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Mantras For Protection, Healing And Manifestation



I breathe in love, I exhale fear. 

I am calm, I am peace, I am love.

I am having a calm/magical/safe/effective… day.

I will have a smooth and safe journey/day.

I am centred, I am connected, I am protected.

I power up my shield of love protecting me from all lower frequencies and vibrations.

I power up the shield of love round my loved ones protecting them from harm.

I connect to universal love light healing my mind, body and soul.

I ask my higher self to clear my subconscious of negativity.

I hug my ego in light and love.

I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.

I am the truth seeker, the light bearer, the way show-er. I anchor my light to Gaia. 

I raise my frequency to connect to universal love light energy. 

I am one with love, with light, with truth and with humanity. 

I call upon my guides, higher self and angels to protect me and my loved ones from all lower frequencies and vibrations. 

I call upon ascended beings for protection. 

I break apart matrix control algorithms by freeing my mind, liberating my soul and activating my heart. 

I connect to all those engaged in battle for light, for illumination and freedom with universal love light. 

I am one with universal love light as a warrior for truth. 

I seek to protect and free this world by raising the vibration one breath at a time.

I ignite and embrace my inner goddess. 

I am the return of the divine feminine. 

I brandish my light saber in the face of all evil, all darkness, all malignant life forms. Be gone. 

In light, in love, in unity, I step up as a warrior for peace. 

I release all fear. 

I activate my free will. 

I am a light bearer, a truth seeker, a warrior of peace. 

I have no fear only my love in my being. 

I anchor my light to Gaia.

I am grateful for *** in grace and with humility.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. 


I am Morag O'Brien MA, MSc, PGCE, a certified and experienced reiki healer, and tarot reader for 25 years. 
As an intuitive medium I use crystal pendulum to channel deep energetic healing and detailed spiritual guidance. I also lead regular one to one and group guided healing meditations.
By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook, WordPress and YouTube.

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"Life is an echo, what you send out comes back."

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