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Don’t Feed The Trolls


As we move into our enlightenment, we are learning to trust.  What are we trusting?  Our feelings.  As experts in energy holding (which we no longer are required to do) and energy moving and transmuting, we are adept at recognizing when energies are not in balance.  We can spot the energy feeding trolls.

But if we don’t trust those sensitivities now, we can get hit hard, emotionally and physically.  If something doesn’t feel right to us, whether it’s an emotion generated from our mind, or whether it’s from someone else’s energies, we know it. The difference now is we don’t take it personally.

Earlier on, when we were energy holders, and we took on others’ unresolved issues, we had a hard time distinguishing our feelings from theirs.  We downloaded so much that wasn’t ours to begin with.  We were processing for others and for the planet.  Even if we weren’t consciously aware of it.

And it was totally appropriate.

But those who are in the forefront of this transformation, and if you resonate with this blog, you are….we are no longer required to hold energies.  In fact, we can’t move into our freedom if we continue to do that.  There is a beautiful purpose to letting go on so many levels of our past, our DNA, our old stories.

We are setting free our past, our families, our ancestors, mass consciousness….and ourselves.

And the benefits of setting free all of it is we get to play in any energies we choose and we never feel stuck ever again.  But it’s essential to set free the pain and suffering.  The sympathy and even the empathy.

And to some that sounds like we are trying to get a free ride.  The reality that we are now here in a different capacity translates to some as being lazy light-workers.  Like we are freeloading and living off the hard work of the true pioneers.

And sometimes we may get caught up in the rhetoric being spun by some new age communities, that there is a battle going on between the light and the dark, between good and evil.  There is a faction of lightworkers who have not allowed themselves to put down their swords.  They are enjoying being spiritual warriors.

They like feeling they are defending the light.  And that they have no choice because they are being controlled by the powers to be, which in this case, is their own I AM.  They have a mission and anyone else who is not doing the same is just dead weight.

They think they are separate from the matrix of 3D but they are still using 3D concepts, duality, to define who they are.

As long as they believe there is something to fight, or to push for, that is as duality as you can get.  And it’s because they are still projecting their own shadow out onto whatever they believe they need to push at or overcome.

There is a part of them that still enjoys playing the victim.

So as we move into more awareness, we can spot the energy imbalances a mile away, whether they are from others of from our own mind.  Because even though we are transforming our old energy mind, we still have some old patterns that try to maintain control.

The part that thinks there is something to overcome, or to push against.  But it’s just old programming being played out.

So sometimes we curse all our sensitivities to energy, rightly so.  It can be tiring, and frustrating.  But they serve us especially going forward.  Those sensitivities assist us to stay in balance.  We don’t get so battered about by energies like we used to.

We know what is ours and what is not.  We know we are in balance because if we got this far in the process, we are in balance.  So when anything comes into our life or our energy field, we know pretty quickly now, whether it’s something we want to wrestle with, or if it’s just an energy feeding troll.

We can trust ourselves.  And if we do, when it comes to our energies, the troll will have nothing to feed from.

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