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Mercury Retrograde August 12th, 2017 ~ September 5th, 2017 ~ Preparing For CHANGE


Wow!!!!!  Prepare! Organize! Clean, Complete! Get READY!!

Coming around FULL CIRCLE!!!

This Mercury Retrograde (helps you with internal focus) is a powerful ONE for your benefit, to GO deeply WITHIN, and prepare.

Prepare, complete, finish things started…The POWERFUL Solar Eclipse and New Moon on August 21st, will BE very powerful with sudden changes that will last for six months.  I will write more on that soon!

For now ~ get things in order, so to speak.

What have you started ~ but not completed? What needs to be organized? Is there something ending in your life? On August 21st that suddenly changes? Make room for new beginnings. By completing what you have started.

Are you ready for a new start? A New way of life? How are your relationships? Ready for Change?

This INNER DIRECTED influence of Mercury Retrograde, encourages you TO SLOW DOWN. Take stock. Reevaluate. Readjust. Complete what is not yet finished.

When we take a pilgrimage to WHAT WAS ~ and renew and let go of the past, doorways within us open as our Blueprint is Activated. With what is next…Everything is ENERGY. Make room for the new.

Complete WHAT was…STARTED.

Perfect ~ going with the flow of this ~ MERCURY RETROGRADE.

Yes for some, slowing down is CHALLENGING .

ALL things are possible, the key is go with the Divine INNER FLOW, of your HEART.

YOU KNOW deep inside when you are ready for the new and what is left to be completed.

TRUST the FLOW ~ IT IS NOT  against you. Going against the flow, is what is painful. TRYING to create through the mental body.

Flowing through the HEART THAT rules your thoughts, is when you become fully awakened to the FLOW of your Eternal Divine Presence. Live there. Be in a permanent moment to moment AWARENESS of your Presence.

BREATHE consciously in all moments and NOW.

Feel and receive.

I FLOW in Divine timing with my Divine ASCENDED Being and Presence.

IN ALL moments I know myself only as DIVINE.

I Identify with my Eternal Light.

I Live and BREATHE as eternity itself.

I Am The Glorious Light of my Divine Presence in all moments NOW.

I Am not waiting for anything. I Arrive and feel and KNOW what is eternal NOW.

I LIVE through that inner knowing of MY True Self. My Divine Self.

There is nothing to wait for ONLY to BE and enter consciously into, NOW.

Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian™
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