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Holy Cow…

holy cow

This has this been a time to go silent… observe… discern… allow and process.  To shift… to stabilize… to shift again…  To let go/take a break/re-evaluate.  Oh truth always surfaces/sticks.  

It can feel like a teeter-totter.  Back and forth… and for what can seem like days/weeks.  Releasing expectations/pressure/energy.  Coming to terms or seeing/feeling what is your real/truth.  Ah… finding that sweet spot and balance.

And for some this may seem like a dip back into a reality or dark side.  Yet we know the power in this.  We question… ponder… align… and shine.  I awoke one morning singing, The facts of life 

   (amazed I even knew the words).  We do take the good and bad, the facts (your dynamics) of life are about you.  Amazing you… and us… and now.  This not a time to worry.  Nor beat self up/wrack the brain… but to see… feel… breathe and relax.

So again realizing, we often do take this journey too serious.  It is about baby steps/layers and having fun/living life.  Oh how our mind craves understanding (one of many human desires) yet… it can be so/soul simple.  Just open your heart (and mind)… as it is the gateway.

Interesting the signs, too, as this is also a time of filling in the cracks and mending fences.  And to allow duplication of experiences/messages yet on a deeper level.  What was before unconscious, to now be known and seen in light.  To make conscious… and this can make all the difference.

Oh this has been a time of revelations.  Often we make changes, are willing… yet, go with Spirit – which is often about the long range plan.  While yes, we are quantum jumping ahead, a-ha’s/signs at times are just that and don’t always mean that instant/large change will materialize.  Often we build in stages.  The desires though cause one to consider, look around, get ready and re-evaluate.  So whether small or large (or what seems like no change) – appreciate.

I will say that the energy of March may hold a few punches.  Possibly felt as an upgrade/healing/body adjusting.  There’s been an organ (stomach, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, spleen, intestines) and coremuscles process that has been running for a few weeks now.  One may also feel shaky… or needing rest, feeling chilled or chi/heat running, etc.  The ascending symptom list yet at a much higher/deeper level.

One may also often feel the higher heart/mind/body energy.  And many are also healing fight or flight … and pulling in more of the Mother (Teresa) aspect.   Patience and unconditional love.

We are building/allowing new aspects and with Easter (symbolism/gate) just around the corner, a merge/embodiment of anew.  What is to be absolute.  And… this may be a time to be restored to a happier time/place… possibly even beliefs and ways.  U-turns are happening and this can be perfect, done in grace and knowing.  For many this journey has been about sampling many paths and discovering what brings you joy.

As I was wondering on a topic, Spirit chimed in and asked why I was being a pot stirrer.  LOL!!  The definition of this is to add drama where there doesn’t need to be.  Ohh.  Yet…  all moments serve and assist.  I do think many of us stir the pot/don’t let much settle.  This can be a good or not so good thing depending upon the situation.

So stay connected… oh this journey is about relationships.  A larger/collective shift is happening.  One day you will wake up and may feel the same yet… then you see all has been restored.  Things are different.  Other pieces have shifted.  Your job is to continue to make/be peace and anchor your Heaven on Earth.  Clear space, work on any issue as it presents, remember/allow verses push – let it happen verses trying/making it happen.  Believe in the ease, sync’s, miracles and right time-place.  We stay high and the Universe handles the details. 


Molly Brown is an empath, intuitive, medium and channel. A spiritual blogger, author and teacher who believes in angelic signs and the power of life lessons, relationships, personal healing, light and LOVE. She wishes to inspire, encourage and empower others on their journey. Molly is a blessed to be a mother and significant other and loves time in nature, music, cooking, and laughing. source here

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