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10 Important Truths About Life That Take Most People A Lifetime To Figure Out

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Life is a funny thing: There one day, and gone the next, sometimes with not so much as a whisper. Time passes us by at varying degrees of rapidity, making it an elusive goal to do all that we can with the time that we have. Yesterday’s “maybes” become today’s regrets, at all too quick a pace.

The following lessons are things I wish I would have learned sooner in my life. Maybe applying some or all of them will help to benefit your life, as well. While life’s lessons never stop, neither should or learning.

  1. Caring less isn’t always bad. It’s most important to care about the big stuff — family, love, happiness. Don’t sweat the small things, and you’ll live a fuller life.
  2. Be grateful. And show it! Appreciating what’s around us changes our whole lives for the better.
  3. Actions speak louder than words. Talking doesn’t build houses, or feed children, or do much of anything of real consequence. Look at what people do, not what they say.
  4. Don’t work too hard. Though you should be working hard, pushing yourself too far is actually detrimental to your progress.
  5. Live your own life. Choosing for yourself, the way that you want to live, means not taking what anyone says at face value. You must look at everything critically, and determine whether it fits your specific life.
  6. Learn from your failures. Every mistake, every shortcoming, is an opportunity to learn. Failure can be our greatest teacher.
  7. No regrets. Regrets weigh us down, keeping us in the same place year after year. Make peace with your failures, and regrets fade away.
  8. Live here, now. The past brings depression; the future brings anxiety. Only in the here and now are we free to live as ourselves.
  9. Our problems are our own. And we shouldn’t assume that other peoples’ problems are better or worse than ours. In comparison, we often have a fairly easy go of things.
  10. Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination makes you a slave to the unending motion of life — be proactive, and the world will rise to meet you.

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