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Auroras and Nitrogen - Obtaining Proper Nitric Oxide

Auroras and Nitrogen - Obtaining Proper Nitric Oxide

Auroras are the beautiful splashes of color often referred to as the “Northern and Southern Lights” and as “Aurora Borealis” and “Aurora Australis”.

They are created when coronal mass ejections from our Sun (electrically and magnetically-charged particles) soar to our planet via solar wind streams and then mingle with our planet’s electromagnetic frequencies.

Auroras are the result of radiation. In modern times, electromagnetism was studied in 1819 by Danish scientist, Dr. Hans Oersted.

He researched both its advantages and disadvantages, and his work is still valued in today’s technological times.

Auroras used to be seen primarily at night and from airplanes.

Pilots often point them out to passengers as they cruise the skies on their way to various destinations.

Now, however, auroras can be seen widely billowing in the daytime.

Most auroras are blue and green indicating oxygen.

Pink auroras indicate nitrogen.

The air that we breathe is 78 percent nitrogen, and it allows for the molecule “nitric oxide” to be released which is a molecule that has wonderful health benefits such as preventing heart disease, balancing blood pressure, optimizing the circulatory system, preventing stomach problems, and providing physical energy.

However, we need a balance of both oxygen and nitrogen for these health benefits to occur.

When there is only a blast of pink auroras with no blue and green included, radiation levels are very high, and too much nitrogen is being sent into our planetary realm—mostly from outside of our solar system as a weakened magnetic field allows them inside. 

Our magnetic field (magnetosphere) has supposedly been weakened by approximately 20 percent according to most scientific investigations.

The incoming nitrogen molecules without oxygen molecules can cause blood pressure imbalances, gastro-intestinal issues, and nervous system problems.

When doctors prescribe chemical medications for blood pressure imbalances (such as hypertension or hypotension), the result can be damage to the cardio-vascular system and kidneys.

In other words, most chemical medications can give people what they were taking it for in the first place! Doctors do not study Cosmic Science in medical school.

They do not realize how cosmic events can affect health—in both harmonious and disharmonious ways.

Very few medical doctors have studied or have begun to study the HIGHER LAWS of the cosmos.

Most people do not realize that the vast cosmos sends forth both healing energetics as well as dangerous frequencies according to the state of our solar system’s transmission and reception of “Bio-Photons” (Please read the detailed article on Bio Photons) which are zooming into our realm with “CCI” (clearing, cleansing, and illuminating) dynamics that are necessary for the “Shift of the Ages” (the elevation to HIGHER KNOWLEDGE of spiritual principles and their attendant capabilities being given to humanity for the “New Golden Age”).

However, the excessive nitrogen molecules without oxygen, although beautiful to look at with their pink bursting glow, is actually a warning that collective consciousness must level up quickly.

It is interesting to contemplate that both the colors pink and green are the colors of the heart chakra—“Anahata” in Sanskrit (a word which is translated as “Unbroken”).

There can be no disagreement that LOVE is a major missing ingredient on our planet—LOVE for our planet itself and all of creation which, of course, includes human beings; and the fourth chakra governs issues of LOVE.

As has been mentioned many times, science cannot be separated from Spiritual Science (although many attempt to do so).

SOURCE cannot be left out of life’s equation. As one of the “Axioms of Tehuti” states: “The greatest evil is not knowing GOD” (EMERALD TABLET).

Another one of the world’s scriptures says: “GOD is LOVE and LIGHT” (HOLY BIBLE).

Nitrogen molecules without the addition of oxygen molecules does not deliver to us proper nitric oxide for health.

While mankind is still dealing with trying to understand the necessity for elevated thoughts, emotions, and actions in this “Twilight of Kali Yuga” when planetary conditions are most critical, employing spiritual and natural paradigms is most beneficial for aiding the process of reception of the “Bio-Photons” we are being offered and achieving health.

The best nitric oxide containing foods are dark chocolate, citrus fruits, spinach (raw), pomegranates, beets, garlic, watermelon, and walnuts.

Besides these foods, obtain a tuning fork or singing bowl attuned to the 528 Hertz frequency which is known as the “Miracle Tone”.

Play the tuning fork or bowl all around your auric fields (you have 12 of them encircling your physical vessel) daily–especially after being out in the world dealing with atmospheric toxicity and the lower vibrational frequencies of others which can penetrate your auric fields.

Why this tone? Because this tone releases nitric oxide into your life field!

Thus, it is a powerful healing and protective tone. It is also calming.

Many people ring this tone prior to prayer and meditation.

It can also cleanse prayer malas when played over them.

Also, remember to wear Amazonite, Amber, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Onyx, or Shungite to deflect harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) away from you and to help to dissolve them.

Also wear Rose Quartz to heal the heart chakra and to heal emotions such as stress and anxiety, heal past emotional traumas, increase “Prana” (“Life Force”), lower blood pressure, balance hormones, prevent dizziness, and recent research indicates that it too protects against harmful EMFs.

So, besides various planetary angles and degrees as they affect our planet Earth/Gaia and besides meteor showers (parts of comets and asteroids which have broken apart) and besides other cosmic phenomena, auroras are also a very telling feature of the cosmos, and are thus, yet another chapter of the COSMIC HOLY BOOK.

In their beauty, is an important message.

Only those persons who are truly in the process of elevating beyond the “3d” material realm of political chaos and other situations of disharmony will be able to really develop HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

Others will be left to constantly wonder what is going on, what to do, and will be stuck in confusion.

As another important verse from scripture warns: “Without knowledge, my people perish” (HOLY BIBLE).

Let us follow Yeshua Ha Messiah’s teaching when he said: “Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. Ask, and it shall be given unto you.”

We must seek, knock, and ask for the assistance of SOURCE as cosmic energetics ramp-up with messages.


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