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What Happened in 2012 by A Human Angel

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We here on this 3D hologram earth think what about 2012? Nothing happened. I think something did happen. Gaia moved up her frequency and created a 5D earth beyond what we can see. It is right here and we move through it everyday. This 3D hologram was supposed to have been discarded. Wiped from existence and forgotten. A few moved up into the 5D earth perhaps 144,000. The rest of us were going to go to heaven and if we wanted to see the 5D earth we could reincarnate there as higher humans. The truly wicked non-humans were to go to cosmic center and cease to exist. 

Well, we are still here. A few awakened souls said hold it a minute we can still save this 3D hologram and there must be something here that is worth saving. God agreed. 

I think 5D earth has no borders, no politics, no military, no disease, no aging, no a lot of things that are considered evil by awakened humans that are still here. 

Our mission now is to raise the frequency of this hologram to match the 5D earth frequency. We can do this by spreading high frequency crystals evenly from the pockets they currently reside in. Feeding the world high frequency foods. Bathing the world in 432hz tones to supercede the 440hz we have now. As we do these things more and more of the things that cannot enter the 5D earth will disappear and be replaced by things that can. Obviously all things in nature will carry forward but I don't know what man-made things will make it. There must be some things that God likes but I don't know what that could be. 

Evenly distributing God's money from this RV will raise the frequency of this 3D hologram exponentially and is the only reason for it. The remaining cabal know this and want to keep things as they are.

Six billion people are oblivious to any of this. Most of the billion and some people left cannot fathom a world without politics, military, or religion, and will continue to publicly admonish anyone who preaches otherwise.

A Human Angel.

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