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The Big AHA

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If you are energy sensitive, you already know that something is UP.
But even if you’ve never been particularly sensitive to energy before, you know something is UP. Not because of what you read or hear about, and not because of anything that’s going on in your personal life, either. Those things are by-products of what’s up… one of which is the Schumann resonance.

Huh? What’s the Schumann resonance? (Some ask. Not all.)

It’s the heartbeat of our earth, measured by the peaks in the ELF (extremely low frequency) portion of earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. And in 2014, for the first time in documented history, the beat went up from a from a steady 7.83 Hz to a steady 8.7 Hz. Then it went way up, to a fluctuating (unsteady) range of 15-25 Hz!  

But that’s nothing NOW. Have you noticed how FAST the trajectory of your life has suddenly begun to change? How circumstances and events that would have taken years to gather enough frequency momentum to manifest suddenly seem to happen “out of the blue,”  so to speak? Not exactly out of the blue. Out of the earth.

According to the Russian Space Observing System’s website, last month (February 2017) the Schumann Resonance extended beyond the frequencies of 36 Hz.

 So what?  So it’s therefore no surprise that “time” has seemed to be speeding up, is it? Higher frequencies vibrate faster than lower ones, after all.
So all life on this planet resonates with with the Schumann resonance, including you.
So your own frequencies just shot up pretty high very fast.
Get it? Your entire bio/neuro/psycho/energy system is going through a massive and unprecedented upgrade.


So it does not mean you’re going crazy if your nervous system seems to be going haywire.
So you’re not falling apart if you seem to be losing your memory, your focus, your equilibrium, even your whole mind.
Nor do all the traumatic, confusing, and seemingly catastrophic things that have been happening mean that you have come to the end of your rope.
Not even if you feel hopelessly depressed and  teary for “no reason.”  (Ha.)
NO to all of that (although it is kinda true temporarily, but we aren’t going to go there thank you very much). 

NOW! What comes with a total systemic upgrade? A refined attunement to frequencies, of course. In other words, your sensitivity to energy is getting an overhaul.
For those who were born energy sensitive, you’ll appreciate the clarity this refinement will bring you enormously once your system adjusts.
For those who’ve never consciously been energy sensitive, you are NOW. That’s why you feel so… sensitive.


Congratulations. I mean, REALLYSince there’s also less and less of a “time gap” between what we pulse out and what we create, just imagine what would happen if you weren’t energy sensitive by NOW? Imagine what you might manifest in a single fit of rage, for example? (No, don’t. Don’t even think about it. The S**T is already hitting the fan, so don’t contribute anymore than you have to, please.)

Instead, understand that this is a HUGE deal, a MASSIVE transition, and I mean REALLY. The frequencies of everyone in our entire human collective en masse are attempting to rise into the higher range of our NEW milieu whether they know it or not (yet). That is not a choice, its physics at work– in particular, the laws of resonance– and one can’t choose not to honor them  anymore than one can choose not to honor the law of gravity. Thing is, a whole lot of people are clueless about this. Hence, there is a lot of volatility out there… no, there’s no “out there.” It is in our milieu, the air we live in… because everybody’s energy is agitated,  everybody’s lowest frequencies are coming UP, and nobody knows what to do with them.

Some are learning, though. Thank God. Most will eventually.
Be calm. Breathe. You are all right. It’s all an illusion. (I mean, REALLY, as long as you don’t put your energy into it.)
Do not dwell on negative thoughts. Violent thoughts manifest into violent words. Violent words manifest violent responses. And on and on.  

I’ll be back with more info soon. And I’ve got a Web-In-Are coming up about all of this, so watch for the announcement!
In the meantime,  love the heck out of yourself. And if you need any help with that, schedule a private session by all means– . You can afford it. We’ll work something out.

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