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Death And Dying

Death And Dying

'Dying is the last falling asleep of your body to wake up on the level of the spirit', says this wonderful message. And today, as the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the memory of its departed, a look beyond the horizon is particularly salutary. The question is, "What comes next?" The following message from the book LIGHT 2 deals with this, gives confidence, makes traditional religious ideas about dying fade away and reveals death as the greatest illusion.

Primordial Source of Being

Dying is birth into being

into your eternal spirit. Death is an illusion!

You don't want to die if you think you're actually going to die.

If you believe that a "wiping out" of your existence will result, then you cannot let go and indulge in this transformation.

It is also the fear of the unknown, of what is to come, that prevents you from letting this process happen calmly and in the knowledge of things as they are.

Let go

Once you know you live on, there is no fear and dying is birth. The transition to a new way of being. With joy!

Through your understanding and comprehending of the connections, you gain about your true nature.

Dying is like falling asleep. are you afraid of it Hardly likely; since this process is familiar to you, you gladly surrender to fatigue. To wake up in the dream plane.

Dying is the 'last falling asleep' of your body to wake up at the spirit level of your min, your eternal spirit.

The shedding of the body is liberation, and the process of dying is transformation. Like that of the caterpillar to the butterfly.

Peel yourself out of the limitations of this reality of experience in order to ascend into the eternal freedom of the spirit. What you leave behind is your ego.

If you identify with it too much, you cannot let go. The stronger your bond with your ego, the harder it is for you to achieve the calm serenity that makes this process what it is: a joyful event as you come back into full awareness.

Death creates fear where fear is lived. If you find your joy, your “last” transformation into grandeur and light will also happen.

The closer you get to your spiritual lineage, your spiritual essence, the more perfect and lighter this exit from your body will be.

Slipping into your dimension of being is a celebration!

By dissolving and releasing patterns that keep you from your perception, you reach your comprehensive self-awareness.

And "dying" occurs at the level of the Self. There is nothing you cannot do without or that you do not want to part with.

You let go and enter the reality of your eternal spirit. The expression of solid physicality is taken from you.

You are spirit and being. You are who you have always been.

There are so many fears and insecurities associated with dying that it is imperative to gain clarity about them.

You will receive this as soon as you allow yourself to be more than a body and that behind the ideas, blockages and fears your true nature is waiting to be released.

Taking away the fear of "dying" so that people can come to life - because life is eternal. From the beginning of time, from eternity to eternity.

Death is a deception!

Seeing through this brings you life.

Understanding your true dimension to bring out your purpose, your tasks and your development opportunities.

Death is life - in a different form. And dying is being born into this other being. into your being.

Into your comprehensive, multidimensional and all-encompassing consciousness. You drop all limitations.

If you develop your consciousness in this reality of life in such a way that you do not only consist of "flesh and blood", you gain familiar access to your diversity. You know the assignments and the connections.

You have a body, but you are not the body.

Once your mind catches that, the tension - around death and dying - escapes.

Death is an illusion! All life is eternal!

That is why it is so necessary that you open yourself to the light. To get into your heart From there you make the right assignments.

In your heart are all the answers.

Your heart knows about dying and death. Your heart knows how the universe works. If you get into your heart, you get into knowledge.

This experience assures you that you are spirit and that your body is the temple in which your spirit dwells for as long as you are here.

Care for your temple, but be ready to give it up when your hour comes.

Be ready to go back to where you came from. Be ready to let go when Father calls you.

Nothing dies because everything is constantly changing. Nothing is lost or "dies".

You are light

Even on the denser levels of being.

You take on different forms as you change your clothes. But you are always you! who you are

Your eternal being is hidden behind every expression. And that's what we need to see through now.

The closer you get to this experience, the more natural your approach to dying and death becomes.

Your life determines your death and this new birth.

Death is an illusion!

Be ready, beloved - you are entering into the eternal love of God.

So clarify your ideas and false assumptions about it. Release your fears. Look and don't deny anything!

Set yourself free to wake up in the morning as a living example that death does not exist.

Permeated by light and love and in an eternal, conscious connection to the original source of being.

Of all-encompassing,
eternal and living love.

Translation by

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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