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Top 10 Healing Crystals From Judy Hall

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From manifestation and letting go of past hurt, to finding love and your inner light – Judy Hall explains the crystals you need to heal and move forward.

1. Chrysocolla

Great for… self-love

chrysocolla rough

Tranquil and sustaining, Chrysocolla encourages you to remain serene and strong during change or challenges. Dissolving destructive emotional programming, it increases your energy assimilation.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: You have infinite capacity for forgiveness.

DIVINATION: Forgive yourself. Accept with equanimity what you cannot change. Let go of hurt and rectify situations that can be healed. Be magnanimous. Remain impartial and speak your own truth, but recognise when to keep silent. Magical rituals may keep you chained to the past.

HEALING INSIGHT: Bitterness and self-doubt have no place in well-being. It is good to nourish your body.


CHAKRA: Cleanses all

TIMING: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo

SOUL PATH: Loving and valuing yourself

2. Tiger’s Eye

Great for… feeling empowered

tiger eye marquis cab

Tiger’s Eye symbolises prosperity and encourages right use of power. It balances your needs.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: A child of the sun and earth with untold powers… you make your own fate. Assert yourself wisely. Bring hidden talents to the fore and accept your imperfections.

DIVINATION: Unlock your creativity. Find prosperity and lasting success. Long journeys and celebrations lie ahead. Your personal power, confidence and energy are high – use them wisely. Commit to goals. Distinguish between wishful thinking and what you really need.

HEALING INSIGHT: Doing what gives you joy increases your well-being.

FREQUENCY: Earthy to high

CHAKRA: Solar plexus, third eye

TIMING: Leo, Capricorn

SOUL PATH: Becoming empowered

3. Bloodstone

Great for… perseverance


Bloodstone has always had a powerful connection with maintaining vitality.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: You are a magical being – an amalgam of your individuality, your family and your environment. Let go of the past. Look closely at your ancestral line. Recognise toxic patterns subconsciously running your life. Break away and be strong.

DIVINATION: Detoxification and chaos precede transmutation. Perseverance is needed. Locked doors open, obstacles are swept away and romance blossoms. Preserve your good reputation. Recognise your enemies and keep them close – do not be deceived.

HEALING INSIGHT: Nourish your blood and you revitalise your whole body.


CHAKRA: Purifies and aligns lower chakras

TIMING: Aries, Libra, Pisces

SOUL PATH: Freedom from the past

4. Peridot

Great for… purification

peridot raw 01

Peridot frees the mind from unwelcome envious thoughts and night terrors. It is transmutative and purifying.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: You are deeply emotional and may possessively cling to the past or beat yourself up over mistakes. By your jealous nature, you have dark thoughts. Detoxify your emotions. Learn to forgive and let go. Follow your own life plan without judging yourself or being envious of others. You have the power to go through fiery transmutation and emerge from  it transformed.

DIVINATION: Use energy wisely. Recognise how outside influences operate in your life. Develop your own protection. Learn to rely on your own inner guidance. Peridot indicates farewells and disappointment in love. Avoid jealousy. Be assertive without aggression. You have a powerful destiny and great integrity. Money is earned from your talents.

HEALING INSIGHT: Envy and jealousy harm you as well as hurting others.

FREQUENCY: Earthy to high

CHAKRA: Heart, solar plexus

TIMING: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

SOUL PATH: Emotional purification

5. Amethyst

Great for… inner peace

amethyst cluster

A powerful protector, purifier and natural tranquiliser, Amethyst calms the mind and balances extremes.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: You have an addictive personality. Make a concerted effort to overcome such behaviour or obsessions of any kind, and avoid over-indulgence. Balance work and play: you are prone to excess in both. Understanding hidden causes of compulsive actions brings peace.

DIVINATION: Release self-defeating programs. Do not rely on others. You create anything you set your mind to. Be shrewd in business dealings. Pay attention to your family.

HEALING INSIGHT: Letting go of cravings leads to inner freedom and creates well-being.

FREQUENCY: Exceptionally high

CHAKRA: Third eye, crown

TIMING: Aquarius, Pisces

SOUL PATH: developing inner peace

6. Apatite

Great for… acceptance

apatite yellow crystal

Apatite works at the interface between consciousness and matter to let go of what is outworn in your life.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: Clear away confusion or guilt. Accept the truth about yourself. You are a complex being with credits and deficits. Recognise these without judgment. Move away from aloofness or social alienation and show others who you truly are. It is your time to shine!

DIVINATION: Be inspired. Discern truth within. Recognise what is real in your world and restructure your reality. Don’t be deceived by false fronts: see what is beneath. Develop your metaphysical perception. Things improve steadily.

HEALING INSIGHT: Your intuition knows what’s best for you.


CHAKRA: Third eye, base

TIMING: Gemini

SOUL PATH: Discerning  the truth within

7. Moldavite

Great for… metamorphosis


Moldavite was created when a giant meteorite slammed into Earth some 11 million years ago.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: You are a child of the stars and find the environment of Earth heavy and inert. Moldavite raises your vibrations with inflooding cosmic light so that you feel more at home. You are on a search for the inner grail: awareness of your divine origins. Release ingrained beliefs.

DIVINATION: Detach yourself from mundane issues. You are going through a spiritual transformation, so dramatic changes occur as you reach beyond your limits. Talk to your soul.

HEALING INSIGHT: You are far more than a physical body. Harmony at all levels creates your well-being.

FREQUENCY: Earthy and high

CHAKRA: All up to the highest

TIMING: Scorpio

SOUL PATH: Spiritual and physical integration

8. Halite

Great for… cleansing

salt halite

Halite draws out impurities from your physical, energetic and soul bodies. It dissolves old patterns, negative thoughts and toxic emotions,

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: Subtle ties and influences may be affecting you more than you recognise. Unacknowledged feelings of abandonment or rejection, or emotional neediness, may underlie dis-ease. Detrimental energies could be affecting you… as could someone else’s lustful or jealous feelings.

DIVINATION: It’s time for a thorough clear-out in your life. Declutter your space, including your car, detox your body and mind.

HEALING INSIGHT: Regular detoxing and purification on all levels ensures well-being.


CHAKRA: Base, sacral, earth star and solar plexus

TIMING: Spring

SOUL PATH: Purification and spiritual

9. Rhodochrosite

Great for… reviving broken hearts

rhodochrositestone 2

Rhodochrosite teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down. Dissolving denial and identifying ongoing detrimental patterns, it offers compassionate love.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: Deep down, you feel alienated, unloved or unappreciated. A history of sexual or emotional difficulties creates dis-ease.

DIVINATION: Time for a change of viewpoint! Begin to seek the gifts in your experiences rather than seeing the negative effects. Check out whether what you were taught in childhood is still relevant to the person you are now today.

HEALING INSIGHT: Releasing resentment can help you to let go.


CHAKRA: Heart, solar plexus, base and sacral

TIMING: Summer

SOUL PATH: Radiating unconditional love

10. Smoky Quartz

Great for… self-love


Graphic Smoky Quartz supports all structures in the body, removing toxic debris and traumatic memories. It keeps you grounded and balanced.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: Lack of trust in yourself and other people creates psychological barriers that lie at the heart of your dis-ease. Your self-esteem is low, creating a deficient immune system. Memories of old traumas have subtly amended your ancestral DNA. At a deep level you have been compressed and limited.

DIVINATION: Undertake a shamanic journey into the unseen worlds in search of healing. There you will find the underlying causes of dis-ease and outdated soul imperatives that are affecting your well-being.

HEALING INSIGHT: Healing is found in the darkest depths of yourself.



TIMING: Autumn

SOUL PATH: Exploring taboos

Extract taken from Judy Hall’s The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, Watkins Publishing

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