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The Vast Importance of Now

The Vast Importance of Now

Beloved Hearts,

All Hearts, Higher Self, Soul, and I AM Presence is being called to band together (in body,) as HUmanity experiences the most rapid acceleration to date. Four 26,000-year cycles has brought us to the altar of what shall be known as the Great HUman Awakening…an event put into motion 100,000 years ago.

Under the auspices of The Elohim, a Creation Council was assembled to re-createthe human template stuck in endless cycles of 3D re-incarnation, who through a long evolutionary process of awakening, would have the ability to at last experience themselves as a Sovereign and Free Divine HUman, never again trapped nor enslaved.

Via Love, wisdom, intent, vision, collaborative creation, human DNA re-weaving and through sound, frequency and Light, the Spark of God and ALL Potential and more of every Star Nation in these 12 dimensions… a New HUman each with a unique Soul signature and Soul song was created and set in motion to evolve for a specified period of time. WE have reached that specified period of time. WE the awakened and awakening, are about to be set free.

This, for those who have dissolved and evolved into BEings of pure intent and Love and capable of holding stable the frequency and vibration of peace, Love, joy, open-heartedness and neutrality through the chaos, triggers and revelations that were long known would occur in this pronounced evolutionary cycle and accompany the end times of a polarized consciousness and the beginning of a United One.

The end of the old order of Life, as we are experiencing, necessitated a bridge, *The Rainbow Bridge that links two independent rails into a fully functioning whole down which spiritual truth may descend and the aspirants of the world may climb. (Definition from The Rainbow Bridge Antahkarana.)

Some have crossed the bridge, some are in the middle of the bridge and some, through devotion right now to ones evolution which includes knowing and holding solid their Sovereignty and Freedom No Matter What Anyone puts into a temporary motion or decides during this completion, shall ascend/descend while in physicality surrounded by peace and Grace. (The unawakened shall have their wave of ascension as well.)

What we experience during this chaotic ending does not and cannot touch us in our Sovereign God Center unless we touch it first and turn it into yet another belief system. And why would we do that when the greatest influx of Light in our history is about to enter into US changing our lives forever.

Right Now We Must Rise, Realize and Choose.

We are not being called to surrender during this time. We are called to BE the Light, Love and Power of God We Are. To Remember Who WE Are… who YOU are… and to use every particle or moment of energy from above or below, to dissolve the story and activate and expand the Truth of your BEing and commitment to it. This Now is also prime time to recognize who you are not Beloveds and neutralize the entirety of it all even if it is in motion.

God had a plan. Every Star Nation and Angelic Hierarchy in these 12 Dimensions lent themselves to the plan. Trust it. Let this ahead be not only the last of illusions you engage with… though the time to recognize the profundity of Who You Are and why you came here…to honor the courage it took and the faith…to recognize the great Love not only that you hold within you, though that you have for Humanity, Gaia, God and the entirety of the Cosmos in this Galaxy. Or, you would not BE here.

You Are Sacred Beloved One beyond your knowing perhaps, still it is Truth. Use these concluding months as we come upon the Solstice to listen to what is in your heart, to rise above what ruffles you, to ‘use’ stillness consciously and refuse to let the world external invalidate the powerful Sovereign God BEing you are, nor lure you into divide ever again.

Private Sessions

I continue to do Private Sessions for those who need but a slight shift of awareness here and there until Dec. 3, 2020.

If guided and in accordance to the above please Email me at  with contact number, time zone and best time to contact you.

Also, details on the 11:11 Global Gathering shall be forthcoming.

Infinite Love and Deep Blessings to Each and ALL,

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