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Cosmic Consciousness - What is This?

Cosmic Consciousness What is This?

Dealing With The Current Upgraded Energies.

Blessings Everyone,

We are in a time now of upgraded energies coming in more and more often, making this the norm instead of the abnormal.

We still have times of being in the 3D regular energy world but with so many raising their  consciousness, we are dealing with upgraded consciousness all the time now.

What is upgraded cosmic consciousness?

Upgraded consciousness is the next phase of human that we are morphing into.

Here is an example… have you noticed time has sped up in the last few years ? If you have this is a sign of upgraded consciousness.

The higher we go in consciousness/ intuitiveness/ psychic abilities, the more time seems to slip away. The higher realms exist in no time, and this is the exact time we are moving into. NO Time.

Whatever attributes the higher realms have this is what we are upgrading to as humans are now accelerating very fast.

Some of the things many will experience in the future are instant knowing… this means knowing if something is truth or false immediately.

What comes along with this is being repulsed by anything that is not truth and not being able to listen or be around it.

The 3D world is filled with both truth and lies, yet many have not known what is a lie and what is not, as this new ability kicks in for many they may have issues with how to maneuver within this.

As a psychic, I have been in this mode of upgraded cosmic awakening for more than 25 years now and here is my advice.

Listen at all times to your inner voice, the inner voice is that of the Creator and all that is. You will have to train yourself to listen very closely as this inner voice will give you directions on your life and the choices you should make. Then take action based on the inner voice not on your thoughts.

The inner voice and your inner thoughts are completely different and you will have to learn one from the other.

With time, you will see one is your thoughts/ regular voice and one is that of the creator urging you to make the right choices. You can think of this as your conscience, those without access to their conscience will have a harder time with this and it will take them longer to make the move forward because they are not used to listening to this.

Remember though, what the creator wants you to do may not be what you want to do, the creator will see the big picture as to your soul’s purpose and why  you are here, so many of these paths may be difficult but this is where evolving happens. Those who take the easy road through live do little evolving and this will not end up to help their souls purpose.

As an upgraded human you will have access to other life forms as I do. You will be able to start to see beyond this dimension, space and time and will not be limited to the 3D world. When this starts to happen it is shocking, yet we must remember this is our path and what we signed up for.

We agreed to take risks, for higher rewards in evolvement and to help all life and the planet evolve beyond the 3rd dimension and into the 12th.

Love Diane

Diane Canfield: Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert
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