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Yes, Size Matters in Feng Shui

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We’ve often heard that size matters when it comes to more mundane things in life, such as bank accounts, cars, and other, ahem…. physical characteristics. But what about feng shui? Does a tiny object have as much effect as a small one? Or what about an overly large object – does its large size matter as much as a small ones’?

The answer is YES to all those questions. Size truly does matter – both big and small – in feng shui.

That’s true whether we’re talking about feng shui symbols, such as dragons or Kwan Kungs, or elements, like water or fire. It’s important to understand scale, too.

Is there too much of a good thing?

Absolutely! In the quest of achieving more fame, it might seem like more fire element is a good idea, but that could backfire on you just like too much water can drown all those ambitions for more money and climbing the heights of the business or career ladder.

Follow these guidelines to understand the role of size in feng shui.

Want more money? Add more water.

The common question about water is how big a water feature should be?

The answer is also a question: How much money do you want?

If you’re like most people the answer is a lot of money. That’s why you need more water. If you’ve been relying on a tiny desktop water fountain to make big strides in finances, you might not like your bank account balance. Buy a ceramic pot and add a pump to it to generate more income. Make sure you have both a generating and accumulating part to your water feature – such as the bubbler and a bowl.

Can there be too much water? Yes. A swimming pool steps from the door at the rear of the house can create loss, as can a fountain at the front that over-sized. Make sure your water feature is neither too small or too big and that it looks right, and to scale, in your space. Only then will you have enough water to see the rise in your income that you want.

Big symbols create big change.

Very small items create small change. When you want a big increase in your salary or a big promotion, for example, get a big dragon tortoise to create that leapfrog effect. Not only that, but a large dragon tortoise will bring you big support so that when you move into that new job, you’ll have good support and backing from your superiors.

Give yourself a chance at what you want to achieve by adding sizable symbol where it can really have an affect on what you’re going after. A nice sized plant or a green accent wall will help your health more than a small plant. When you want big change, go for big symbols.

Fire elements should remain under control.

This is one element where you don’t want to “go big.” In fact, just the smallest spark can create a massive blaze. That’s why having a red kitchen is never a good idea – it can create too much fire, and too much fire can burn down the house. Fire can be used in small doses to be effective. A fireplace, a red piece of décor, or a candle arrangement are all you need to add some fame and recognition energy to your home and life.

Sizable effort.

When you work on your feng shui on multiple levels, it adds up faster than moving a single item and expecting sweeping change in your life. Work on your feng shui from the inside out and the outside in. What that means is, adjust your mindset to “expectant detachment.” Keep your mind open to the possibility of the change you want, but not overly attached to it. Like a horse, chi will run away from over-expectation, like a horse will run from you if you chase it.

After your mindset, apply feng shui to yourself, wearing colors that are harmonious with your kua number or that look auspicious. If you’ve gotten into a rut of wearing the same thing day after day until it’s almost a uniform, it’s time to refresh your chi. Try a new hairstyle, update your makeup, or shake up your wardrobe with a few new pieces.
At home, make changes to your home to refresh its chi. Try re-arranging the furniture, painting, buying some new accent pieces or bedding. Refreshing your space can help you get going again simply by moving the chi!

Create room to grow.

When you buy clothes and shoes for children you often try to buy them just a bit bigger so your kids have “room to grow.” Adults don’t want to grow anymore physically, but their do spiritually, financially, they want to see their lives continue to evolve and improve with time. Often times, we become stuck. When that happens, our homes are usually too crammed full of stuff to let us grow and improve.

Give your home and your life some breathing room – and room to grow – by creating space.

I prefer to “create space” than to “remove clutter.” That’s because we’re more oriented to acquiring things that getting rid of them. So give your home and life some more space, and watch as you become unstuck and that forward progress in your life begins again.


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Kathryn Weber has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio show guest. She is often called on by media to explain feng shui in down-to-earth terms, and has been featured in Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines, and on websites around the world.

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