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December 2019 Energy Navigation Reports

December 2019 Energy Navigation Reports

A Time to Remember

Well here we are in the final month of what can only be described as an incredible year, I will save the sentimental reflections until the final days of this month because this set of 31 days will power up into quite a punchy cosmic cocktail, there is a ridiculous amount incoming data to bring the grand finale to many cycles and to give some incredible opportunities to open entirely new fields, fields that only existed in the dreams you were unable to recall or remember, too high vibrational for the reality then surfed and so we were only ever left with that fragment of a feeling, an inner knowing there was something so huge happening in dream state and yet the moment the eyes open it all drifted away, the fr4equency then held would have tried to skip the important parts or force us into spaces to try and recreate, it is only now can that we see how essential the most ragged or gnarly timelines and experiences were entirely required to get us to this point of meeting here, now.

“This” all had to be organic and we all had/have to learn how to grow organically through learning to stay in the Now, learning, or perhaps remembering our Buddha Self, taking ourselves away from the noise, through the jungle of the mind until we found that spot, the space of silence and we sat and observed the entire cosmos until we were able to Master the mechanics and begin to move with, learning how to operate using the Creative Force we were gifted with, which is ONLY operative in the Now moment.

We are now heading into places and spaces in which we are closing down many portals, the most biggest is currently felt and yet continuing to brew and will stew and leave stain for the next 500 years, The Saturn and Pluto Conjunction is hovering above our heads, as I said it most definitely can be felt and now every day that passes we collectively are offered more and more opportunities to release what has been built up specifically over the past 5Generations, if you wish to understand about the 5G light key and how this is playing out, how to dissolve the fear and work with the fast paced frequencies then please come and join the Alignment Program in which I share the keys retrieved and translated from the Quantum Field.

These past 500 years have held the most ignorance to the feminine energy on this planet, we can dive into the details of how it was projected and look into how the feminine has been treated, our witchy ancestors, the church/religions, the fact that women have been supressed, owned and silenced, until now, but now the feminine is being heard and this began subtly during the previous solar minimum, most of us were unknowing, but that solar minimum during 2008/09/10 paved the way for the awakening we all know that hit in 2012, the grand awakening, lets just say A grand awakening because this solar minimum is now being Seen, we are aligning to the power of these DNA changing energies that our cosmic rays are providing and the moment we move into the incoming solar cycle we will see the power of the light once again and the next 10 years will show the power of these alignments, we will come to fully understand these energies and how we can change everything when we innerstand these energies.

Since the awakening of 2012 we have become aware of so many things, one of the most important is understanding the masculine and feminine frequencies and bringing them into harmony, a heathFull state of optimal functioning, and this Saturn and Pluto conjunction brings us to a space in which we can now hear the feminine, we are now allowing the guidance and allowing our masculine to action and respond, releasing the ignorance of a 500 year old cycle.

Ladies you may feel like a good hair cut is in order, this would be a great time to go for a fresh new cut or style, our hair holds data, DNA to be exact, there will be an awful lot of old stories playing out in those strands, so if you have been feeling the urge then there is no time like NOW to action those feminine requests, of course none of this is gender specific and if there are guys out there with long locks then this is for you too, you’ll be surprised how “lighter” you will feel. Old spirituality beliefs will tell you not to cut your hair, they will tell you a lot of things and its time to challenge it all, to discover it for ourselves by listening to the whispers within and learning to decipher what is the mind and the ego translations of the light and what is direct heart communication, it must be experienced, the trust must be gained before we are gifted the golden equilibrium egg.

So with this we know we are entering into new phases that our race has never Seen or experienced here on Earth, the age of the Masculine and Feminine working in unison, conscious living breathing light filled beings and the more awakening their hearts and creating peaceful Sacred Fields of Light the more we increase the speed that the light gets to work here, which means, its fast paced from here on in.

Nothing is as it was and never will it “work” that way again, and should we try, and go against the force then we shall see how fast things burn out.

As I said there are a number of cycles or portals opening and closing, each portal requires the matching frequency to enter, otherwise we loop back into a new approach, hopefully lighter so that we get to pass through and if not back we go again, we begin experience the word “sick” in all ways, the physical gets sick and run down, we use words such as sick and tired of… watch out for the symbols within the loops, they become so very easy to spot when we accept this is how it works.

Those who have grasped how it works understands the clearing processes that must happen mentally and physically in order to vibrate higher energetically to then pass through the portals with ease, this is not ever to say there isn’t more we experience, of course this is an ongoing evolution and no one flies that high, that would be more separation…what is different is how we experience it, the energy stays the same, the theme stays the same but what has changed is our attachment to it all, there are no high powered emotional responses any longer because those frequencies have been worked through, the lessons have been learned if you like, so there is no power in these old examples, its spent, however things can get intricate for us to learn more and it becomes investigative, we discover, and its interesting, although there are some experiences that do still loom, possibly, and we cannot shy away from these especially with the new paradigm that is ahead.

I will save this conversation for another time…..

So we have the Saturn Pluto portal January 2020, but on the 1st December we are diving through another key portal, and that is the Jupiter transit of his home sign Sagittarius and he is teetering on the threshold of the Galactic Centre, if there is a time to dream it is now, and BIG.

Jupiter wont be home again for another 12 years and whilst he’s home we are asked to go beyond out limitations, to release ourselves from old beliefs that have had us entirely operative from the distorted masculine frequencies we have held, where we have been acting as programmed machines and ignoring the voice trying to guide from within.

Jupiter in Capricorn is all about learning to operate from that new space, its about laying the foundation, beginning the process and being precise.

Whilst in Capricorn Jupiter is in Fall however this is the perfect energy for the all expansive planet that Jupiter is, you see, Capricorn is the goat energy and that goat is climbing up an impossible cliff face, and if Jupiter wants to see the view at the top then he needs to pipe down and let the goat do the walking, the climbing, the talking….everything that goats do, just leave it to the goat.

In order to surf 2020 I would highly recommend everyone to get with their inner goat, study the goat, have a goat totem and see through the eye of the cosmic goat because by adopting the pattern you will reach the top of that mountain and I have been shown what is up there, a garden like Eden.

The goat energy must be sure footed, it must not rush, it must stay calm, know the limits, feel the conditions and move accordingly, Jupiter can get a little excitable and its our duty to heal from those old bipolar ways, over emotions, high highs and low lows, all of those old ways during the Capricorn energies must be dissolved in order to keep the climb and not send our goats tumbling down the mountain.

Keep the eye on Eden at the top and be sure to stop at the spectacular view points, this is going to be one incredible journey and as Jupiter is being pumped with the Galactic Codes from the centre point we know we are being directed from our Ancient Future Selves…….dont judge the experience just blur the details until you see the patterns, that’s where we work from.

Another very interesting shift this December is the Chiron stationing Direct on the 13th, this portal can be viewed through the UK example with Brexit.

Here’s a few interesting details, so we have an election tomorrow on a Full Moon, I’ll get to this shortly.

The UK joined the EEC on the 1st Jan 1973 AND guess where Chiron was? In Aries, at 12 degrees.

Due to Chirons patterns which I encourage you to do your own research so this information becomes your experience too, these patterns show there is never coincidence and to call things synchronicities is blind to the symbols and guidance we receive constantly from our field, this always had to be.

I will perhaps talk more about these patterns in a different post for those who are interested as it is one to fully understand, but to assist you in seeing the portal when we entered the EEC Chiron was last in Aries, the dates were 1968-1976, the next ingress was Feb 2019 and Chiron will stay there until 2027, he will venture into Taurus for a short while before retrograding back into Aries, so again, what we do Now matters, whilst he will not retrograde back to the 1st degree where he is now this should bring into your awareness how important it is to hold the conscious state of awareness that everything we do in this moment matters.

Chiron is a Centaur and he is known to us as the wounded healer, which can be translated in a few ways however the pattern I see is the spectrum of wounded and healed, when we take the view of seeing the journey in which he can take us, deep within to reexperience the blockages hidden behind pain we get to heal those wounds and see how this all works, my journey has been very focused on the movements and transits with Chiron and when you realise that all is a perfectly placed process to experience we can hold a higher level of trust knowing this was always meant to be, always meant to be healed. In fact, that’s what makes the now so very exciting because as we each move closer and closer into the light Alignment we know everything that comes into our path is to be experienced to its maximum potential to clear away any fragments of unconscious energy, any areas of blindness to the light and as we continue to use the star map we can See so much more clearly in the night sky, this is why energetic navigation is so crucial throughout the entire journey, it gets easier to understand and decipher for yourself the lighter you become, but until then it aids in the transition of being reactive to responsive as you move/learn through the octaves in the spectrum you surf.

So since February 2019 and until 2027 we are working deeply within our internal star map and the collective will experience a mind overload of experiences to begin blowing the programs stored, stress levels rise, mental health rises, some choose to leave, some choose to pacify with practices, pills and avoidance tactics which simply slow down the process and some will use this incredible energy and awaken their hearts to become conscious beings and join the awakening light wave now present. Chiron in Aries looks at our identity, independence and freedom, again – look at the Brexit patterning and by doing so you will no doubt be able to resonate with a similar pattern in your current experience, perhaps you have been wondering who you/we are, how we got here, what is our purpose and you have begun heading down the human rabbit warren, down past the most recent of religions, through into their ancient roots and perhaps discovering a world that lived under it all, it’s a strange place, I have been there too and it presents the most magnificent mirror of hopelessness as you feel the collective weight if all they have ever known is stripped away in a nano second, it’s a beautiful experience to heal that level of fear as it places you entirely in a space of responsibility, knowing that everything we do NOW is new, that we are in fact pioneers and the only “thing” we can take from our past is our Self, our Ancient Self, and we merge to receive the data required that leads us to the connection to our Ancient Future Self, the wise One who understands how it all came to be in a space we, in this physical haven’t yet seen, and this is why I am reminding you all the importance of NOW, this moment counts and there are too many symbolic examples around now to not make this the priority.

Chiron managed to reach 5 degrees of Aries, we are currently on the 1st degree and this is the space we begin again from, a long wide open road of self-discovery, taking us through an 8 year sized portal where we truly learn to start at the top, the mind, and work our way through. The mind is the only space to start the path of light, it’s where all the programs are stored and the beliefs are held and this must be undone along with all physical attachments that are holding unconscious programming in order to continue the path of light.

We carry no other, we simply can’t, this journey, being born in this incredible era always meant this journey was ours for us to begin the clear up work within our ancestral lines and begin paving the new way for our future generations, we are after all ascending with our planet and so this means we begin to be a part of the Great Change we have before us and we accept, with love and full respect the chosen journey of each individual, all will learn through their own experience and guidance and the only thing we are to do is to step out of the way and allow all to move as it requests.

The day previous to Chiron Stationing Direct we have the Gemini Full Moon on the 12th, now as many of you know I don’t play with the date portals too much unless there is something significant being highlighted in the star map, but on the 12.12.12 or 3.3.3 (12.12.2019=12/3) we have a very POWerful Moon that brings closure to the last 6 months, this moon is going to set the cat amongst the pigeons and create a scattered feeling within the field.

This Full Moon is quincunx a Saturn, Pluto and Venus conjunction making it quite uncomfortable for the collective unconscious, giving us a focus on the area of abundance, however that may play out for you individually but we will be looking directly into the health and wealth presentations, ultimately this energy is super high vibrational love pouring through that is guiding us into the new fields and will show up where we stand in our way, the outdated beliefs, the lack programming and attachments begin to get loud for the opportunity for the Feel, Deal and Heal process to begin.

There will be windows to see where we are not meeting our needs, please remember that whilst you are exploring the realities and how they work its important to stay mindful that nothing is happening to you, everything is happening for you, therefore if you feel your needs are not being met out there then your reality is showing you where you are making choices that aren’t fulfilling you needs, everything and One is reflecting back to you your own coded messages, which again is what this has all been about, learning to receive the guidance (feminine) and act upon it (masculine) with full respect and responsibility.

This Full Moon can and will prepare you for the incoming increase of light and the speed it will enter with, by noticing where there is heaviness within the physical (reality or body) and releasing it through figuring it out and applying the extra self care required you will see clearly how there is so much more focus required to be given to our own individual needs. More down time, more nature, more aligning to the magnetic poles, more eating high vibrationally or at least listening to the “I know’s” and doing exactly what you already know, which is only ever the process of the understanding to innerstanding, don’t be too hard on yourself just use this energy to incorporate more into your new SoulStyle way of living.

All of this energy will highlight where you have been over and under supporting, if you have been over supporting “others” within your reality then you will be under supporting self and we begin to transition into the lighthouse space by beginning to explain to our reality and those we over support that we can support them supporting themselves and that is all we can do, because we have other priorities, such as our own very important journey of discovery, again, we can take no passengers and it is our duty as light houses to show the way, leading by example. Those who choose to learn will follow, those showing their great voids within will bitch and moan as their unconsciousness pours out, walking away is an act of love, they will never forget just be sure to do it with maximum love and grace, it is after all just a program playing out, a program unable to understand the new ways, and that is OK, it has its own fate and free will, that is the gift of choosing.

It is possible that there could be some aggression which is now getting more and more loud across our world as the unconscious programming raises to be seen and dealt with, please always remember there is nothing to fear, all must be seen for it to be healed, its just a process and nothing, I repeat nothing is personal anymore, there is a much bigger plan at play here to worry about what anyone thinks whilst they are in machine mode. The aggression could well be found in the Moons conjunction to Bellatrix a fixed star that represents “ Luxury, lust, vain ambition, waste, ruin, blindness by accidents, great power, honor and wealth, honor in martial matters, as soldier, surgeon, metal worker; may attain distinction through courage.” She is the star on the left shoulder of Orion and is known as the female warrior, add this to the female energy of the moon plus the quincunx which is an aggravated energy to Venus who just so happens to be sitting in the laps of Saturn and Pluto and I can foresee things being said, that guidance will break through and there will be many miracles available, the blind will See and the deaf will hear.

Stay mindful, stay heartful during this Full Moon, be aware that everything is requesting a response, something, somewhere you will be needing to care more and it will be rooted within you, resisting this force is pointless, however surfing with this will be opening up those once forgotten dreams, if you choose, if you practice now staying fulling conscious, making the decisions based on the internal dialogue and how you feel from you core will be showing you exactly what it is like to begin creating the light structures within your new sacred field.

There is only one way to work this through and to receive the more expansive version of you and that is be open to all incoming and outgoing data and hold the observer mode…..then watch the magic take hold and the reality take an entirely new shape.

Later in December we have Venus enter Aquarius, our lady is leading the way with Mars trundling behind, he is mirroring how we trip and forget ourselves in the beginning, we are able to hold the awareness but often get distracted and slip back into the old ways most often because we have entered into a “human” conversation or perhaps there are still some emotional ties to the old that need to be seen, Mars will catch up and we are all able to retrain our masculine energies to settle, become softer, to pay attention, to give to self as you give to others and Venus out there ahead is urging us forward and whilst in Aquarius she will highlight the spectrum of loss and found, she will trigger where we feel restricted, where we feel alone, left and abandoned and she will offer the opportunity of freedom and independence, Venus in Aquarius wants the sociable connections however now we don’t play those old human ways those connections must be vibrationally aligned with our future spaces we find ourselves in, some more detachment from the attachment and yet if this has already been your mission over this past year then through the portal we go to experience the dreams of freedom and independence you have been manifesting as more opportunities and people come forward to support the light structure you are creating within your field.

December 22nd we have Winter Solstice and by this phase of the month if you haven’t bought the “How to be a Goat” manual then………we are going to see many tumbling down the mountain to start again….

Capricorn season well and truly begins like no other you will ever experience, so let me tell you a little about the Goat, I am one and not just this the Saturn and Pluto conjunction is sitting over my natal Sun, I have felt the weight of this tsunami and I have now learned to surf it, precisely and I have had to do this to be able to guide you all through with integrity, because integrity is the board we use to surf, there cannot be another, we must hold the highest of integrity to move through the waves. Be ambitious, us goats are hard working, there is no mountain too big for us to climb and there is no slope to steep for us to tackle, slow and steady wins the goat race. Capricorns are known for saying firmly….No….this way, and whilst it can irritate most I’d say listen, especially if that goat is intuitive, we do know the way and whilst your way might be fun the chances are its going to be tricky for the goat, who ultimately must learn to follow their own goatiness, please don’t try to lead goats astray, leave them be to follow their own way and be sure to know you will wish you followed.

Also the Capricorn energy is results based, so plan for those ledges, those rests, those pit stops and make the most of them, break the journey down…there is no rush, we have Pluto in Capricorn till 2024, the planet of transformation has much more work to do yet so there is no need to push anything, not just this, but Saturn, may well be in Capricorn now but he goes into Aquarius next and he rules that space too, this really is nonstop ever increasing transformation energy, the new decade portal is going to blow EYES wide open.

December 26th and we have a Solar Eclipse, yes you heard correctly and this has the potential to bring forward HUGE opportunities, huge shifts and rapid changes as it will be conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus, I have already seen the glimpses of how this Winter Solstice and the incoming holidays will be and I can already see how my incredibly firm knowing and powered words I said last “Christmas” has now manifested, Christmas has been entirely cancelled, as it once was, never again were my words as I saw the last of the programs associated with that day disappear, I knew in my heart I had dropped out of the unconscious pattern and this year all I can see ahead of me is pure peace and unconditional love, its now a holiday period that has gone back to its true meaning of REST in PEACE, the alive way, the mirror of nature, and allow the space to slow everything down before we take root and grow again. We dance to the beat of Earth drum and not the drum of social conditioning, but this doesn’t stop us INjoying the festivity, oh no, in fact its more joyous than ever because now we really do have something to celebrate.

Then to finish the month up Mercury joins the gang, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Ceres, South Node, the communication and dialogue increases and we begin counting down from………

The month of December will no doubt feel like a magical merry-go-round and for many could quite possibly manifest physically as what once would have been recognised as sickness, we know better now and understand how the purges work, all will purge in a great crescendo, some will purge the mind, some will release from outdated timelines and attachments in the physical reality and some may experience it energetically flushing through the systems and the key to move through it all is to remember why, focus on the point to all of this and treat self with the utmost of care, fully understanding why the experience is manifesting as it is and releasing all the words spells that hold suffering and the restriction we put up to being “out of service”.

We have all been learning one way or another that the focus must entirely be on self when it comes to learning how to read the field, it is a completely backwards way to how we have always operated and therefore it takes time, a lifetime to entirely master as we will from here on in continue to be offered experiences that assist us in seeing more of self and more that needs to be released so that we all can be released from this cyclic reincarnation pattern.

I will of course be reporting in more depth as we move but in the meantime I am sending so much love to you All.

Andrea xxx

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