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Divine Order

Divine Order


The words I woke up to whilst a very fat cosmic spider drifted from my dream state.
Those who know me understands what it means when I see her, we have only met 3 times previously, it's a yearly thing, I never know when, there hasn't yet been a pattern I can identify however what I can tell you is there is great change whenever she is present.

This time she was fat, real plump, she is about to multiply, there is MORE coming.

I feel so far away from "the new is coming" as we now know this is simply a process of renewal, rejuvenation, expansion, a constant unravelling or discovery depending on the frequency view point, and so imagining her releasing MORE, her babies feels like a message, a gush of MORE is entering.

And what entered yesterday with this highly magical stream of solar wind that appears to have no core or root, how very interesting that something so rare should happen during this crucial tipping point.
Too many patterns, repeats, loops are being viewed, too many astrological and celestial patterns matching and joining up past and present giving us the runway to take off in a new future direction.

We have learned, we have seen enough, and we now choose to change what we don't like at the root level.

This means physical and mental change, so that our energy will show up, as we walk the talk, being the example, knowing that all change comes from within.

Being. NOW being present, choosing to make Conscious steps, AWARE of everyTHING in each moment with the only agenda to care, to care that the light is able to flow through, and this can only be possible through a respectful and responsible vessel, released of the fear, the judgement and the need to try and fix, change or battle with the powers of the Universal Laws.

This planet is simply our mirror, don't waste your energy trying to fix our own mirror through wishing and praying it away, it's a gift, that's the old Piscean Era way, the Aquarian way is much more detached than this, it sees the truth, the data in the field, it reads it and installs the new behaviour required to experience the desired outcome.
The Aquarian Age is responsible, whilst it recognises the individual it now sees the wider picture of the All, and through this gives the opportunity for each to be responsible through choice...don't like the experience, then shift, from within, change the frequency, remove the limiting programs and distorted patterns.

I mentioned previously that the spiritual communities sending huge amounts of non acceptance for the Divine Order we are witnessing will fan the flames, it is a fan of resistance to how it NOW works in the new era that is entering.

And what do we see, a little bit of rain, enough to raise hope and smash it on the rocks with now two raging fires likely to join as one, and cause a mega raging fire. The prayer to not accept the gift of reflection intensifies the reflection, why, because they can't see it yet, theyre not changing the frequency from the core, each resisting the "nature of our learning", on every level that those words means.

Piscean's pray
Aquarians shift

It's the transition from one era to another...try it and see

It's all about connection and the piscean was all about separation

This is so simple to see, too obvious to bear at times as you witness the world go into their curve of learning and the chaos, the slow motion magic begins and this slow excitable energy intensifies because of the lack of speed, we get to feel it coursing through our vessels.

Can you feel it today after that crack and solar wind, the ghost wind I'm going to call it as it appeared from "nowhere", once I would have called this a divine coincidence now it's a neon GO sign and we have definitely awoken to a whole new field to play in.

When the gridkeepers expand it does bring extra light to the field, which means more for the unconscious to resist, again, the chaos in the magic.

The more open the more expansive this all gets we are so not used to these solar energies since being deep in a Grand Solar Minimum, so this level of growth feels so vast, so much data pours in, quantum leap's, timeline flips, complete newness enters, you've just got to be emotionally, mentally and physically able to receive, which means figuring out how these patterns all work and operate and being fully detached from the old, way and belief associated.

The phases of destabilise, dump, stabilise will become rapid, gone are the months required, the data speeds of this 5th generation is super fast expansion and learning if you choose. The light age is here, where everything happens super quick, at light and sound speeds because this is the language we are now choosing to use and it's living up to what it says on the tin.

My personal field has just taken the most gigantic quantum leap of my entire journey so far and I'm super excited for how this now moves, and yet it's something that keeps me very much in the now, more connected, more support, more togetherness, completed unification so that this ship can fly to the next stop, and I've got some extras onboard who made the choice too.


This is reflective of the trines that our moon is making with the Capricorn Council, specifically Saturn, Mercury and Pluto have been triggering us all, it's hitting my natal map like I'm a professional darts player all of a sudden, bullseye after bullseye, there's some shaking and some cracking between each throw though, learning to stabilise within the new higher levels of pressure.

This is all new angels, this hasn't been achieved like this before, it's a new era remember, it's not been written and it's an entire new direction.

We are pioneers

Ok more planetary news the big man in the skies Jupiter is now about to pass the window of karmic release South Node.

Bang and the dirt is gone, unless you can't be bothered, unless your using those mucky old cloths and expecting to get clean shiny windows again, creating thicker and thicker layers as you go until....ooops, it's no longer seen so it's thought the drama doesn't exist.

Avoidance tactics will be brought down hard within the mind in these new frequencies, this means the collective unconscious will be raising it's stress and mental health levels.
Anxiety being a driving force to keep the reactors reacting until they finally combust themselves.

Opportunity to heal and awaken begins through combustion

But whilst Jupiter Conjuncts the South node he is of course opposite the North, the incoming can be seen, it's over the other side, but it's incoming nonetheless and you can see it if you look because Jupiter is a great expander, or magnifier.

This is BIG

BIG Quantum Leap available NOW, in the NOW

And in order to surf this it is super important to raise your physical body vibration.

We require LIGHT everything to match, light food, light water, light feeds.
Our bodies immediately go into resistance because it's unknown so the defense rises in the muscular system, relax it down checking in regulary throughout the day.
Nature is crucial.
Stay open

I've also decided to open the SoulAr Alignment space up for anyone feeling the pull to unite and receive the keys, I wasn't going to do this before the website however I've had a large number of emails and people ask to join. So if you would like to learn to surf as we do then please don't click to join the Facebook page, please email us at connect@agiftfromgaia to discuss.

But for NOW, keep the focus, Divine Order is taking care of reflecting the collective unconscious and if you want the conflict to end, remove it within you, if you want the fires to end then begin the purification and deprogramming and join The Alignment.

So much love to All

A Gift From Gaia
My mission in this moment is to contribute to humanity and assist in raising the vibration here on Gaia, it is my number one passion and there is nothing more that I love than making a difference and creating a ripple of change across the globe. In this space, here at A Gift from Gaia, you will find many light gems that I share and also regular energetic reports that are crucial when committing to your light path.
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