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Jupiter Neptune Dance In Rhythm

Jupiter Neptune Dance In Rhythm

Both Jupiter and Neptune are in the water element sign of “Pisces”, both having moved into this sign at different times.

However, On Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, Jupiter and Neptune will make an exact conjunction at 23 degrees of “Pisces”.

Jupiter will move into Aries on May 11th of 2022, but Neptune will not leave “Pisces” until the end of March in 2025.

With these planets in watery rhythmic attunement on April 12th, spiritual elevation will be the focus, and therefore, opportunities will arise for individual and collective greater connections to SOURCE FREQUENCY for HEALING and HIGHER KNOWLEDGE acquisition.

Jupiter governs expansion, philosophical frameworks, higher education, issues of justice, long-distance travel (literally or in consciousness), and new prospering circumstances.

Neptune governs spiritual awakening, mysticism, and intuitive understandings.

However, without stability and “groundedness” based upon a harmonious consciousness-transfer, Jupiter can create pushing forward without consulting the HIGHER SELF (SOURCE) first, and Neptune can create illusions and delusions.

Therefore, on the day of the exact alignment of these two outer planets, it will be very important to pray, meditate, and envision desires for PEACE, LOVE, HEALING, and ABUNDANCE on our planet as well as for ourselves.

We can also write out our desires and place it in a treasured holy text for retrieval at later times as a reminder.

The conjunction will occur at 10:42 AM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

The heightened energetics produced by this planetary dance conjunction will last for quite some time because the last time that it occurred in “Pisces” was in 1856—166 years ago on March 17th!

Review the history of that year.

Just a few of the events were:

  • Marines from the ship “USS Decatur” took the side Anglo- American of settlers against Indigenous People;
  • The American ships “Driver” and “Ocean Queen” both leave from Liverpool and London respectively but were lost without a trace in the Atlantic Ocean;
  • The “American Party” convened in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania (USA) to nominate their first Presidential candidate who was the former President Millard Fillmore; anti-slavery forces led by John Brown defeat pro-slavery forces;
  • An island called “Last Island” (in Louisiana [USA]) was destroyed by a hurricane and broken-up into smaller islands by the storm; James Buchanan defeats Millard Fillmore for the Presidency of the USA;
  • the following universities were founded: “Seton Hall” in Newark, New Jersey (USA), “Niagara” In Niagara Falls, New York (USA), and “Auburn University” is first chartered as “East Alabama Male College” (USA);
  • Kate Warne becomes the first female private detective at the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Again, these are just a mere few of the major events of 1856. There were, of course, many, many others—some good and some not good.

The human physical vessel is approximately 80 percent water.

If we consider the ancient teaching that “The Spirit moves upon the face of the waters”, we can glean an understanding of how it is our most vital element as it flows throughout us giving hydration and oxygenation as well as attunement to the “Ethereal Sea” of SOURCE.

Let us look for a moment at the importance of water.

It flushes waste from the physical vessel, regulates body temperature, assists with brain function, protects our tissues and joints, aids digestion, helps nutrients to be properly absorbed, helps with weight loss, improves oxygenation and circulation, boosts energy, improves mood, keeps the skin moist and bright, prevents kidney failure, and helps cells to maintain their healthy structure; and water has much more to offer.

When water is contaminated, however, it obviously does not give us health, but rather, it causes filth and germs to proliferate. Disease can occur.

Metaphysically, when someone is filled with disharmony, the waters of the physical vessel become contaminated, and “Spirit” cannot properly flow.

The focus of the lowered consciousness becomes anger, greed, hatred, envy, warmongering, trying to control Nature, and other evils.

LIGHT does not easily flow through a contaminated vessel, and thus, DNA and cellular records remain impacted with the dust and filth of a misused free will.

Bad karmic consequences begin to arise.

On the other hand, a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS allows the waters of the physical vessel to thrive and for “Prana” (“Life Force”) to be enhanced.

Good karma is created.

Always bless the water that you drink, cook with, and bathe or shower in by extending your hands (palms up) over it and reciting a prayer from your specific path.

Sometimes place essential oils and seas salt or Epsom salt in your bath water.

Some people also place rose petals and crystals in it.

This makes a very soothing, healing experience.

With Jupiter and Neptune in exact conjunction, there can be a literal rise in the waters of our planet Earth/Gaia to such an extent that floods can happen, and in some places, overwhelming tsunamis or hurricanes can occur.

There can be torrential rains and thunderous electromagnetism.

The frequency and amplitude of the planet can toss, turn, and heave as tectonic plates surge into quake mode.

How humanity chooses to use its power of consciousness will attest to how the waters—both spiritual and material—flow.

If the major percentage of our planet were comprised of people of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, April 12th would be a “DAY OF ATTUNEMENT TO THE SUPERNAL WATERS”.

Businesses and schools would be closed.

Ceremonies near lakes, rivers, and ponds would be performed for not just the elevation of humanity but also for the healing of the literal waters of our planet.

Remember, our planet is mostly water.

On April 12th, the following is a ceremony that can be conducted outside near water (weather permitting).

If the temperature is too cold on that date where you are, then you will exit your vehicle briefly for a part of the ceremony and then complete it inside of it.

If you are lucky enough to have a warm sunny day, the total ceremony can be conducted outside.

  1. First, obtain an AQUAMARINE gemstone. This is a type of stone of the beryl family which from the Latin language is “Aqua Marinus” which translates as “Water of the Sea”. It is a lovely light blue—some very clear and some rather opaque. It is calming, heals allergies and sinus problems, energizes the fifth chakra (throat) so that clear communication is possible, helps with creative endeavors, soothes the nervous system, assists with obtaining proper oxygenation and hydration in the cells, alleviates excess heat, soothes aches and pains, calms the heart chakra, and it pairs beautifully with AMBER. Cleanse your stone in warm soapy water for a few moments and then towel-dry it. Give it about an hour of sunlight, and then according to your path, pray for it to be encoded with healing and protective energy. Place it in a special pouch. Also have a bag of nuts and dried fruit with you.
  2. Go to a nearby river, lake, or pond. Stand near the water and close your eyes. Hold the AQUAMARINE in between the palms of your hands. Envision the water as being very clear and becoming sparkling with diamond-like crystallization. Recite the following three times aloud: “MAY MY WATERS AND THE WATERS OF THIS PLANET ATTUNE TO THE ETHEREAL WATERS OF DIVINE SOURCE”.
  3. Sit on the ground or on a cushion and meditate for a few minutes. If necessary, at this point, if it is too cold, perform the meditation in your vehicle.
  4. After your meditation session, feed the nuts and dried fruit to the little animals or birds that may be on or near the water.
  5. Read the document that you wrote earlier prior to April 12th regarding your desires for the planet and for yourself.
  6. After the ceremony is complete, you may wish to remain at the water for a while in enjoyment of the scenery.
  7. Spend the remainder of the day in relative solitude. Try to communicate only with those persons who are of your level of awareness.

The COSMIC HOLY BOOK is a blueprint of possibilities.

It is a message-giver of potential experiences based upon how we actualize individual and collective consciousness.

Thus, we are not to worship the planets and stars. We worship only SOURCE—the author of the cosmos who has numerous characteristics and attributes. “IT” sends us help from the “LIGHTED BEINGS” also known as “SHINING ONES” (“Devas” and “Devis”) and from DIVINE FORCES OF NATURE (“Neteru”)—all of which exist as ethereal atomic frequencies which take form as necessary.

Angelic beings reside within and upon the waters. After all, water is a “Force of Nature”— it is one of the NETERU—a word from which the words “Nature” and “Nurture” are derived. The water inside of us has potential angelic frequencies when properly activated with HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Honor the “chapter” from the COSMIC HOLY BOOK of Jupiter and Neptune’s conjunction on April 12th.

Prepare for this auspicious day beforehand.

Make it a special holy day. You are worthy of this.

April is going to be a very dynamic month.

The New Moon is April 1st.

A solar eclipse is on April 30th.

Various other cosmic energetics are building daily: flares, winds, CMEs (coronal mass ejections), helio-spheric current sheets, soaring asteroids, etc. All of this is a clearing and cleansing—which is continually discussed—of our planetary and galactic vibrations—making room for true “New Golden Age” LIGHT.

Become more conscious of the waters of your physical vessel and of our planet.

They hold angelic power.

Think about it—you have been walking with ANGELS all the while because you are a “light” of SOURCE LIGHT.

You should acknowledge what has been placed inside of you.

Victory to the waters of SOURCE!


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