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Contradictions Of The Light Kind

Contradictions Of The Light Kind

It is not new news here at A Gift from Gaia that the once believed spiritual arena will now begin to dismantle, it has to my loves because it wasn’t created in light, it was created from the baseline frequency we were to surf in the Piscean Age, and the age has shown us our fear, our control, manipulation, greed, sacrifice and separation, the point to it all was to heal the separation and come back to the Divine Alignment in the heart. This was only possible at the latter phases of the Piscean age, and we are now in the phases in which the old is unveiled for it to dissolve so that the new can come forward.

And here we are……

I have been made aware of the incoming breakdown of the Kundalini Yogi, an apparent Master, Bhajan and with this awareness the reverberation of such a huge following is now greatly disturbed and ready to dissolve and so to assist I plan to create a video that will cover a great deal of information regarding misaligned practices and beliefs, and will include the great mystery of the kundalini experience which is in fact the very opposite to what you have been fed so far, its actually a very subtle experience that is filled with wisdom, because it is this connection that provides such an expanded band wave into the cosmic mind, and trust me, if these Kundalini experts had a kundalini experience then they wouldn’t teach what they currently teach because they would discover the misalignment for themselves and then cease to continue to prove their work works, because it doesn’t.

This is the point and this is the space in which I feel its time for each to consider the truth of the knowledge that has been taken as truth. These Guru’s, those who teach enlightenment and have made their name, they have practiced what they have preached for many years, correct?
Have they reached enlightenment? No, they have however made a huge pile of cash that enables them (currently) to live a life we have been programmed to see as abundant.
What I do know is every time there is more light being received on this planet something reverberates on the world stage that causes more unveiling, this is something I have witnessed with the keys from The Alignment Program, every single time the new codes are brought into the reality something BIG unveils and today more comes to light of the misplaced value that has been put into this particular Yogi, whilst we are now anchoring the Divine Goddess abundance codes, interesting.
I do not know his financial situation however its easy to see that the Kundalini Market is worth millions, and with this crashing, the great news is, people becomes free, energy becomes free and abundance can move out of the voids and begin to be spread more evenly into the places and spaces that are worth the value, for our collective growth. This unveiling is such an abundant gift, the confusion that now floods this teaching can/will deliver instant closure and enable the seekers to turn and find light, the enlightened path.

So let’s briefly look at some of the beliefs commonly held, clearing chakras doesn’t bring enlightenment, in fact it’s a pacifier belief and all will be explained in the video.

Mind over matter, putting the physical body through endurance poses, heat and so on is utter nonsense, it brings separation, IN THE WAY its currently taught, the point is yes, the body can do some super powerful things however this can be achieved through the heart and can become something super human once its understood properly, the mind will only take you so far, take this journey through the heart and we will all see exactly what enlightenment brings to this planet – all in good time humans, we’ve got a way to go yet. It is possible, our ancients have left the symbology to enlighten us here.
Breathing and movement, yes, of course is exactly part of the health required for enlightenment but if we are following a toxic root, such as the codes of a yogi tied up in lies and a sex scandal, it matters not how you try to dissolve the discord, the truth is the energy and the codes continue within, instead we breath and move as our body requests, just as the very first person did when they brought through yoga. Having a healthy body is as essential as having a healthy mind and a clear energetic channel, these are the three plates I speak of and it is the keys shared here that provide the wisdom of how to do this.
It matters not about knowledge, especially of anything learned from the Piscean Age and most especially about the God idea, about angels and ascended masters, in fact when I experience a person in my reality talking of how much they know about these apparent celestial creatures all I hear is the human crying out “I don’t understand my separation” and my field responds with love to fill those gaps, which always brings space for the opportunity to release or defend, expand or loop.
Healing, it cannot be done until the core program that creates the dis-ease has been realised and released, otherwise we continue to loop by creating the same old same old.

Enlightenment isn’t about what you know, it is all about who you are and therefore the field you hold, it is first about the programming, the beliefs and the blindness, and it is the great unveiling within, which then leads onto the most miraculous healing, and beyond this, well I cannot really answer because there is not one human on this earth that has landed enlightenment, but we are getting ever closer, we are experiencing miraculous healing, we are beginning to understand the truth of alchemy and its beginning to materialise in the physical reality with ease.

You will know when you find the path to enlightenment because it is not about finding tools to become masters in, it is about becoming the Master of Mind, Physical and Energy, so if there is to be any belief held of what is required for the path of enlightenment then perhaps I can enlighten this space with what I found to be most beneficial.

The Cosmic Laws, and bringing those through into the field of the mind and clearing that space, grounding the laws into the reality and holding the frequency and then finally, and what enables me to navigate and share as I do, to then become the most possible pure channel for the Divine Energy to come through, so that it teaches me and I am not translating it, and this is what you all have been receiving from the reports shared.

Are we on a path of light here? Well its most definitely an enlightening experience for those who choose to use The Alignment Keys, there is no longer sickness, dis-ease, the reality is super supportive and this never flickers, the abundance codes are now being received and low and behold abundance is proving to be everywhere, mind clear, physical body/reality getting super strong and experiences just keep on expanding.
Chakras are clear, kundalini flows constantly and with ease, no reactions, no outpours, no bleed outs.

And we have only just begun! These keys started emerging in 2017, we are expanding!

Play with your contradictions, see the attachments and notice where the toxic seeds are still growing through. No one can change a core teaching, no one can grow what was created by another, it can only ever be a diluted version and the proof is a huge globe of a pudding, it didn’t work…..
Food for thought, and then follow the light, we know where we are heading!

Next KEY please!!

A Gift From Gaia
My mission in this moment is to contribute to humanity and assist in raising the vibration here on Gaia, it is my number one passion and there is nothing more that I love than making a difference and creating a ripple of change across the globe. In this space, here at A Gift from Gaia, you will find many light gems that I share and also regular energetic reports that are crucial when committing to your light path.
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