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Time For Mothering - 15 Steps To Renewal!

Time For Mothering - 15 Steps To Renewal!

Several articles have discussed the many cosmic events that are happening in this month of December 2022 which make it a valuable month for slowing-down, reflecting, and nurturing ourselves.

This weekend of Friday, December 9th to Sunday, December 11th, is the most awesome of opportunities for “Mothering”.

Our Moon went into the Tropical sign of “Cancer” early this morning, Friday, 12/9/2022, at 2:49 AM (EST).

The sign of “Cancer” is governed by the Moon, and we are also in the portal of the most recent Full Moon.

While in “Cancer”—the “Sign of the Great Mother”— our Moon will be in opposition to transformational Pluto in “Capricorn,” opposite communication-oriented Mercury in “Capricorn”, and square to healing Chiron in Aries.

However, it will trine spiritually-elevating Neptune in “Pisces.”

We need oppositions which “sit across the table from each other” so that we can clearly see where we need the energy of that particular sign.

In other words, oppositions actually need each other.

In this case, we need Pluto’s transformational qualities.

We also need opposing Mercury to help us to communicate our needs and desires at this time.

A square is challenging, and it requires us to face certain aspects and work diligently on releasing or changing or learning new ways of being.

Chiron in Aries can help us to heal via releasing, changing, and acquiring new information.

With all of these lunar aspects, as well as previous cosmic events discussed in other articles (e.g., our Sun aligning with “The Great Attractor,” continual movement of our solar system through the “Photon Belt”, entering the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde, the Mars Occultation, etc.), this weekend is for “MOTHERING” ourselves so that we can better handle all that is yet to transpire this month and beyond.

So, claim this weekend for YOU!

Here is what you can do to engage “MOTHERING” or “NURTURING”. This is for both women and men. 

Try to perform each action mentioned:

Time For Mothering – 1

If your Mother is physically incarnate, write a note to her telling her how much you love and appreciate her.

Hand carry it to her or if she lives out-of-town, then mail it. Take you Mom (or send) her a bouquet of roses too.

If your Mom is no longer physically incarnate, write the note anyway, and place it in a vase with a thriving green plant or bury it beneath a tree or tuck in between the pages of your favorite holy text.

Her “Spirit” will receive it. You can also pour libations to her and talk to her.

Time For Mothering – 2

Take a bath or shower with soothing Epsom Salt and Lavender essential oil each day of this weekend.

Time For Mothering – 3

Rub down with a body lotion or cream in which you place either soothing Lavender essential oil or energizing Orange Blossom, Tangerine, or Lemon essential oil.

Time For Mothering – 4

Get a massage today or Saturday if possible.

Time For Mothering – 5

Eat warm nourishing meals of soups and stews. Drink warm teas.

Time For Mothering – 6

Wear a mala of either Mother of Pearl (which protects the precious Pearl as it is being formed in the oyster shell), Pearl, Moonstone, or Rosewood. “Seed” it with the mantra “AUM ARKAYA NAMAHA” “(Oh, Divine, I bow to Thy LIGHT”).

This is a mantra which removes depression, anxiety, and all other physical, mental, or emotional afflictions. It is one of the many solar mantras, and as we know, our Sun provides us with wonderful healing and consciousness-raising energetics.

You can also “seed” the mala with any other healing mantra that focuses upon the feminine aspects of SOURCE such as “AUM NAMO KWAN SHI YIN PUSA” (“Oh, Divine, Hearer of Sounds”) or “AUM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA” (“Oh, Divine, please cancel my disharmonious karma, remove my fears, heal me, and grant me long life”) or “AUM SRI MAHA LAKHSMAYA NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine, please grant me spiritual and material abundance”) or “AUM SRI DURGAYA NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Invincible”).

Be sure to anoint your mala with either Rosewood or Sandalwood oil. Wear these oils on yourself too.

Time For Mothering – 7

If you work on Friday and/or Saturday, take one of the days off.

Time For Mothering – 8

Rest in bed later than usual each day of this weekend or go to bed earlier than you usually do. The Yogic bedtime is 10:00 PM. It is taught that healing frequencies are strongest between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM.

Thus, if we are relaxing during these times (even if we are not asleep), we are receiving powerful spiritual atomic frequencies of regeneration.

Lack of sleep is just one of the many “LIGHT Activation Experiences” that people are having all around the world.

So, if you are awake between these hours, simply relax. Read or meditate. You will still be receiving healing energy.

Time For Mothering – 9

Do not watch on television or listen via radio to troubling news. We all know what is occurring on our planet. So, pray for peace.

Time For Mothering – 10

Do not entertain the chaos and confusion of others via telephone or in-person visits.

If you do, just like watching or listening to traumatic news, you will cause “holes” in your auric fields, and you can become depressed and anxious.

Time For Mothering – 11

Wear calming colors in the blue family, or the purple family, or the pink family, or the green family—not hot colors (reds, oranges, yellows) that stir-up the nervous system.

Time For Mothering – 12

Have soft candles wafting in your home in the evening and fragrant incense.

Time For Mothering – 13

Write in your journal about your needs and desires and ask for the blessing of SOURCE to achieve them. Write also about what you are grateful for and give thanks to SOURCE.

Time For Mothering – 14

Purchase an item for yourself that is nurturing such as a book of uplifting spiritual principles or a prayer mala or some essential oils, etc.—anything that you consider as being something nurturing. It can even be some chocolate.

Did you know that dark chocolate is an antioxidant and that it has healing properties for the heart and nervous system, and that it balances hormones? Just make sure that it is not loaded with sugar. It is best to purchase it from a health food store.

Time For Mothering – 15

Perform Yoga or Tai Chi which can be done either indoors or outside. Take a walk. Drive to a lake or pond of water and sit outside and meditate. If the weather in your area is not conducive to sitting outside, then just remain in your car.

The period of nurturing begins as soon as you read this article.

It may be early on Friday morning or later in the day or evening.

The Moon moves into the next sign of “Leo” on Sunday at 3:09 PM (EST).

However, this weekend’s “retreat” extends from early Friday morning to sunset on Sunday. Enjoy!

It is an auspicious time frame for the entire month of HOLY ILLUMINATION.



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