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In this Moment, the Universe Wants...

In this Moment, the Universe Wants You to Know...

It is common for life’s most hurtful and aggressive reactions to stem from some form of disappointment. When we're disappointed, a condition of expectation leads us to resent another person for not measuring up to an imagined standard we need the other to hold in order to feel whole. While it can seem as though the disappointments others embody are the reasons why lack remains active, it is resolved when shifting the expectations projected onto others into what one expects from oneself.

As expectation is drawn inward, instead of projected outside of us, the next step in this sacred unraveling can be the devastation of seeing that not even you, the one with inner expectations, can meet such demands.

If faced with openness, while often enduring barrages of self-judgment along the way, expectations are seen to be set-ups for human suffering and can be dissolved through the power of greater self-acceptance.

You may not like the limitations here to be accepted, how unworthy they make you feel, or how easily others may reject you as a result. Once you’ve met yourself so honestly, there is nothing anyone can hold over your head or anything you need from another-- simply because a renewed depth of self-acceptance helped you uncover the true wholeness that can always be accessed through a deeper, more loving, and honest relationship with Self.

From this space, there is no need to criticize other people’s edges or be in relationships where anyone’s potential is confused with the reality at hand. Especially because the 'threat' of being alone simply gives you more time to be honest, encouraging, and compassionate with yourself, as space is cleared for new, more supportive characters to enter your field. When the end result of most outcomes is bringing you into deeper harmonious communion with yourself, there is no need to project expectations onto others or use other people’s behavior as justification for acting out of pain. From this space of conscious accountability, you are able to love yourself too deeply to harm another person, while developing a refined level of intuition that knows what is or isn’t good for you, so not to invite other people’s patterns to use your heart as their newest hiding spot.

May this newsletter offer your heart some sweet support, and a fresh reminder that my heart is always with you.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

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