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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

I deeply appreciate everyone’s support and patience as I continue to heal and recover. Like many of you, this has been a deep passage of introspection and transformation. Kindwhile, the light builds for the next level of our Ascension process.

Even though the body discomfort demands much attention, I AM witness to the shifts in time dynamics, loss of identity, and new trajectories of service. Somehow things are getting done … slowly …

The Light Intel for this year aligns with the consistent expect the unexpected theme. I will be discussing this with John Burgos on the Beyond the Ordinary show on February 6. This feels like the right platform to dig into what has presented on the energetic shifts of 2018.

This passage shows us what is important and applicable to the Now. Creations land, stop, pick up energy, drop again … this is our entry point into experiencing 5D time dynamics. Better to flow than be frustrated, Beloveds. We are all in training.

As we align with this radical heart-opening passage, we find our true creator state, heart-based service, and the strength of Source delivered as Divine Love.

Even with the anticipated energetic shifts, we are guided to connect like-hearts in the physical this year.  I invite you to join me at these live events this Spring. Click on the titles for tickets and details:

March 2-4: Conscious Media Festival in Austin, Texas 
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April 14: Sedona Light Tribe Gathering with Sandra – Seating is limited, please book early.

April 20-22: Sedona Cosmic Awakening

SUNday Unity Meditations
We continue to build this field of peace, support and activation on behalf of all. Yes, the visions and activations are intensifying, however our intent is global assistance. Spreading the word is welcome and needed. Meditation details HERE.

See you in the unified field on SUNday. Infinite blessings to all of creation!

In Love, Light and Service,

Sandra Walter is a Wayshower and Ascension Guide who serves the Truth of Love, Source and Light Intelligence.
As a Clairaudient, Claircognizant and Dimensional Liaison, Sandra assists awakened HUmans through private sessions, The Ascension eCourse, the Ascension Integration YouTube channel, articles focused on the Shift in Consciousness and a poetic and conscious Twitter stream.
If this work is assisting your journey, I welcome your donation, thank you! 
This mission runs on love, light and your support. If my work is assisting your journey, please make a donation.
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