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The Time For Ancestral Work Is Here - The Grandmothers Speak


"The time for Ancestral work is here," the Grandmothers explained, asking, "are you ready for it?

"Whenever you come together to meditate, pray and amplify the presence of love on earth, first call on us or any form of the Divine and the Net of Light. Then call the ancestors. Call the ancestors of your family line, the ancestors of the land where you were born and where you live now....You may think of these beings as 'Ancestors of the Light.'

Call on their Higher Consciousness and invite this enlightened aspect of themselves to bond with the Net of Light. When anyone calls on the Net of Light, they receive its support. This is as true for the ancestors as it is for you. They too will warm to the Net's embrace, and from then on they will be connected to this magnificent construct--able to assist the Net in holding and lifting the earth. By including them, the ancestors have a chance to take part in blessing this planet.

"As soon as the ancestors enter into communion with the Net of Light, the pain from their many lifetimes will fade. The past will truly then be past," the Grandmothers laughed. "Their work with the Net of Light will bless themselves as well as all the lives they ever touched--their children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends and associates from times gone by. All of these will be blessed and their descendants will also be blessed. All who followed after them, all who will ever follow after them will be blessed. Think for a moment," the Grandmothers said, "of what we are saying. This ancestral blessing moves forward and backward in time. We are speaking here of true power."

Ch 12, p. 160, Casting the Net, by Sharon McErlane

Sharon McErlane
May 15, 2017

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