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The Harvest Full Moon

The Harvest Full Moon

Blessings on this beautiful Piscean Harvest Full Moon (Northern Hemisphere), before we begin and people start commenting and stating that this is an Aries Full Moon, I am tuning into the energies of Sidereal astrology meaning if you were to look up, or perhaps if you load up your star map app on your phone you will see that the moon at 22.05 GMT will be sitting on the 15th degree of Pisces.

What I have found over my years of understanding energy is that the Sidereal astro map gives us the purest reading of the energy meaning the intention of the energy is guiding from the soul eye view.

The western/modern/tropical astrology reads from a fixed astro map, a map that is slowly getting more separated from the true astro coordinates but at the same time gives us an incredible view of the collective or personal ego, so its very much what we are moving through, what we are clearing to get to the higher truth of the energy that Sidereal shares with us.

Due to the precession of the Equinox’s the gap between the maps slowly widens, is this the reflection of our race and how separated we are becoming? Give it another 500 years and the gap will be much wider, showing the planets to be in completely different signs to where they are actually placed if we were to look up into the skies.

So, I share the energy I feel relevant, I use both astro maps as both have their purpose, but for the energy of this specific report I am referring to our soul connection and our unification/expansion into light so the sidereal positioning and the exact placement of the planets is essential for this purpose.

This full Moon is sitting conjunct to some interesting fixed stars, so for there to be a full moon the sun is in opposition to the moon and this places our sun at 15 degrees Virgo, the star who sits at this degree is called Mizar.

Mizar is said to bring Fires of catastrophic extent and mass calamities thus reverberating the energy of purification

The Moon sitting at 15 degrees of Pisces is conjunct the star Achernar which is said to hold the energy of sudden success and access to other realms.

These precise conjunctions are revealing how rapid the process of transmutation can flip, how we can literally quantum leap from the now experience to the next once the choice to surrender, flow and full acceptance to the release is given.

But to leap we first need to understand what is most important to you.

  • Are you looking to resist, fight, defend, hold onto that which is not of your highest alignment?
  • Are you choosing to operate from the old Piscean age and to uphold its values or are you beginning to realise that how we have been operating in our life and lives has been a journey into our depths of separation and from this realisation you are now waking up, requesting a new way to operate and live.
  • Are you becoming aware that an entirely new operating system is attempting to install?

The Aquarian Codes…

There is only one way, there is only one path, and this path is showing to be incredibly clear and open, its offering the ability for each to heal from the blindness, the ignorance, and the arrogance of this learned separation experience.

The key to this path, is clear, and it’s to realise that nothing is meant to make sense now, nothing of the old exists on the new path, which means to let go entirely of the world we have built, how it operates and how we used to create it.

We now must realise that all of our attachments to it are karmic threads of unconscious repeating patterns and the only way to navigate this is to begin learning the language of the field, learning to read the reflections and through this learning we begin to allow, accept everything to move freely to begin forming the new.

Letting go of any requirement to cling onto or control brings PEACE.

This may sound complex to you, this may feel so very confusing and that’s OK, this simply highlights the separation but let me share a secret with you, a secret that actually is no secret at all because the new path is a path that you already intuitively know, it is a path that is coded deep within your DNA, it is a path that the Ancient version of you once walked before you chose to experience the octaves and experiences that separated you from Source, that separated you from you. So, the moment you begin to surrender is the moment you begin to remember how it once was which is aligned to those feelings in which you know how this should all be.

So, with this in mind, what this tells us is YOU ACHIEVED the goal! You have been to the depths of the separation experience which means NOW is the time to come home, back to the unification.

This is your Clarion Call…

It is clear to see that the collective is in a phase in which it is confused, it has become so invested in the learning of separation that trying to turn around and come back up the path is getting them all caught up, snagging on the presentations their separation octaves have manifested as the reality experience and finding themselves tethered to the breakdown of our societal structuring.

How this appears physically shows them to be playing out the duality programming, creating divides etc but let us not forget this experience has purpose in that it reflects back the pain, the conflict and separation FOR the most incredible healing experience through mirroring that which is not in harmony and what this means is that the unification experience is now on the horizon for MORE people to begin The Alignment.

The more loud we get collectively, the more closer we are to LIGHT, and that is THE most incredible GIFT that humanity is now receiving, whether they know this or not…..the End is Nigh!

Every day I find myself dreaming, seeing a day when masses of people, not just a few but a few billion literally let the whole lot go.
Letting the need to be right go, ending the requirement to hold opinions but to be open to see all is valid and all is simply a process, each opinion is simply an octave of the great spectrum of expansion. I am excited for the day in which everyone has learned that there is always MORE to expand into, quitting the need to poke their stick at what is wrong and to simply see it as the old unconsciousness leaving and our hearts expanding as we move into higher states of consciousness, growing wiser not older.

Realising that the pandemic is an intricate reflection of our unconsciousness that is guiding us to breakdown our old limiting beliefs, our addictions, our careless ways SO that we can expand, evolve, and care more about what is most important. I cannot wait for the day that everyone realises the virus to reflect just how “sick” we have become through our separation. The contradiction, the hypocrisy is so easy to view now and for those who can read the codes of light can see so clearly how this current virus reflection is teaches us all about our core truth frequency FOR the gift of healing.

I can see the day, people realising the connection of our now uncomfortable global experiences such as the changing climate and realising this pandemic gave us the space to realise just how important nature truly is. Do you remember the time when you heard the birds sing louder than ever, do you remember the day when there were no planes in our skies, do you remember not hearing a single car and being able to walk in the road? That was a GIFT of connection, that was a GIFT that enabled our planet to sing the Earth Song.

Some may be saying now, yes Andrea, but this means an economic crash, this means our society as we know it falls and to this I say YES! This is the point and this is the purpose, this is what happens with every turn of an Age, this is the norm and besides, once the bottom truly falls out we can finally stop complaining about how out of balance it all is, this my loves is a time to celebrate, this is a time in which we get to build the NEW WORLD.

I am so excited for the day when each spiritual connected light aligned guide realises the connection with our Earth and chooses to end their pollution, waste and carelessness, gosh how can there be Earth alignment when retreats, books and other waste creations are presented to the already heavily polluted field. How many books, leaflets, and spiritual junk gets taken to landfill, just the same as how many retreats, how much fuel, cars, planes etc, such contradiction, such hypocrisy.
I am excited for when the ground cracks beneath the feet of those guiding others off the cosmic cliff and the new Aquarian Guides are able to shine bright as the example, ending the carbon/karmic footprints and guiding others into Earth Alignment and teaching how to live sustainably, using natural energies and sharing the miraculous healing and light connection that is available when we walk the path of purity.

Ever wondered how we got to build the pyramids? How we moved the huge stones to Stonehenge from Wales? Have you caught glimpses of energies in soft view….The Alignment brings back the magic we have long forgotten.

This is the Age of Aquarius, this is the unification, the reconnection back to Earth and the less we can pollute and the more we now become aware of our connection we then begin to realise how we no longer want to contribute to the waste and pollution, to the conflict with earth and by doing so we align to the most magnificent abundance, once we allow the societal money hungry requirements to go, once we realise our ego ideas of luxury and convenience and we move into the space of we receive what we require to continue our flow we then open ourselves up into the most magical zero karmic flows of abundance in which we receive the most fulfilling relationship available to man, and this relationship is found within the realm of PEACE.

I am beyond excited for the day when conflict becomes pointless, I am looking forward to the new order that replaces this disorder we are currently moving through and I can see it, I can see the masses understanding how this all operates and that all is a reflection of the conflict within.

Once many more understand and begin creating their realities based on these principles our collective projection builds a world filled with peace, unity, sharing and caring.

We become One.

A world where we birth the new because the future requests this. A world filled with point and purpose, a world in which we collectively become the solution provider and we end dwelling in the problem, poking sticks, blaming, shaming, judgment ends and instead we find the path, the path that is in unification with the requirements of man with the requirements and utmost of respect for our host, our Earth, the one who feeds us, who provides the setting for all of our experiences, the one who gives us air to breathe, the One who gives Life.

If you do not believe this to be possible then perhaps take a moment and go and seek the patterns of our history, tell this to the Great civilisations, all rise, all fall…

All is simply a process and when we look back what we see is that we were never doomed we have always become the next version of our internal choice or agenda. Make peace the agenda and low and behold what will create?

So with these current topics of conflict and peace may I suggest you watch this short podcast and from this we can truly see the core of what this Piscean Full Moon is requesting.

It is time to harvest, it is time to reap all that we have sown and we get to learn from this point, from the yield we have collected, how we can improve, we get to weigh up what have received and how we are going to use this data to expand upon our fields for the next cycle to begin.

This is a pattern, its fractal, looking at what you have harvested this year, what you have learned, where you can grow and improve is no different to the Master Design now asking us to look back over the past 15000 years and to learn from our experience, to see the root program and to now change the Source Codes.

What are you realising? Are you realising just how uncomfortable you are in this shift? Are you realising just how much you do not know, how confusing this all is? Are you realising your true core frequency and feeling conflict?

Or perhaps you are one of the few who are now seeing how this all operates, using the reflections to guide you into new and incredible fields that are filled with an abundance of peace, love, and joy and from this you have already begun sprouting your new shoots that are super aligned to the ever-green natural world.

This Piscean Full Moon allows us to see the reflections of our true core frequencies and gives us the space to fully identify with the truth of either our fear or to really settle in and grow from the love we have now found ourselves to be settled in from within, the words Know Thyself are reverberating as I type.

Peace or conflict…

Once we recognise the conflict, once we can own our truth space and hold THAT precise point without judgement, my loves it becomes the most magical powerful point in which we truly come home and validate our core, our inner child. Too many grown adults putting on their “masks” and brave faces, telling everyone “I’m good” or “I am fine” when the truth is the bipolar effect is fully active and creating the high highs and the low lows experience, a short circuit that eventually brings each to the crashing point and that feeling of repeat and hopelessness. At some point we realise that the getting up, brushing ourselves off is still part of the karmic looping.

Come home to the core my loves, the core truth, go within leaving distraction at the door and begin to shift the baseline frequency of conflict and bring it up into the higher realms of peace.

The conflict, especially now is going to be wrapped around our ideals, of how we want things to be, how things are supposed to be, we will be using comparisons and self-judgements to try and balance or make the sense we are accustomed to in our old versions and vibrations but this only ever continues the streams of conflict, its like being in resistance to the changing of time….it is utterly impossible, nothing can stop the sands of time and to try is to commit suicide.

Peace is going to be found when we let go of how things were, when we accept NOTHING is going to be the same from this point on and that we are now creating our new norm based upon where we find ourselves NOW in the cosmic sands of time.

Peace is found when we remember to once again become curious about our new found field and be open to new ways of operating, when we remember what is was like to be the discoverer of our new playground, like the intuitive children we once was.

Peace is found when we realise that there is nothing wrong, and that there is no failure because when we release our ignorance and accept we are forever learning then all we can ever experience is opportunities to expand both individually and together in unity.

Peace is found when we unify, when we ask for assistance, when we stop trying to prove to ourselves that we are super heroes and actually realise that to become a super hero we must move through a process of learning and until that time we call in the assistance and support of others, we begin our community now, we see our Brothers and Sisters not as separate bodies or people but ONE giant body, one huge family tree in which we don’t just say we are One we ACT as this at all times. We ask for help, we ask for support freely because our true core frequency tells us that this will be returned, there will be the gift of expansion in every single interaction with every single person.

This is very much a time of progression; it is a time of movement and fast movement at that. We are transferring from one realm to another so relax, find your peace, find your acceptance of the journey, know that everything is in a process of transformation and that the details of who, how or what are really not important in this precise moment, what is important is your health, your heart and how you care for you and your energetics as we process this magic that is now moving us into the New World.

Find the solutions, ask for assistance, unify, group up in light spaces and places where all is shared, equalised, where we assist each other to grow, where we create and join each other in the great cosmic playtime.

Gravitate towards those who fully understand how energy operates and together, as One, we will assist and guide more into the heart of light where we will build the New Earth communities together.

At the point of completing this report I receive notification that we are receiving another wave of solar wind at KP4 levels. This means with the Sun now at 15 degrees Virgo the power of purification has been magnified. This added burst of solar activity will now ring the unconscious frequencies within the cellular memory causing more to be seen as it rises to the surface for its opportunity to release. Ailments become louder as they attempt to get your attention so that you can learn the connection between your unconscious programming and how this effects the emotional body.

Eye Open, receive ALL, this has now become a super charged full moon.

Sharing waves upon waves of peace, love, and bliss with you

Your devoted siSTAR of light

Andrea Cutlan
A Gift From Gaia
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