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The Continually Nourishing Sun

The Continually Nourishing Sun

Often technological equipment from various space centers will state that solar flares or coronal mass ejections (CMEs) will make a “glancing blow” to our planet and cause minor geomagnetic disturbances called “storms”, especially if the flare or CME (or several flares and CMEs) are not exactly Earth-directed.

Sometimes, however, they will brace us for major “geomagnetic storms” if flares and CMEs are helped along by powerful solar winds which may then make a direct hit to our planet.

However, the fact is that Earth/Gaia is ALWAYS activated by solar flares, CMEs, and winds—even those that are not coming directly at the planet.

Consider how enormously huge our Sun is next to our planet.

Ancient scriptures say that the Sun is 108 times the circumference of our planet.

This is one of the reasons why there are 108 beads on a prayer mala (with a 109th Guru Bead).

The energetic frequencies of the Sun, driven of course, by the Great Central Sun, continually nourish our planet with necessary LIGHT that tunes-up our physical vessel, but the LIGHT also refines our “Kundalini” system.

The word “Kundalini” is another word for “Life Force” just as “Prana” is also “Life Force”.

However, the difference is that “Prana” deals primarily with how our breath surges through our cells giving us oxygen, and there are many types of breath exercises called collectively “Pranayama”.

“Kundalini” is the process of life energy moving up through our “Shushumna” (spinal column) to the crown or physical brain where we have the pineal and pituitary glands (“Sahasrara”), and typically it is depicted as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine—the “Muladhara”—the “root” or “foundation” of the major seven “chakras” or “wheels of LIGHT”.

Interestingly, the “Caduceus”—the commonly-known medical symbol— has two serpents intertwining with each other as they move straight up a column where outstretched wings are almost at the very top. The wings represent the ancient Neteru (“Divine Force”) of MAAT whose message is TRUTH, JUSTICE, BALANCE, HARMONY, and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

In the annals of the ancient land of the Kemetic pyramids, when a person left his or her physical vessel, their heart was judged by being placed on the scales of MAAT.

If the scales were heavily on the side of goodness, the individual gained entrance into “AMENTA”—the “Hidden Eternal Land”—Paradise.

This is why the heart (and some other major organs) were removed during the process of preparing the body for burial.

The heart was also considered as being the “altar” of the body temple because it was taught that it is the heart where consciousness actually resides.

It was believed that the condition of the heart told the condition of the person’s true thoughts and feelings—even if they are subconscious.

It is interesting that even today we find the phrase “he expired of a broken heart” to hold the idea that someone was so emotionally hurt that his heart became compromised.

It has been medically proven that depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and other disharmonious emotional states can affect the heart’s proper functioning.

This is another reason why nourishment from SOURCE LIGHT is so vital and also why “ITS” material orchestrations from the energetics of the Sun are like natural healing substances.

The “Light Activation Symptoms” so often discussed are not comfortable, but they are signs that the physical vessel, the emotions, and the mind (consciousness) are all being regenerated to be in-line with our original sacred attunement with SOURCE—by whatever name we choose to label the DIVINE ABSOLUTE—the ALL— because there is no humanly codified language that can adequately express “IT” although we try for purposes of learning and teaching.

In like manner, we use scientific terminology to express the conditions in the cosmos which affect our planet such as for example: “The Sun unleashed a strong “C.1″ solar flare which will arrive to Earth later today or tomorrow causing a minor geomagnetic storm.”

There is no such thing as a “minor geomagnetic storm” in the spiritual sense.

Think of a huge campfire, and everyone takes a flame from the fire on an individual stick for a type of ceremony that will begin shortly.

Each small flame is from the larger campfire.

Think of someone placing water in a bucket from a lake. The bucket of water is from the larger lake of water.

Thus, each solar flare, billow of wind, and CME is from the larger Great Central Sun which has delivered them to the Sun of our galaxy which then offers them to Earth/Gaia.

Vibration by vibration and frequency by frequency, the flares, winds, and CMEs activate the vibrational frequency of our planet.

Accordingly, humans, animals, and plant life of all kinds are also activated, and the activation is nourishment.

Our Sun plays a major role in the transformation of DNA in all of its aspects—especially in the mitochondria or information giving and receiving aspect—the key words being TRANSMISSION, RECEPTION, LIGHT, and SOUND.

As has been mentioned previously, Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan taught that: “The greatest holy book is the book of Nature.”

The word “Nature” is from the ancient Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”) term “Neter” (plural—“Neteru”) which translates as “Nature” and as “Nurture”.

When we consider, therefore, these translations, then we glean an understanding of how the Sun, which is just one example of a “Neter”, nourishes us in important ways.

It is certainly spiritually and materially true that when there are chaotic situations occurring on the planet such as warfare, famine, disease, etc. that its protective shield is damaged, and in such cases, unneeded or harmful radiation from outside of our solar system can indeed invade our precious orb.

Collective human consciousness used unwisely causes this. Then the cleansing mechanisms of the Sun occur.

Thus, the Sun is not only giving us transformative LIGHT, but it is also clearing damaging toxic thoughts, emotions, and actions which have for far too long been at the helm of the “Ship of Creation” like pirates seizing a ship upon the high seas.

As well, SOURCE LIGHT, from beyond what humanity can detect with its sophisticated technology, is “re-doing” the artwork on the canvas of creation.

Thus, SOURCE corrects us as “IT” re-creates us. This is what “transformation” can be truly defined as being.

We must look at our existence from a spiritual perspective and not from so much of a perspective of logical analysis.

As has been said before, Science must become Spiritual Science.

This requires tuning into mystical, metaphysical knowledge while we still study the material plane.

Everything begins in the spiritual realm—sometimes referred to as the “Unborn Mind of Buddha”, and “Buddha” translates as “Enlightened”.

Anyone can become a “Buddha” when he or she reaches a stage of spiritual growth whereby they are in constant understanding and thus contact with the influxes of LIGHT from SOURCE which work intuitively as the HIGHER SELF—the SOUL.

The Sun is one of the creations of SOURCE that is providing us with the capability of being in harmonious resonance with THE GREATER LIGHT.

Dr Schavi M Ali

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