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Each Moment is NEW ~ Or is it? How are YOU Living your Light?


One Moment we experience this…and even though it may feel familiar, the next moment it may be gone. It may be completely different.

The key to being aware, is beginning to recognize the patterns within us, that create a “standard” of how we want or expect things to be.

This needs to stay this way. That needs to never change. Can we expect to EVOLVE and continue to live with these outdated states of consciousness?

What are we actually holding on to things? Your house? Your car? That relationship?

OR do we embrace TRUE surrender by understanding if everything is suddenly gone, are we still in the same state of bliss? Or do we become insecure and grasp more tightly at the thought of this?

Abundance is Divine. It is a state of consciousness and if we have not fully entered into that state, we may experience LOSS TO SHOW us where and what we are still attached to.

Assuming we deserve this and that, is part and parcel of being in attachment and resistance.

We deserve Being our True nature, free from suffering. Because WE ARE already free.

We don’t deserve to strengthen our attachments based on our egos…

Yet ~ as we truly are FREE ~ the Divine Level of Everything magically comes to us.

You may wonder well if abundance is abundance how does it matter which way it comes to us?  Well this is where the attachment to only the appearance of the external, brings to LIGHT ~ the energy of the consciousness attaining whatever it attains.

In non attachment we gain everything. As we are FREE.

In Attachment we are never free. We have to have, we have to hoard. We have to gain. Or we are the victim, in our minds.

In freedom through the ETERNAL unification, there are no victims. There are no, I knew this or that would happen.

ITS front LINE Seats in the most amazing, not knowing what will happen, action film, where we are playing the lead role. Its adrenaline pumping first everything. That child like state that does not demand or deserve anything ~ except not being in the KNOW. AS NOTHING  is expected…ALL is anticipated. The difference is palpable in its frequency.

When the insecurities that are our excuse for holding on (attachments to outcome) ~ shatter and dissolve, be ready. You will be living in the moment then, through your Heart. You will be consciously embodying your Original Light.

Then, ALL will be new and nothing will be as you imagined. It will be far greater!

Be your Light in its Purest Eternal Form.

There is nothing to gather or save.

ONLY to experience.

And in the Freedom of the Purest level of this, You Gain and experience everything. Beyond your Wildest Dreams.

Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian™
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