience here
The only way to TRANSCEND these programs is to recognize them and to refuse
to keep perpetuating and supporting them with our ENERGY and reSOURCES here
Because every time I/WE do, we go back to sleep and re-enter an unconscious state of amnesia again

Each one of us are RESPONSIBLE for saying "no" 
From a place of Pure Love inside
To stop supporting unconscious programs that represent separation from SOURCE LOVE here
Where I participate in lack, then it's not your program, it's mine
and I now understand that we are no longer here to enable unconscious lack mentalities anymore
For you are just an aspect of me
Showing me what I still hold inside of me
In order for all of us to return to full consciousness again.

Because I love you, I hold you to the highest state of consciousness too
Because you deserve it, even if you don't believe it yet, I do.
Because I love you.... ♥
As you are me and I am you.
BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, I reflect love back and honor your choice to finally love yourself fully too.
BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, I now allow you the full experience of fully loving you like I do... ♥
Through choosing your own SOUL FIRST and allowing your YOUniverse to support you fully too

It's not that you are not supported, it's that your heart has been closed
and you separated off from you
and I realize that by loving you from my purest state, my own Soul
I assist you in REMEMBERING this in order to re-connect with your own Soul from deep inside of you again too

It is time for all of us to REMEMBER.... 
Yet ALL OF OUR HEARTS and MINDS must be open fully for each of us to accomplish this. ♥
I CHOOSE to create the SPACE and I hold ALL as LOVE
I choose to anchor MORE LOVE by saying no to the old
What you choose to do is totally up to you
For your reality is yours, as is mine...
Oneness means I see you as your beautiful, Divine, Pure, Abundant and Powerful Soul,
yet I can also see where you choose to allow your own human-separation-ego
playing out self-created realities of less
until you are ready to transcend all of this energy from deep within
and as YOU ARE READY to RETURN to full love consciousness in every moment too!

As you do, you won't claim those lack mentalities anymore
Because you will also realize this was not loving to you or anyone
And that the opposite of what used to be true is now true
It's not what your head says anymore
It's your connection, on a SOUL LEVEL
and what you CHOOSE IN EVERY MOMENT here. ♥

I love you. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc., is a Globally recognized Ascended Master and Multi-Dimensional Wayshower, Author and Transformational Speaker here to assist with Global Consciousness, Awakening to Remembering, Physical Ascension and the Embodiment of Pure Divine Powerful Essence Light.

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