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Metaphysical Octahedron

octahedronPhysical Qualities of the Octahedron

The Octahedron is the third in the series of the five Platonic Solid shapes. It contains 8 faces, 6 vertices and 12 edges. This symmetrical solid is made up of eight triangles, which is formed from placing two square based pyramids base to base.

There are several crystals that will exhibit this natural occurring formation including Fluorite, Spinel, Magnetite, and Diamond to name a few.

Octahedron - Air Element

Metaphysical aspects of the Octahedron

The Octahedron represents the element of Air and is linked to the Heart Chakra, which is the center for love and compassion. This center includes the healing and nurturing aspects within, which allow that sacred, safe space in which to find acceptance and forgiveness.

The shape is also a mirror, a perfect reflection of itself, which is a lovely reminder of the mirrors/reflections that we are to each other. The Heart Chakra is also linked to touch, which is why I feel this Platonic Solid would be best utilized for healing, manifestation, and energy work.

Suggested Metaphysical Uses for the Octahedron

Due to the Octahedrons shape and nature, it would energetically work similar to a Double Terminated point. Energy will flow in equal portions from the two tips (top and bottom) with an additional, softer energy flow from each of the 8 side edges.

Hold the Octahedron when meditating to reflect upon situations and issues that need forgiveness and closure. Allow any feelings that may come up, acknowledging each one, understanding that it is a reflection to self in some way. When this session is completed, bring the Octahedron to your heart to begin the healing process. Visualize these feelings and emotions moving into the Octahedron and being held there. You can then either blow gently on one end to release these energies out into the Universe or cleanse the Octahedron by your preferred cleansing method.

Have a client hold a Rose Quartz Octahedron in one hand (or both) in a healing session. This will allow the Heart to open and be cleansed of any and all energies that are not in line with the highest good of the client, in the gentlest of ways.

Wearing an Octahedron as a pendant as you go about your day, will allow a strong energy to flow in both (up and down) directions simultaneously with a softer energy flow on the sides. This will fill the entire auric field with awareness and compassion for self and others.

Try charging some pure water with the vibration of the Octahedron. Sit a glass pitcher of distilled water out in the sun and submerge the Octahedron into the water. Cover. Allow it to sit for 12 hours. (Or during a full moon, try 12 hours in the sun and 12 hours under the light of the full moon). Once your water is charged, you can fill a glass 1/3 of the way with your charged water and the other 2/3’s with distilled or pure water. As you drink, the vibration of the Octahedron will infuse into your body.

*Note* It would be best to use the Clear Quartz, Amethyst or Rose Quartz that you get in the Platonic Solid Sets for this. Some naturally shaped crystals would work as well, just be sure that they are safe for immersion in water and ingestion.

Closing Comments for the Octahedron

The self-reflecting shape of the Octahedron moves us from the more physical, grounding shape of the Cube and Tetrahedron (which sit firmly, grounding us to the physical) into a higher vibration of reflection, compassion and healing. Through working with the Octahedron, we attune to the more spiritual nature of self and in effect begin to understand our true nature.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids are a set of five, three dimensional, shapes that date back to the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and later named after the Greek Philosopher Plato. The Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron each have unique characteristics, in that the sides, edges and angles are all congruent. In other words, all sides are equal, the angles are the same and the faces are identical.

It was the great Greek Philosopher, Plato, who paired each of the platonic solids with a classical element (fire, earth, water, air, and ethers/Universe). He believed that these three dimensional shapes were the building blocks to the creation of everything—in us, around us and beyond. If you view a 3-D model of any of the elements contained in the periodic tables, you will see that each has a crystalline structure at the Atomic level made up of these Platonic Solids shapes.


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