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10 Harsh Truths of Life as an Over-thinker with a Sensitive Heart


While many may believe that being an over-thinker would be a blessing in disguise, helping you to avoid making poor choices and mistakes due to acting spontaneously, they overlook the struggles that accompany this way of thinking. Even a decision as ‘simple’ as choosing which flavor of chips to purchase can be met with a great deal of anxiety.

Couple that with a highly sensitive heart, and the challenges that you face become even more difficult. You not only struggle with the anxiety of your decisions but feel an intense personal guilt when you believe that you have chosen incorrectly.

Life as a sensitive over-thinker isn’t all negative. You carry some of the world’s greatest traits that leave others feeling jealous and in awe. You are creative, artistic and unique, adding your own personal flair to everything that you touch. You also possess a high emotional intelligence, which means that you place a high level of importance on all relationships in your life, whether romantic or not. Each relationship in your life is deep and genuine.

Here are 10 harsh truths about the reality of life as a sensitive over-thinker: 

  1. You Crave Love

There is nothing that you value and crave more than feeling the love and affection of those that you care about, however, you struggle with putting yourself out there. You know that your heart is fragile and easily broken, so you keep it guarded, often shutting yourself off from the world.

  1. You Take People’s Opinions Too Seriously

When someone voices their opinion to you, you are unable to take it at face value. Instead, you find yourself overanalyzing their every word, trying to better understand the motives behind what was said.

  1. Your ‘Fight or Flight’ Response is Set to Flight

As an over-thinker, you find yourself reading too much into many of the situations in your life, and this often results in reflecting upon all the negative potential outcomes. Rather than waiting around for relationships to end or situations to turn sour, you would rather end it and get out. This is your way of maintaining some control over whether you are hurt.

  1. You Find It Difficult to Live in the Present

You are so busy analyzing the world around you that you find it incredibly difficult to just be here, in the moment. You struggle with feeling connected to the environment or people around you, as your need to analyze things keeps you at a distance. For this reason, you are happiest when you are either working alone or isolated from others.

  1. You Struggle with Insomnia

Most people find that their bed is a place of peace and calm, however, the opposite is true for a sensitive over-thinker. Lying in bed you find yourself plagued by your worst thoughts and fears all at once, and it is overwhelming! As you lay there questioning your ever thought, action and word throughout the day you find that sleep doesn’t come easily.

  1. You Are Always Searching for Meaning

You believe that there is a meaning behind everything both good and bad, and you determined to understand what it is in every situation. You can’t bring yourself to walk away without having the answers to these questions that are constantly occupying your thoughts.

  1. You Constantly Experience Buyer’s Remorse

Every purchase in your life is the result of an extended period of time thinking through, researching and analyzing your options. Even grabbing something quick like dinner involves a great deal of planning and consideration. Once you have made your decision and pulled the trigger, your remorse kicks in almost immediately. You can’t help but imagine how much better your other options may be.

  1. You See the World in Black and White

As you are so sensitive, your feelings always border on intense. There are no ‘half-feelings’ in your world, no areas of gray. You live your life exclusively in the extremes. You are up or you are down, and when you change you change so quickly that everything in between is lost.

  1. You Have a Unique Connection with the Universe

There are times that you feel deeply connected with the universe, however at other times you struggle to understand the world around you at all. While your connection may be ‘hot and cold’, when you are feeling it your bond is extremely strong and powerful.

  1. You Can Be ‘Too Much’ for People

As previously discussed, your world is one of extremes. For some people, that is just too much to handle. People may find you too sentimental, too emotional, too nervous, too romantic, too analyzing and much more. Knowing this is going to be hard for you as it will make you sad, however you just need to remember that not everyone is gong to like you, and that’s OK.

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