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Why Ascension to 5D is So Near (But Still So Far Away)

Why Ascension to 5D is So Near (But Still So Far Away)

Why won’t it just happen?

You’re tired of all this talk of Ascension.

It’s been promised for so long now, and it’s beginning to drag on much longer than you ever thought possible

First, it was 2012 then, 2015, then 2017 and nothing’s happened…

And now here we are at the tail end of 2019, and we’re being given yet more dates to hang our proverbial hopes on – 2022 and beyond…

Ascension is an incredibly exciting thing to be a part of, and I share all your enthusiasm for making the transition to the 5D Earth. But the reality of the shift is that although it is tantalisingly close in cosmic terms, there is still some way to go before we get there.

If you’ve been awake and on the spiritual path for any reasonable length of time, watching the same 3D matrix dramas play out may be more than a little tiring by now.

But it’s important not to fall into a mode of expectancy, waiting to be saved. Ascension is a co-creative process that requires your active participation, not your passive observation.

  • What is the Ascension to 5D and What Does it Mean for Humanity?
  • How Does Ascension Work?
  • 5D Ascension and the Fallacy of Linear Time
  • When will the Earth Ascend to 5D?
  • The Divergence of Timelines: Why the Ascension to 5D Will Be Unique for All of Us
  • The Key Fact to Remember About the Gateway to 5D
  • The Sun is the Portal to Ascension
  • How Do You Know If You’re Getting Closer to 5D Consciousness?
  • How the Ascension to 5D Has Already Begun (But You Haven’t Noticed Yet)

What is the Ascension to 5D and What Does it Mean for Humanity?

Ascension is a cyclical process of seeking enlightenment.

It is the ultimate goal of all journeys regardless of whether they are attached to a faith-based system or the result of independent study and spiritual development.

Ascension is a universal concept that does not hold bias towards sects of people. It is open to anyone and everyone and is an inevitable fact of our soul’s journey.

We began this path as a soul spark that separated from the original source-light of creation many millions of years ago. At the moment this decision was made you as the individuated aspect of consciousness you are now came into being.

You did this so you could know what true divinity is by letting go of your objective understanding, so you could integrate each concept that defines god-consciousness.

Each dimension we experience has its own overarching concept that must be integrated. Once it has, we then ascend to the next level and begin the learning process again with a new lesson.

Ascension is the ultimate goal of all souls incarnate. It the path of finding or way back to our true divine self, so we can exist and co-create with that source of power as equals.

How Does Ascension Work?

There are phases we must go through to be eligible for Ascension. We began our journey on the first 1st dimension of consciousness of the plant and mineral kingdom before moving onto the 2nd dimension of the animal kingdom.

We now find ourselves experiencing the 3rd dimension.

In this expression, we inhabit the hominid form of physicality, otherwise known as DNA skin suit technology. These bipedal vehicles are the most advanced form a species can evolve into and aren’t the preserve of human-kind on Earth.

This doesn’t make us better than any form of sentient life on the planet.

It is simply a stage in the development of all souls that are on the path of Ascension. We are no better than those in the mineral kingdom than a college student is better than kindergartener. It’s a meaningless comparison.

5D Ascension and the Fallacy of Linear Time

There is a good reason why we haven’t experienced the ascension event yet, and that is due to our insistence on measuring time in a linear fashion.

Ascension will not conform to specific dates, even from beings who are of a higher consciousness than our own. Time, like language, is a medium that is open to multiple different interpretations. And just as linguistic confusion can often occur in translation, the measure of time can also be hard to accurately translate from one concept to another.

The reason for this is the ‘length of time’ we rely on is rooted in the concept of linear – or sequential – time.

In actuality, time is a spherical concept. The past, present and future are all happening simultaneously as are many of the different potentialities and branch timelines that could play out in our own futures.

Time is a multi-dimensional construct. So to provide an accurate timeframe in which an event will take place is extremely hard to give – especially in the case of cosmic events.

It is a reductionist way of thinking. It’s like trying to communicate a complex algebra equation with only simple arithmetic.

In 5D and the higher dimensions, time is happening everywhere concurrently with itself. But in our limited view of how it operates, it is happening sequentially one event after the other.

The difference is quite dramatic and compounded even further by the perception of the passage of time in our 3D consciousness. Everything here moves at a much a slower vibratory rate compared to 5D, hence time appears to be moving slower, making predictions all the more difficult

You may have felt this shift beginning to take place through the quickening people have spoken of in the previous decade or so – the perceived speeding up of time.

When will the Earth Ascend to 5D?

Contrary to what popular Ascension timeline theorists are saying, there is no definitive time at which Ascension will place.

It will be different for all of us, and it is dependent on our active participation.

Although Ascension is a galactic and universal event, it is not something that is beyond our control or influence. In fact, it relies on our direct participation to make it a reality.

Ascension isn’t a free ride, and isn’t as straightforward as waiting for the Sun to rise in the morning. Ascension to 5D is as inevitable as the sunrise, but unlike the Sun, it does not operate on a fixed/metronomic scale of time.

Ascension is not time-dependent – it is dependent on ours and the Earth’s vibratory frequency.

In practical terms, this makes Ascension a co-creative event. It will happen only when we start putting it into action by embracing our “I AM” Presence energy. The event isn’t something that will be gifted to us – it is something we must embrace with our actions and wish for change.

The mantle of responsibility rests with us.

The Divergence of Timelines: Why the Ascension to 5D Will Be Unique for All of Us

What has become clear as the subject of 5D and Ascension gains greater prominence, is the multi-dimensional aspect. Not just how it relates to time, but in how in the event itself will take place.

It might surprise you, but the ascension event we’re expecting in the coming decades – yes it really might be that long – has happened before and will continue to happen again and again.

If you’re familiar with people reporting communications with beings as high as 9D, then it stands to reason that they too will have gone through the ascension process of 5D leading up to 6D and above.

As Ascension is a cyclical process, all those who are ready to make the transition will do so when their own and the Earth’s vibratory energy are properly aligned.

For all those who aren’t ready to experience the shift or don’t want to in this lifetime, they will not be phased out of existence or meet any death-like experience.

They will continue to live on a 3D version of the Earth until they are ready to make their shift from 3D to 5D. This has been indicated time and again during my recent BQH sessions while in communication with Higher Self of the person in trance.

In fact, it’s been a remarkably consistent piece of information for several years now

But this doesn’t mean anyone is better or worse for not ‘achieving’ Ascension during this particular window. We are all on our own journeys that we have mapped out according to how we want to progress as souls.

The Key Fact to Remember About the Gateway to 5D

There are two answers to this question.

On the practical level – and as we’ve already hit on – the gateway to you experiencing 5D consciousness is yourself. It’s not the fancy metaphysical answer you may be hoping for, but it’s the truth. It all rests with you.

Your path to Ascension is determined by your actions in the here and now. It relies on you doing your inner work daily, striving to be a better version of yourself and raising your vibration. The aim is to become a vibratory match for the planet and for those who need help anchoring the light so they can also experience unity consciousness.

As someone aware of the Ascension, make no mistake, you have a significant role in facilitating the shift to 5D consciousness that is taking place.

It might not feel this way if you’re stuck in the daily grind of a job, but know you are a lightworker who is on the front line assisting the raising of vibration on this planet.

The Sun is the Portal to Ascension

When the event comes as a defined point in our linear time, it is the Sun that will represent the physical and tangible gateway

The Sun has been emitting enormous electromagnetic waves over the past 7-8 years. And as they’ve been washing over the planet, they’ve been creating incremental upgrades in our consciousness.

These waves are significant as they are affecting us on the DNA level, allowing us to reach higher levels of conscious awareness by unlocking our dormant memories and creating the potential for us to make the transition to full unity consciousness

And they will continue to happen progressively, raising both the frequency of us as sentient beings as well as the Earth, as we inch ever closer to the time of Ascension.

At present, these waves are invisible to the naked eye, and only those who are energetically sensitive might feel the energetic shifts. But when the event does take place, it will be on a much larger scale.

The Sun will go through a coronal mass ejection, which will be very visible to all those who’re ready to ascend. Our Earth will be enveloped in light, which will serve as the transitory function that assists us in making the 3D to 5D shift.

How Do You Know If You’re Getting Closer to 5D Consciousness?

The shift is taking place right now on the micro and macro levels of consciousness

It is happening in the way you’re challenging yourself to create new patterns in your life. The quickening towards Ascension may have caused you to make lots of small changes, but it also may have created huge paradigm-shifting events in your life.

You may have changed your job, left your partner, let go of toxic people, and even radically overhauled your diet.

When you put all these together, they have a compounding effect, resulting in a change that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In essence, you’re getting closer to 5D consciousness with every action and every decision you make is rooted in the vibration of love that embodies your I AM Presence.

How the Ascension to 5D Has Already Begun (But You Haven’t Noticed Yet)

You may look around you and feel the world hasn’t changed all that much.

There is clearly so much more work needed to change our attitude toward conservation of the planet – and one of one another.

But compared to just five years ago, there has been a huge leap in the awareness our actions are having on ourselves and the planet at large.

Veganism has shifted from being a moral decision to an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for many people. It is on a massive upward curve; one supermarket even saw a 300% increase in the sales of vegan products in 2018!

Marijuana laws are becoming more relaxed across not just across the United States, but worldwide, so much so that Thailand – famed for having incredibly strict drug laws – are looking to hold its first annual Ganja Festival in 2020.

The knock-on effect of that is the accessibility of CBD oil as an over-the-counter aid for cancer.

Biodegradable hemp plastics are also becoming a viable alternative to petro-plastics, which spells great news for the Amazon and other green areas of the planet

‘Woke Culture’ as it’s known in mainstream media is seeing greater and greater inclusivity amongst minority groups.

All of these actions are the result of and are contributing to the raising of consciousness.

There is a lot for us to be positive about. As a collective, we are challenging ourselves to be better than previous generations in an encouraging way.

So if you’re looking around wondering why you aren’t seeing more ascended masters walking down the street, or the restructuring of institutions for the betterment of the world at large, Ascension doesn’t happen that way

But it is happening.

The shift in consciousness that’s happening now wouldn’t have been possible not that long ago.

The quickening is taking place, but there is still so much chaos in the world that accompanies the growth spurts we’re experiencing, it can appear that nothing much is happening.

But cast your mind back to where the world was five years ago.

How much have you changed in the intervening period

Have your friends and family changed in ways you’d never thought possible?

How much has the world changed on the global level?

And how much more do you think you’ll have changed in another five years.

The Ascension to 5d is in full motion. You can either take the view that you’re waiting at the train station for it to arrive, or you can take the scenic route and enjoy everything in between getting to where you want to go on your own terms.

Sam Booomer
Sam’s work as a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner has led him to dedicate his life to helping other’s raise their vibration and embrace the best version of themselves. If you’re ready to explore yourself more deeply than you’ve thought possible, to release old traumas, and finally connect with your life’s purpose – you can. If you’re ready to take this incredible journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-mastery, I’d love it if you’d join me, and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

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